Preparing For a Picnic – Do You Have the Time?

Nowadays, it is very unusual to find only one parent pursuing a career. More often than not, mother and father both have steady jobs, are both trying to climb up the corporate ladder, and both are trying to contribute to the family’s future.
This poses a greater challenge for mothers, since they still have to do many maternal chores outside of their career. They still have to do the assignments with the kids, help them get to sleep, listen to their worries, and generally be a mom to all the kids, sometimes even to the dad.
Many mothers will be working from Monday until Friday, and they will usually be off even before the kids get up in the morning and might go home after the kids have gone to sleep. Therefore, the weekends should serve as bonding time with all the kids. It should be considered sacred, and career-driven small construction equipment moms should learn how to draw the line between work and family. Bringing some work at home, for example, may not sit too well with the kids, and might eventually turn to resentment over mom’s employment. While it will be difficult, mothers should strike for that balance between life and work.
To maximize your weekends, you should plan in advance the things you will do for the weekend, much like the way you plan your workweek. You should exercise the same meticulousness over where to go on a Saturday as you did for the presentation to the Board. At the same time, make sure that the activities you pick will be targeted for the kids, not just for you and your husband.
A really good activity is going out on a picnic. But you might say that it is very hard to prepare for a picnic, and that might be true, if you didn’t have the right tools. When you plan for a picnic, make sure that you spend the most time having a picnic rather than preparing it. If you are not a goddess at preparing meals, or cooking them, then don’t bother. Simply buy the food your kids love, wrap it in a lunch bag that will keep it to its desired temperature, and whisk it out of the picnic basket when it is time to eat. Don’t forget to pack a variety of food – snacks, meals, drinks, sweets, fruits. You never know what the kids might suddenly look for and you should always be prepared.
Most kids will not be contented lounging around so you better have a list of all of the things you can do while outside. Cards, checkers, chess, playing pretend, playing tag, whatever, just make sure that you have something lined up, otherwise they’d get bored easily.
Kids, though they might not always show it, love spending time with their parents. So go out of your way to make this happen. You supply chain management salary don’t want to be caught unaware that your children has grown up and you are still climbing that ever steep corporate ladder.

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