Wildfires and the Conditions That Cause Them

Wildfires can burn across many acres of land, consuming everything in their path. Uncontrolled blazes fueled by weather, wind and dry underbrush can destroy miles of wilderness in minutes. Sometimes caused humans, other times by nature, wildfires can cause massive damage and cause very dangerous situations for people and wildlife.
On average, more than 100,000 forest fires clear 4 to 5 million acres of land in the United States every year. In the past few years, wildfires have burned over 9 million acres of land across the US. Wildland fires can move across land at speeds up to 14 miles per hour, consuming brush, trees, homes and even humans in its path.
There are three conditions that need to be present in order for wildfires to flourish. Firefighters refer to this as the ‘fire triangle.” These three items are fuel, oxygen and a heat source. Fuel can be any flammable material surrounding a fire, including trees, grasses, brush and even homes. The greater the area’s fuel load, the more intense and dangerous the fire can become. Air supplies the oxygen, while a heat source sparks the fire by bringing the fuel source to temperature hot enough to ignite.
Four out of five forest fires are started by humans. However, nature is almost always a catalyst in contributing to the fires. Drought can convert green vegetation into bone dry flammable fuel. Strong winds central cryogenics can spread wildfires in a matter of seconds. Warm temperatures encourage combustion. When all these factors combine, it creates a condition extremely favorable for destructive wildland fires to wreak havoc.
Firefighters, using special fire safety equipment battle wildfires by depriving them of one or more of the fire triangle fundamentals. Traditional methods include water bulldozer types dousing and spraying fire retardants to extinguish existing fires. Clearing vegetation to create firebreaks starves a fire of fuel and can help slow down or contain it.
Firefighters also fight wildfires by deliberately starting fires in a process called controlled burning. These prescribed fires remove undergrowth, brush, and ground litter from a forest, depriving a wildfire of fuel.
Although destructive to humans, wildfires play an important role in the natural balance and life cycle. Fires return nutrients to the soil while clearing dead vegetation, providing a fertile ground for new vegetation and wildlife to flourish. By burning through thick canopies and brushy undergrowth, wildfires allow sunlight to reach the forest floor, enabling a new generation of seedlings to grow.…

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How to Make a Scrapbook

My granddaughter is the reason I got hooked on. There was one particular camping trip Gord and I took years ago that had adventurously funny details she always loved hearing about. It would set her into giggling fits. Of course, the better I became at telling the story, the more she enjoyed it. And after she started to experience show and tell sessions at school, she wanted me to show her this memory as well.

Well, this piqued my creative appetite. So I decided to find some old photos from that particular trip and dress them up in a storybook theme that we could enjoy together again and again. Luckily I had organized my memories by year and season, so I was able to easily locate the photos.

Categorize Your Projects

Vacations, Our “Grand Babies”, Weddings and so on…

Pick or Create An Album Theme

Within the General category of Vacations I picked an Album Title which best captured the specific memory. In this case, I titled the camping trip “A Bear-ry Scary Story.” This helped me to better focus on what I wanted to express.

What you pick as your album and theme is completely up to you. You can spend money on ready-made themes, adapt them, or go completely recycle-conscious and use only existing materials and you find around the house.

When picking an album, keep in mind how many pictures you intend on using and if you will need or want to have an expandable album. The most common size of ready-made albums and papers is 12×12, but if you want to print out digital imagery pages from online album options, 8.5X11 is just as good.

Scrapbook Supplies

To get started, you only need a few supplies. When shopping for photo and paper supplies make sure that you use acid free and archival products. This insures that your precious family memories don’t disintegrate over time. Here’s the list:

Album cover and pages templates (or make your own)

Cutting Utensils (scissors, 7 different types of forklifts paper cutter)

Pen, Pencil, Markers

Card Stock/Photo Paper (acid free, archival)

Adhesives (glue sticks, double sided tape)

Stickers (old buttons, scrap ribbon, purchased stickers)

Embellishments (found fabrics and other interesting compositions)

Get Creative

Use your imagination. And, if you do get stuck in “no man’s land”, you can go to the internet for ideas layout and design help. Many people have shared their inspirational works online as examples to inspire you.

Remember that you don’t have to put every picture you have into your scrapbook album. Think of your scrapbook as your “greatest hits”. This will help you edit. And don’t forget, it’s sometimes better to keep it simple! Happy Scrapbooking to all!

