Understand the History Behind Industrial Equipment Auctions

Auctions have been a method of trade for centuries, tracing their beginnings to ancient Greece; regardless of the item being sold, it is still an important way to conduct business today. With the advent of the internet, this type of sales venue has gained even more popularity because it allows people from all around the globe to bid on various items simply by logging onto any computer with a wifi connection. This is one of the biggest reasons they have become one of the favorite ways to buy and sell heavy-duty commercial equipment.
Early Sales Events
The first auctions started around 500 BC and were quite a bit different from what the typical modern event of today. They were held infrequently and used primarily to get the best price for women, slaves and other spoils of war that would otherwise be difficult to sell in any other fashion. It was the Romans who originally used a bidding format to liquidate property belonging to debtors who were behind on payments.
They were originally run the opposite of how they are today, with the bidding starting out high and gradually lowering until someone finally placed a bid to purchase the item. As time progressed, this was reversed to the method used today, with bids that start low and gradually increase until someone with the highest bid wins the right to purchase the item. Auctions have been a huge part of commerce and trade in every culture and society.
Heavy Equipment Events
In the 1900’s, equipment auctioning began with the Great Depression, with the liquidation of many farms and all of its machinery. The 1950’s brought the first automobile auctions and in the 1960’s, after the advent of the digger derrick and other industrial machinery, these units global industrial gloves began to be seen at such bidding events. Technology was steadily increasing and something new was always becoming available. These events gained in popularity in the 1970’s, with buyers and sellers meeting at central locations to dins and liquidate all kinds of machinery.
Today’s Events
Today, industrial and heavy equipment auctions are still conducted at physical sites, although there are many companies that host online auctions as well. In light of the property being offered and how difficult it is to get this kind of machinery to and from onsite sales, the internet has become an invaluable tool in the heavy equipment auction world. With some accommodations to help the process go very smoothly, buyers and sellers of just about any kind of industrial vehicles and machinery can find what is needed and bid on it, no matter where it is located.
Through the use of reputable appraisers and a central, independent sales company which takes the position as a go-between, it is possible for buyers to purchase equipment without fear of fraud in almost every case. The dependable auction houses go through a great deal of effort to properly represent what is being offered for sale and will stand behind their appraisers, …

Guide to the Proper Selection and Sizing of Industrial Crushers

Crushers are machines that use impact, shear, compression or abrasion to reduce a variety of solid products to a desired particle size range.
DelumperA� brand crusher are crushers specifically built by Franklin Miller Inc. that are versatile, high end industrial crushers designed for processing such materials as chemicals, minerals, food, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, grain, fertilizer, coal, soap and more.
Delumper crushers are used to reduce materials for further processing, eliminate blockages, break agglomerates down to their original particle size, and help in discharging bins and silos. They are also used to improve material flow properties and feeding of bulk and powders. The Pipeline model Delumper is used to enhance liquid flow, protect pumps, and enhance and expedite dissolving and mixing processes.
Delumper Crushers can reduce hard or soft, dry or wet, friable or sticky materials. The units are built for applications requiring precise outputs, superior fit and finish, resistance to corrosion or contamination, severe operating conditions, and applications requiring a high level of reliability.
The feed material (material being fed into the crusher) can be a solid, lump, chunk or agglomerate. Franklin Miller crushers are available in different models designed for dry, gravity or wet systems. The crushers can be either inline or open, stand-alone and conveyor-fed as part of a full system. These units can be supplied for low or high temperature environments as well as for pressurized or vacuum systems.
Material Plugging how to prevent equipment failure in Bins and Silos
Discharging powders and bulk solids from a bin or silo can often present a major problem resulting in lost production and high maintenance costs. Caking and even vessel failures can also result from these flow problems. The problem results when powders are conveyed into the vessel in a two-phase form. The material tends to agglomerate or build up on the vessel walls pack together.
The Solution
A common solution is the installation of a Delumper Crusher at the discharge. This unit attacks and breaks up the oversized solids that tend to plug the discharge. This works much like a sink disposal keeping the discharge clear of oversized lumps and chunks.
Crusher Selection
While crushing is governed by basic laws of physics, no single law or rule take the place of experience and testing in the selection and sizing of a suitable crusher for a given application. A number of factors go into the proper selection of a crusher for a given application including th following.
Here are some important criteria to consider in selecting a crusher:
1. Will the crusher handle the maximum required capacity to be processed without undue strain or overload?
2. Will the machine handle the maximum lump size of the infeed material?
3. Will the unit’s operating mechanism handle the properties of the material: i.e. friable, tough, sticky, abrasive?
4. Is the crusher design and construction suitable for the special application requirements such as resistance to corrosion, maintenance of purity or sanitary requirements?
5. Will the crusher produce the output particle size required?…

