Buying Beads Online – Best Tips

Finding an inexpensive source of beads can be difficult for those who enjoy making their own jewelry. There are many wholesale retailers on the internet that offer their products over the internet, which can maximize your purchasing power. However, in most cases you will probably have to order far more than you need and for those living in the US, you will have to obtain a license.
Sometimes you can avoid those issues by purchasing from an online auction site like eBay, but that can also present unforeseen problems as well.
Here are ten tips to get the most out of your money when buying beads online from auction sites.
*Stay Calm
Keep in mind what you are willing to pay so you don’t get caught up in a bidding war. The last thing you want is to pay far more than what it’s worth, so keep your cool and be willing to let it go when the price exceeds what you budgeted.
*Plan Appropriately
Before you bid, be sure to fully check out the product. Go over the picture, make sure the beads are what you are looking for and don’t assume what the sizes are, be sure to go over the information listed. If you were looking for a ready-made necklace, then a strand of beads doesn’t do you any good. And if you have any questions, ask the seller first.
*See through the Hype
Remember that the descriptions for the items are written to get your attention and build up the product, not necessarily to accurately describe what it is. Be aware of vague or incomplete descriptions like; “The picture speaks for itself.” or words like “unique”, since exquisite beads can be found in many places.
In many cases, the seller is not trying to deceive you, but they may not fully understand the meaning of some common terms like “antique”. By US Customs definition, an “antique” item is over 100 years old, not something that is 50 years old.
By spending a little time looking around, you may stumble across a truly unique item, but beware that you’ll have to look around quite a bit first, so be careful.
*Check all the Web Sites
When you find what you are looking for at an auction site, try looking at the website of the dealer itself. It could be that the dealer site may be running a special or can combine different items you are looking for and sell for a lower price.
In many cases, the seller will have several auction sites going with similar, if not identical items. Look at what those items are selling for and from that you’ll be able to make a rough, but educated guess as to what you might eventually pay.
*Check the Feedback
EBay has a feedback rating for each seller, based on what their customers think of the product and how quickly it was shipped after they paid. A seller with thousands of auctions under his or her belt may have a few negative comments, which is fairly common. But you’ll want to avoid a seller with a higher percentage of unhappy customers.
*Get a “Sniping” types of maintenance ppt program
A common practice in auctions is to place a higher bid mere seconds from the auction ending. This practice is perfectly acceptable and is called “sniping”. There are many free “sniping” programs on the web that you can download and it can make the difference in grabbing that desired item.
*Look for a Return Policy
On eBay, those who use PayPal almost always have a return policy for items they purchased. So be sure before bidding that the custom tig torch holder seller does have a return policy. But in many cases you will have to pay shipping or handling fee to the seller, so beware.
*Be Organized
When conversing with the seller, always quote the auction number so there is no confusion. Many sellers run dozens of auctions at a time and it can be easy for them to get confused. Also, for those busy sellers it may take them a few days to contact you, which is normal. Sending a torrent of emails is not going to make the seller move any faster.
eBay features a “handling” indicator as part of each auction site, which indicates how long it may take before the seller ships your item, so be sure to keep that in mind when contacting the seller.
*Shipping Costs
Always check the shipping costs before you bid. There are sellers who might try to take advantage of you. Be especially aware of items that may have to be shipped from overseas, like China.
So a good rule of thumb for a reasonable shipping rate is around $10 for a small order, anything significantly more, like around $20 is unreasonable unless you want it to you overnight. Also, allocate a reasonable time for your item to arrive, say ten days if it shipped from within your country and twenty days for international shipping.
Also, contact the seller if you have purchased more than one item and ask them to combine shipping to save on price. A seller can adjust the shipping charges when sending you an invoice, so be sure to take advantage if you can.
*Pay Quickly
Using PayPal or a credit card right after the auction ends is the quickest way to start the shipping process to begin. Sending a check will take time to clear. Also, many sellers in the US have to collect sales tax on their items because of their “resale” license, which is also true in Europe for their Value Added Tax (VAT). They may have to pay penalties if they don’t collect the tax, so be aware that you won’t get around that.
Following these tips while buying beads online can save from making a bad purchase, from wasting time and effort, and where it counts most, in your pocketbook.

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