P.S. My granddaughter loved the album so much, she insisted I lend it to her for a special show and tell at school on memorable family events. Needless to say, her machine breakdown report story was the hit of the class! We’ve gone on to co-create other projects and …

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A Room-By-Room Guide to Lighting

There is no cure-all when it comes to lighting solutions for your house. Each room is used for a different purpose, each room has its own array of complementary (or not) furniture, and each room has a mood. Walking through a house can be like walking through different moods, and nothing accentuates that better than using the right lighting. If a good electrician wired the lighting, then your home may be perfectly moody. Of course, there can be no hard-and-fast rules with lighting, especially when the lighting from one room spills over to the next, but here is a guide, room-by-room, to lighting up your house’s moods.
Lounge. The lounge is your family’s hub, the place where you all gather to watch movies or spend the evening together. It can be used for other things too: drawing or writing; homework, reading or simply just chatting with friends. Hopefully you’ll have some natural light in your lounge. This neutral lighting is the best for daytime hours. During the night it’s best to have a few different options. You may want a dim light for movie-watching and a bright light for reading or other activities. A dimmer is a good idea for your lounge. Another option is lamps; using diffuse lighting to create a soft glow.
Kitchen. The kitchen is a place where focus is needed. Having a bright light on your kitchen bench is a must, even if the rest of the kitchen is at a mid-range brightness. Overhead lighting is the best for this.
Bedroom. Finding the right lighting for your bedroom is very much a personal choice. It depends on what you use your bedroom for, whether you share it with anyone else and how product management atlassian large it is. Lamps are a big consideration, it may be that you use lamps exclusively in your bedroom, illuminating only your bed, a desk and the rest for diffuse lighting.
Bathroom. The lighting in your bathroom is functional in purpose. You need to be able to see what you’re doing but as for comfort – light doesn’t really come in to it. However, illuminating the mirror, for instance, will help you see yourself better.
Children’s room. The lighting in your child’s room will be a reflection of what they use their room for. Playing requires light, so be sure to have a good mix of natural light and overhead lights. Your child may forklift fork width wish for a nightlight if they’re younger, or a dimmer may be an option. If they’re a bit older they will need a lamp for their bedside table and possibly also a lamp on their desk for use whilst doing homework.
Whether you want to create a mood or match an existing mood, there is a lighting option for you. Ask an electrical services company for advice, or shop around online. Most importantly, you need to be happy with your choices.…

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Machine Tool Safety

As I look at the scar on my left index finger, I am reminded of how fast a machine tool can cause an injury. I was a teenager working in my grandfather’s machine shop when it happened. I was using the large drill press to counter bore holes in the cutting edge of a bulldozer blade.
The drill press was very old and was definitely not built with safe operation in mind. I am not sure why, but the procedure involved sliding the heavy plate into position under the drill bit while the bit was still turning slowly in the chuck. I was wearing gloves to protect my tender hands from the sharp edge of the blade. The bit caught my glove, and although it was turning slowly, it began to wrap my finger around the bit all too quickly.
I was able to hit the power switch but the drill continued to coast until my whole arm was wrapped around the spindle. I reluctantly called to my grandfather for assistance. He manually turned the drill backwards as I unwrapped myself from the machine.
I was very lucky to have escaped with just a cut on my finger. I quick bandage and I was back to work; this time without gloves.
Machine tools can be very unforgiving when body parts are caught on or in them. The nature of the work also brings hands and fingers dangerously close to the rotating parts. It is easy to get accustomed to the proximity and get caught.
Gloves and loose clothing can easily get caught. Neckties industrial water treatment equipment should not even get close to the machines.
Procedures need to be developed to minimize exposure to the hazards. Making sure the rotating parts have stopped before relocating the work or taking measurements is one good place to start. I have seen many experienced machinist take caliper readings while parts are being cut in a lathe. Such practices endanger the worker and the equipment.
Guards are often a huge annoyance to machinists. However, if the guards are constructed of clear materials what two things do the biota require and made to easily open and close, they can add safety without interfering with the work to be done.
When developing procedures and procuring safety equipment, it is important to work closely with the machinists to make sure that the safety equipment does not interfere with the work. Otherwise, the safeties will be bypassed and procedures overlooked when supervision is not around.
Machine tools are a part of most modern workplaces. They can be used safely and effectively if proper precautions are taken.…

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Where to Find All Types of Motorsports Supplies