How an Expert Panel Shop Customizes Its Industrial Control Panels

Industrial control panels determine how well a machine runs and how accurate it is, but it is also a major contributing factor in the safety of the equipment. This makes the panel one of the most important segments of any manufacturing equipment. Therefore, businesses will want to choose their panel shop very carefully to ensure they are able to have full control over the equipment while making it easy and safe to use. So, how do these instrumentation experts do it? How do they customize a seemingly simple panel for a particular purpose?
An Expert Panel Shop Starts With Quality Industrial Control Panels:
The first step experts take in order to ensure the quality of the panel and that it meets the needs of the manufacturer is to start with a well-made system. This should include everything from the wiring and PLC programming to the installation instructions and fabrication of the system as a whole.
To find a manufacturer that can provide this kind of quality, be sure to ask about their quality control efforts and make certain that quality is an important concern throughout the entire process. When this happens, businesses can take comfort in the idea that the shop produces a consistent quality. Also, if the producer stands behind its products and craftsmanship, they should offer a solid warranty.
The Panel Shop Should Offer Additional Services:
Regardless what a manufacturer produces, there are additional features that can make the process more precise and efficient. This could include the addition of systems such as CAD layout, variable frequency drive, instrumentation, programmable logic controller programming, and more. In short, businesses should be able to get whatever additional programming and systems they need in order to keep their manufacturing process running as efficiently as possible.
Because the creator of the panel knows the system best, manufacturers might also find it highly beneficial to ask about maintenance and 24/7 service. This will eliminate many problems because the company will already be used to dealing with the business and the system itself. They’re also far more likely to have the parts and the expertise needed to get the job done.
An Expert Backs Up Everything That May Be industrial electrical pdf Damaged By New Industrial Control Panels:
Computer crashes are an unfortunate and horrible fact of dealing with technology. This problem doesn’t only get in the way of the company’s operation, but it can also leave a huge dent in a company budget if anything has to be replaced. It might even cause the loss of irreplaceable information vital to the operation of the machinery. Therefore, make sure to choose a professional that backs up the plant floor operating systems on a regular basis.
The panel shop a business chooses can make a huge difference in how smoothly and successfully the production floor runs. Therefore, businesses supply chain management example need to consider these points and others very carefully before deciding who should install, maintain, and repair industrial control panels.…

Save Money and Time – Use Industrial Equipment Auctions

Auctions, whether online or offline, are beneficial tools for anyone looking to buy or sell industrial or heavy-duty equipment. With such high-priced items, buying and selling can be a difficult task. Going to an auction of industrial equipment can make this process a lot easier in a number of ways as it has become a very popular way to buy or sell heavy equipment with ease, speed and confidence. Following are some of the ways in which such a unique sales venue can be helpful to buyers and sellers of industrial equipment.

Convenience – There is no doubt that listing machinery and vehicles with those who auction industrial equipment is much more convenient than conventional selling. Being able to provide a few photos and details about an item and then waiting for a sale date is a much easier way to machinery facility move used equipment in terms of time, money and effort than it would be to list the item, respond to questions, and show it individually. In an auction venue, buyers come to sellers in one central location, avoiding the difficulty for vendors to hunt down buyers scattered all over.

Little Effort – Once a unit is listed with an auction company and specific information has been provided, vendors do not have to do anything else. In the case of online auctions, these companies will even send agents to the vendor to get all pertinent information, snap a few pictures, and professionally assess the vehicle so it is properly represented at the sale. These companies are in business to sell other people’s expensive equipment and know how to properly list a unit, removing most of the workload from a seller’s shoulders.

Low Risk – Another benefit to using an auction company to move used machinery is that finalization of the sale and exchange of money is handled. This is so convenient for sellers as well as greatly reducing the risk of being deceived by a buyer unable to pay for the purchase as this must be done through the auction company prior to receiving the title and other paperwork, ensuring proper payment for involved parties.

Great Price – Considering all of the word involved in selling heavy equipment, even after the auction house has been paid vendors still get a higher price for units than if sold in other ways. Even if a little less money is received, considering the time and effort it would have taken to show the unit, deal with finance companies and warranties, and whether a buyer actually has the funds to make a purchase, such service is invaluable. Although there is never a guarantee as to how much money equipment will bring, experienced dealers know exactly how to sell such units and can generally get the best market price. A reserve price can be set, which is an added protection against selling a unit far below its value.

