How Make Your Engine a Clean, Green, Efficient Machine

How Make Your Engine a Clean, Green, Efficient Machine

I am not an auto mechanic. Nor do I want to be one or have to visit one. I am the average Jane who owns a vehicle, drives it 20,000 miles a year, and hasn’t got a clue what I am looking at when I raise the hood. My vehicle happens to be paid for and I really don’t want a car payment again, or any large maintenance bills. I now have over 50,000 miles on my vehicle, the warranty has run out, and my goal is to make this vehicle last as long as possible.

I have been seeking a way to keep my engine running in tip top condition and get more miles per gallon. One article I read suggested a hydrogen fuel kit. All you need to do is add a water tank, run a wire from the battery into the water tank and then pipe a hose into the engine. Too much modification for me. I relate this option to be like having a stomach bypass surgery to loose weight rather than adjusting what I eat. I’m definitely looking for a less invasive solution.

Now I’m hooked on the idea of adjusting what my vehicle eats. Adding a dose of a fuel additive to my unleaded or diesel gas can provide various safety and financial benefits. Apparently your vehicles intake valves, fuel pump, fuel injectors and fuel lines can get coated with gum, varnish, lacquer and carbon coke over time from normal use. A fuel additive has a detergent that works to keep these engine parts clean and lubricated. The increased cleanliness and lubrication reduces friction and wear, enhancing combustion for a more complete burn. A more complete burn equals more miles per gallon and fewer emissions. We’ve all heard the latest hype on increasing metabolism to burn more calories from the food we eat. Well the fuel additive is how you can increase your vehicles metabolism.

My next question is which fuel additive would be safe to use, improve my miles per gallon rating, and improve the environment. Let’s face it no one wants to take something to increase their metabolism that’s going to give them the shakes, put them at risk for heart attack, or have them running for the toilet. I recommend choosing a fuel additive that has these 3 main requirements to protect you and your vehicle.

1.It is a Patented product

2.It is an EPA approved product

3.It is a Proven product

I am definitely in favor of the simple preventative maintenance plan going back to the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A fuel additive can pay for itself with a 2%-3% miles per gallon increase and many boast the possibility of 5%-20% savings. There are all in one products available that work on gas and diesel as well an any type of engine(boats, RV’s, buses, generators, cars, trucks, etc.). Keep yourself smiling and in …

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Pyroelectricity, Applications and Pyroelectric Sensors

Some materials are subjected to thermal energy change to produce electric energy. This property is known as pyroelectricity. When pyroelectric crystals are heated, they generate electricity because they have a pyroelectric effect. Pyroelectric materials polarize when subjected to heat or cold. An opposite polarity is generated by the crystal, creating a transient voltage.

Pyroelectric Materials Applications

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)

Passive infrared sensors detect anything that radiates thermal infrared radiation, such as human beings and animals. PIR sensors have pyroelectric materials that absorb thermal energy and generate equivalent electrical power. Human eyes can’t see the infrared waves radiated; hence they are used for automation and security applications.

Infrared Thermometer

Also known as pyrometers, and are used to take temperature measurements without contact. They are suitable to measure temperatures of items such as extremely hot substances or moving things. They are accurate and can measure a wide range of temperatures.

Laser Energy Sensors

A pyroelectric sensor is used to measure the power and energy of lasers. It is mostly preferred because they respond fast compared to other sensors. However, it can only measure pulsed energy with a repetition rate of 25kHz.

Pyroelectric Sensors

Pyroelectric sensors help to ensure that automated electronic devices work properly. Thus, these devices can be relied on because they are safe to use.

Sensors that take Advantage of Pyroelectric Effect

Motion Sensors

Infrared motion sensors are either passive or active. Active infrared sensors such as garage door security sensors work over a longer distance because the sensor and the infrared emitter can be far apart. Passive infrared sensors also detect motion directly from a source. They have sensitive sensors to detect infrared radiation.

Gas Sensors

Infrared pyroelectric sensors are used to detect and monitor gases. A sample of gas is used to detect the infrared wavelength. If the IR wavelength isn’t received, then the gas sample has another gas that absorbed it. Optical IR filters are used to tune sensors into specific wavelengths, and only a desired wavelength is achieved.

Food Sensors

Food-related substances are detected by calibrating food sensors. These substances include lactose, fat or sugar. These infrared sensors are used to monitor industrial processes depending on the IR optical filters used. Also, they can be used in various environments.

Flame Sensors

Flames can emit IR strongly; hence, it’s possible to construct them using pyroelectric sensing elements. They accurately detect and discriminate flame sources that compare ratios and wavelengths of their triple IR. They respond fast hence widely used in fire protection devices such as process control systems.

Features of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

  • High stability when subjected to temperature changes.
  • Strong immunity to noise such as vibrations
  • Slight movements are detectable.
  • High sensitivity
  • Reliable performance

Pyroelectric sensors work by taking advantage of certain materials. They provide sensitive and fast infrared sensors that are used in various industrial applications. They bring peace of mind because devices using these sensors are safe for use. They also ensure safety when used in garage doors and safe food when used …

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Inventory Software Will Allow You To Maximize Costumer Service – Follow These Steps To For Success

Inventory Software Will Allow You To Maximize Costumer Service – Follow These Steps To For Success

The last thing any business wants to do is take on any expensive they feel they are not going to need. This is one of the primary reasons why a lot of business, especially those that are just starting or are smaller, will decide to go without an effective inventory management system that is implemented by means of inventory software.