Do you enjoy racing? There are few people who do not. But once you finished a race you may have discovered that few essential parts of you racing car has been spoilt. Speeding on a dirt track may make you feel great but the dirt is going to jam those valves and oil pipes in your engine.
Are you tired of looking for those essential tools and to fix up these damaged parts of your racing car? Couldn’t find commercial welding supplies those essential parts for your sports car? I will now help you to know a thing or two about motorsports supplies.
* Silicon brake duct hose: the extreme heat of your car engine is bad for the brake hose. Even contact with oils and solvents, ozone, and fungus will make them perform badly. It is important to get a hose that can manage both high and low temperature extremes. With the advancement of technology now you can find light-weight and flexible varieties.
* Heat resistant adhesive: If you need to fix something this is a perfect option for you. These adhesives perform properly at temperatures ranging from -85 degrees to 500 degrees F.
* Hardware, aircraft rivets and track kits: Easy to pull and compact hand riveting machines that fits in tight spaces are often required. The extra shock absorbing design good used welders for fast installation of nuts bolts, and metal inserts are also quite helpful. These kits are really essential to fix small but critical problem of racing cars.
* Cleaners and polish: Constant exposure to dust and heat can jam your engine parts and reduce the performance of your car. Also it might take away the glaze and shine of your racing car’s body and glasses.
* Other useful motorsports supplies: You may use foam sheet and fire retardant cloth that protects your car from flame. You may also opt for carbon fiber roof louvers which help to remove harmful poisonous gases from your cockpit and lowers the temperature up to 50 degrees. You might also use mesh window nets provide better visibility.
There are many other useful essential motorsports supplies that maintain the performance of your racing car. The proper maintenance of your car is most important because it enhances the chance of your winning.…

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Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Through Specialised Partnerships

Workplace fatalities by workers in the UK declined in 2009 to about .06 per 100,000 according to Health and Safety Executive statistics. This is just slightly below the rate of .08 reported in 2008. Part of the decline could be attributed to the increase in enforcement notices issued by both HSE and local authorities; however, this decline is still only modest at best indicating that additional safety measures need to be put into place by employers and more self regulation must take place.
Although fatalities are the most devastating of these safety statistics, worker injury and illness are also playing a major role in the statistics released by HSE who also reports that over 24 million work days were lost due to work-related ill health. This equates to millions in lost profits each year for many UK businesses and the reason why workplace safety and injury/illness prevention are becoming a growing concern amongst members of the business community.
The good news is that many of these illnesses and injuries can be prevented to ensure the impact on future activity is lessened. Through the creation and implementation of safety and awareness programmes, more and more employers are looking to create a better informed workforce in the hopes that future workplace injury and illness can be minimised.
One such way in which these businesses are implementing these programmes is through partnerships with safety equipment manufacturers and insurance companies. In creating these partnerships, businesses are able to better inform themselves of the common safety issues they may have overlooked in their supply chain management salary by consulting with those who are more in tune with these issues and deal with them on a daily basis.
Some of the partnerships include comprehensive training programmes created by the manufacturers and distributors of safety supplies specifically designed for a particular product management definition by authors. So for instance, a manufacturer of highway barriers and roadside safety equipment would partner with municipalities who are in charge of road repair. The manufacturer provides insight into the proper use and necessity of their safety equipment for the businesses which will in turn purchase their equipment.
Since these new partnerships provide value to both sides of the table, they are growing in popularity and are becoming more widespread. This is great news for the millions of workers who potentially face life threatening accidents or workplace related illnesses in the future. By becoming more proactive through these programmes, businesses are ensuring the safety of their workforce and ultimately their bottom lines.
To get onboard with these programmes you can start by contacting your in house equipment provider or insurance carrier and see if they offer such a service. If they do not, you may want to offer it as s suggestion and see if they would meet with you to discuss the possibilities of creating one specific to your business or industry. Since they will have the ability to bring your company closer to their products, they will almost always …

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Properly Storing Your Power Tools

As we all know, power tools and industrial supplies are not exactly the cheapest part of building your home workshop or any business incorporating power tools for that matter.
It is of particular importance to you to maintain the correct functionality of these tools in order to get the best out of them.
By using proper storage methods for all electrical tools will ensure that they are both reliable and safe to use when you need them again for that next project.
Storing your power tools in a clean environment that is free from moisture is industrial equipments suppliers the first to ensuring that they remain functional and in good condition.
You can easily use a large plastic storage container to place a multitude of workshop equipment whilst being able to stack these storage containers in your marx capital chapter 15 summary working environment ready for their next use. By placing a simple label on the storage container will help remind you of where each power tools is stored.
The most efficient means to keep a power tool dry whilst in storage is to use a plain kitchen type refuse bag to place the tool in before bundling with an elastic band and placing in the storage container.
Before you store any electrical tools it is wise to take them to your near pump station and spray with air from a tire inflation hose. This will remove all dust and ensure that the circuitry and joints remain clean and free from dust as it is known that dust buildup can create static electrical charges which may damage the electrical circuitry in your equipment.
By following these simple rules regarding the ideal storage for your industrial tools, you will not need an endless supply of cash to fork out for replacement machinery and tools.…

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