Of course, not every situation works out best for all parties; however, there are so …

An Inside Look At Industrial Apparel Across Professions

When most people hear the words ‘industrial apparel,’ they immediately think of construction workers. However, the right apparel provides comfort and safety on nearly any job site no matter the work being done. Every person should be aware just how industrial apparel and industrial equipment supplies are utilized in their profession.
Working In Low Light Conditions
There are numerous jobs that require working in low light conditions or outdoors at night time. For example, rescue workers, road crews, and utility workers all work outdoors at any time of the day or night. Parking lot attendants, airport crews, and delivery personnel also work near motor traffic and benefit greatly from increased visibility. Low levels of lighting in a warehouse or any building is also a hazard. High visibility industrial equipment supplies are necessary to help prevent accidents.
The need for high visibility clothing came about because motorists traveling at high speeds cannot see workers from far enough away in order to avoid an accident. For instance, wearing bright clothing only provides visibility for 300 feet. A vehicle traveling over 30 mph requires over 300 feet to come to a complete stop. Today’s high visibility industrial apparel utilizes retro-reflective materials that increase worker visibility to over a quarter mile.
Highway workers and road crews typically wear a full suit of retro reflective clothing that outlines the human industrial machinery companies shape. For workers exposed to low speed motor traffic, a high visibility vest is usually sufficient.
How Rescue Workers Stay Safe With Industrial Equipment Supplies
While emergency personnel wear high visibility industrial apparel, their jobs require even more protection with specialized industrial equipment supplies. EMTs and paramedics have to protect themselves from blood borne pathogens, so they often wear chemical gloves and sterile masks.
Firefighters utilize a class of flame resistant industrial equipment supplies to combat intense heat and smoke. Flame resistant industrial apparel is designed to create a layer of insulation between firefighters and intense heat. For instance, regular clothing will normally melt or combust when exposed to heat, while flame resistant items will typically harden in response to intense heat. To protect rescue workers from smoke inhalation, respirators and supplied oxygen masks are standard issue.
Preventing Exposure To Chemicals
While paramedics wear chemical gloves to protect against disease, any professional that works with chemicals utilizes industrial equipment supplies to prevent exposure to harmful substances. In addition to chemical gloves, safety glasses, goggles, and face shields keep the head and face safe from exposure. Respirators and full body suits are also part of safety equipment for the chemical industry.
For petroleum workers, flame resistant clothing is another vital piece of personal protection. Any job site with flammable liquids has potential flash fire hazards. The vapors that these liquids put off can ignite and release a short, intense wave of heat. Just like a firefighter’s gear, flame resistant clothing will harden in the presence of heat to give petroleum workers a chance to survive an accident.
Staying Safe From Electrical food processing

Maximizing The Value of Your Industrial Equipment

In getting started with an industrial business what you should best be prepared for is the expensive cost of good equipment for industry. It is very important that you purchase the best equipment to use for your business because the outcomes of your products greatly depend on them and it will also most likely determine the profit that you will be getting from your business.
In an industrial business shift in supply curve there is never just one set of equipment or facility for entire business duration. There is always a need to have the equipment upgraded or changed into a newer model in order for you to come up with better or updated products.
Having used your industrial equipment from the date of its purchase up until its end of life does not necessarily mean that you have already maximized its value. It may still be able to give you a lot more. If your equipment have already reached its end of life or you have simply decided to upgrade them into newer models do not just set them aside and watch them deteriorate. Doing that would be like watching a huge amount of money slip your hands.
You can still maximize the value of your equipment even if they have already reached their end of life or even if you already find them useless for your business. You can have them sold to industrial surplus shops that buy used equipment from industry at very reasonable prices.
You can sell whatever type of industrial equipment you have. You can sell engineering vehicles, band saws, grinders, drills, comparators, boring mills, etc. The reason that most industrial surplus shops prefer buying used equipment to sell is because it is very much in demand especially among those starting businessmen who would like to save on their initial capital.
You can sell single industrial equipment or a complete facility; either way would not be a problem. Businessmen who are very much in need of those equipment but do not have much to spend would definitely buy them a lot sooner than you may be expecting.
If you cannot keep the same industrial equipment for the entire business duration, do not just watch them deteriorate. Instead, maximize their value by having them sold in industrial surplus shops and let those new businessmen experience using reliable equipment that have already been tried and tested by you without having to spend a huge amount of money.
Industrial equipment may be very costly and would not let you earn much even if they give you good product results. But if you know how to maximize their value, equipment maintenance pdf they are actually a lot cheaper and can even double your profit. You just have to find a reliable industrial surplus shop to sell your old equipment to.
Within Houston, Texas area there are several shops that purchase all types of industrial equipment. You just have to do keen canvassing and choose the best that works for …

Grow Your Industrial Business Through Online Marketing

These days, everything happens online. The first question an interested businessman will ask is “Can I see your website?” and a few questions later, he may ask if he can see your Facebook page or Twitter stream so he can be kept updated on new happenings and product releases. It is absolutely spot-on to have the impression that online marketing for industrial products is essential.
It is important to note that when it comes to marketing industrial products, the internet is used as a means for garnering information. Having a good online strategy is vital, as it is key to increasing sales prospects. Organizations that offer good, useful information on their websites, generally find that they receive more site visitors due to quality content, and relevant information.
Having an effective internet marketing strategy enables you to cut through the red tape that surrounds most procurement operations. Once you have your strategy in place it will allow you to rely largely on the internet for promoting your products and conducting supplier research. In addition, having a web page will help you to directly reach the customer with relevant and important information. In doing so, you will have gained a new customer.
There are four important steps to effectively forklift types marketing industrial products online:
1. Creating and launching an informative website is paramount. Ensure that your website is easily navigable and that it provides site visitors with current and informative content. Regularly update and add new content to continue offering new and relevant information to those who visit your site.
2. Address and acknowledge questions users or site visitors may have. Perhaps they are curious about a new product, or are looking for information that will help them choose between existing products. Maybe they are looking for help on installing a product they have already bought. Good content, and a quality website will address these questions or queries like it, and will ensure they are offering their readers and site visitors a quality product website.
3. Introduce a definite call to action. You need to find the ‘hooks’ that will get your site viewers to take action once they have read from and visited your site. You will want to request him or her to either buy the products, fill out a form, send in their feedback, or whatever your site’s end goal may be.
4. Create an effective internet web page. In order to effectively sell to industrial clients, you need to have a web page that has been optimized to feature prominently in search results when potential eb mind the product s customers search for industrial products information. This is another key strategy you will want to incorporate as it is highly useful for specifically designed organizations and resellers.
As you know, competing for new business is crucial to the survival of any organization. The four points listed above will help you reopen ‘closed cases’ and help you get started on the right track with your internet marketing. Good …

Buying Industrial Products As Gifts: What To Get Your Favorite Handy Man This Holiday Season

Every holiday season, there always seems to be that one person on our list who is almost impossible to shop for. When that person is a handy man, the problem is compounded by the fact that they seem to own every tool imaginable. What could be left to buy them that they don’t already have?
There are a lot of high quality industrial products that make great pulsed fiber laser welding system presents, even for the person who seems to have everything.
Unique Industrial Products
Finding the perfect present require something unique. That can be a difficult task when shopping for the handy man that seems to have every tool, device, and all of the other industrial supplies in the catalogue. However, there is one way to get him something he doesn’t already have.
The main problem with most hand tools is their warranty. For example, if someone uses a Craftsman tool set at work or maybe to do a little side job, the warranty on those industrial products is now void. That’s right, most of the tool sets bought from retail stores are only guaranteed for work in the home and never for a jobsite. So there is a good chance that the ‘lifetime’ warranty has run its course a little earlier than expected.
The answer to this problem lies in industrial products that are guaranteed for industrial work, but still designed and priced for the end user and handy man. KT Pro Tools is one of those brands that retain its warranty whether they are used at home, for a side job, or at any jobsite. So your handy man can have an impact wrench in his truck and use it no matter where he goes without worrying about voiding the warranty.
Industrial supplies and tools like these make a great gift for anyone, even if they are duplicates, because of their unique and comprehensive warranty.
Practical Apparel For A Practical Handy Man
Clothes are a common gift around the holidays. Instead of buying holiday-themed ties or shirts, look for practical industrial supplies and apparel that can be used year round. Apparel is actually an important part of safety and personal protective equipment. A rugged, durable set of clothing is a practical gift that will keep its recipient safe on the job.
High visibility industrial supplies and clothing make excellent gifts. Working safely at night or in low light conditions is a necessity; high visibility clothing is designed to keep any person safe and visible up to a quarter mile away. While it might not be the most glamorous gift, a high visibility vest will be greatly appreciated.
Flame-resistant industrial supplies and apparel also make excellent gifts. Fire hazards are very common on the job and around the home. Working with gasoline or paint solvents carries a risk for flash fires. Electrical work carries the potential of an electrical discharge and potential arc fire. Flame-resistant clothing will protect against both of these hazards. While this type of clothing …

Second Hand Industrial Equipment: Evaluate Production Needs Before Buying

Boring, cutting, and shaping tools are common items found in almost every type of woodworking business. Small shops as well as large manufacturing businesses utilize second hand and new machines to create the products their consumers want. These items create beautifully crafted furniture, gun cabinets, cabinets, and many other items found throughout the nation. Machinery may be designed for an industrial setting or smaller woodshops. This equipment accomplishes most of the product manufacturing in these industries. Manually operated equipment provides less efficiency in production environments. The introduction of CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled technology has expanded the capabilities offered by these machines. Second hand industrial equipment allows even the smallest manufacturer to have advanced technology available for a better overall consumer product. The exact machine requirements must be known before a wise purchase can be made.
Used CNC Machine: Tips to supply and demand articles 2019 Make the Process Easier
A used CNC machine is very beneficial if the appropriate device is selected. Woodworking devices designed for industrial use are fairly expensive. A company must know what is needed beforehand to ensure a good investment is made. Many factors affect the benefits received from one of these machines. Certain characteristics determine quality, length of operation, and overall usability in a particular environment. What should be the first consideration when selecting this equipment? Most experienced professionals recommend evaluating device quality, company reputation, and the amount of support received for the device. Once a dependable manufacturer has united states machinery been decided upon, a company can decide if they want to purchase new or seek out a reliable used CNC machine to cut down the associated cost. A business must determine their exact machine requirements as well as what operations need to be performed. Setup time, size, easy operation, and supplied productivity increase are also essential decision factors. CNC technology adds another important factor to the mix. A business must also determine application ease of use and the simplicity of computer design translation by the machine. A large variety makes it fairly easy for any business to find equipment which meets their exact operation requirements.
CNC technology devices are constantly growing and being updated. Each innovation creates a more streamlined piece of equipment. Manufacturers are constantly working to make their products user friendly while providing the largest amount of uses per machine. Second hand industrial equipment can now perform routing, sawing, drilling, and other functions without the need for separate devices. Mechanically locking spindles and guides are one example of device improvement. Enhancements continue to be made in cycle times, tool changing, and equipment optimization. These advancements improve the overall efficiency provided to production and woodshop environments. Even the most progressive machines still require maintenance to remain effective. Acquiring the latest technology will only be beneficial if the proper upkeep is supplied throughout use. Cleaning, parts maintenance, oil level checks, and other routine checks will ensure each device continues to provide reliable performance. It is equally important to ensure the provider either …

3 Simple Tips on Buying Industrial Machinery

The rampant industrialization opens massive opportunities for contractors and builders to work and develop many establishments worldwide. Industrial machinery today, have brought a great impact on the market as well as to people especially to the construction workers, factories, auto and vehicle manufacturers, home builders and all mechanical and industrial firms.
There are thousands of industrial companies and providers who offer different suites of industrial machinery categorized based on its uses and purposes. Thousands of equipment suppliers out there use different tactics and strategies to deceive or to gain the trust of buyers in order for them to deal and to succeed in their business. If you are a production company, a construction worker or an individual looking for industrial machinery to purchase for your construction and building projects, choosing for the best and reliable equipment is a very daunting task to do. Selecting the right machine you need would be easier if you know the basic steps below:
Determine the equipment forklift brands needed
What kind of sewing machine do I need? Is it for cutting woods?… metal?… or concrete? Before choosing a provider, make sure you have already figured-out what is exactly the type of machine are you looking for. This will help you save time and to inhibit excessive expenses to be paid due to the mistaken equipment you have ordered.
Price and budget
Ask for the estimated price of the equipment if the exact cost is not available. This is needed for a person to assess, to know if his budget is enough and so that he can make arrangement prior to buying the machine. Solicit further information about the prices of the industrial machinery directly to the supplier if their contacts are accessible. Do not just settle on what was being presented first. Attempt to ask for available discounts if the tool will be obtained in cash and possible rebates if the equipment could be purchased on installment basis.
Choose a reliable equipment provider
Make a thorough research about firms or individual suppliers capable and reliable enough to handle the delivery of your equipment orders. There are thousands of companies you can see online that provides the same services you are looking for. After our research, choose at least best 10 companies among your list. Make sure you have chosen those with a website that looks professional. A website is a representation of the credibility of any certain company. If they materials used in machine design can’t provide a good impression on their website, how much more on the real deal? After choosing the best 10, dig deeper. Ask each company all the information you want to know for price comparison, quality testing and evaluation, legality of the company and etc. Pretty impressed?… or not really impress? Try to meet the company in person to make sure you are not being tricked. After all, it’s time for you to pick. Weight all your evaluations and pick the best!
It is not really easy to just …