These businesses will try to do things the hard way. The hard way equals a business having to invest more time, which of course is going to mean more money.

In order to convince you of how beneficial it would be for you business to have inventory software, we need to discuss the overall value it is going to provide you with moving forward.

The one aspect we can focus on is the lifeblood of your business, and that is going to be making sure your customers are satisfied. Now you might have a good product or products.

You might have friendly staff who answer the problems of customers. You might run a pretty efficient business. However, without inventory software you are not doing all you can to make sure you are maximizing customer service.

Why do you think this is? Well, without the right tools at your disposal to make inventory management more efficient you are going to run into problems such as inaccurate customer forecasts.

This means you are going to underestimate or overestimate the amount of software you need. How much do you believe this is going to cost you in the long run? Then you have issues such as various changes that can happen to original customer orders.

When this happens it can throw everything into a tail spin. Let’s not forget the overall lack of account management your business might have.

All of these things combined make for poor customer service performance in regards to on time delivery, not suppliers and not purchasing. What do you believe is going to happen because of this?

You are likely going to end up carrying a lot of excess inventory or not enough. This is going to lead to inventory write offs.

You are going to end up having higher product costs, which is going to mean lower profit margins for you. Inventory software is going to enable you to solve all of these problems without hassle.

There are many reasons why inventory software will help you make more profits at the end of the day. For instance, right now you probably have a good idea of how many sales you can expect to get for a given product at a given time of the year.

You might have taken the time to put this information together and it has worked out well for you. However, without inventory software there is a chance you are opening yourself up to a huge forecast error.

You want the individual product sales forecast for your …

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Deciding On Your Home Decor Theme

Deciding On Your Home Decor Theme

Are you decorating your home? Would you like to redecorate it with your your own concepts and designs? Giving your home interior a brand new look is one of the most exciting things you can do, especially if this is something you particularly enjoy doing. Decorating your home gives you the freedom to enjoy your own preferences when it comes to the colors, textures and arrangements that you want. When you design your own place, you experience a greater sense of belonging and you’ll probably start spending more time in it than out.

You don’t even have to worry if you don’t have experience in home design. It is something that you can just do out of your own instincts and out of your own desire to make yourself a lovely home. Of course, you can always hire an interior designer, but unless you have the budget, this could only mean unnecessary expenses. You can always do it your own way, and you can even enjoy the results more because you’ll have things exactly as you wish for them to be. You also don’t have to come up with a complicated plan. Remember, the best designs are always simple and easy.

To start off your redecoration or renovation plans, you need to think of a few basics such as your color choices. There is probably nothing that can affect your design as much as the colors you paint on your walls and even the colors that your furniture goes in. Back then, a good design meant matching colors from one portion of the house to the other. These days, people have become more adventurous and experimental. Anything that may not look good according to old-fashioned design books may now work. That means, as long as the colors go together, they can be a good combination. You don’t have to be monochromatic, although that would have a classic appeal. If you are feeling more adventurous, go for an eclectic mix of hues and shades.

Another thing you’d like to take into account is your theme. Would you like Victorian, Mediterranean, minimalistic, country or safari? There could be other themes you can explore, but when you make a go for one theme, go for it through and through. That means, you can’t have Mediterranean and country all in the same room. If you must, you can use different themes for different areas of the house. Again, you can go for an eclectic design, but even this would need a common thread that will bind all the design elements together to make things look appealing.…

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Fuel Cell Giving Advantage of Low Fuel Emission and Reduced Noise Pollution

Fuel Cell Giving Advantage of Low Fuel Emission and Reduced Noise Pollution

Fuel cell:

These cells can convert chemical energy directly into electricity without the combustion process. Advantages of Fuel cell can be summarized compared to conventional power sources, The advantages faced by developers and the commercialization of fuel are:

These have a higher efficiency than diesel, gas engines and a high efficiency conversion where the waste heat from the cell is utilized in cogeneration situation.

These do not require conventional fuels such as oil or gas and can eliminate economic dependence on politically unstable countries in application with space constraints having high power density allowing fuel cells to be compact source of electric power.

These are inexpensive to produce, since most units are hand-made and have a quiet operation allowing use in residential and built up areas eliminates the pollution caused by fossil fuels and greenhouse gases with an affordable cost.

These have no “memory effect” when they are getting refueled and operate silently, compared to internal combustion engines at a low temperature with more operating time than a battery.

Their maintenance is simple since there are few moving parts in the system. And hydrogen can be produced anywhere where there is water and electricity, production of potential fuel can be distributed.

They do not use expensive materials, have low heat transmission which makes them ideal for military applications. Fueling them is not a problem since the production, transportation, distribution and storage is easy.

Their installation leads to more stabilized and decentralized power refueling and the starting time of Fuel cell vehicles are shorter and are slightly bigger than comparable batteries or engines with inexpensive materials with a variety of products.

They convert stored energy within a fuel into usable energy using an electrochemical reaction to extract energy directly in the form of heat and electricity which can be utilized at the point of generation.

They convert the fuel to energy in one step with out the need for multiple steps, they are able to achieve much higher conversion require less maintenance as the only moving parts in fuel cells are involved with water, heat and air management which means means less site visits or trips to the garage and reduced operating costs.

They emit less emissions than other combustion based technologies as they have higher efficiency which means they require less fuel to generate the same energy and there is no combustion, there are negligible NO x or SO x emissions and no particulate emissions.

They can operate on a range of different cells, require less hydrogen, can operate on a range of hydrocarbons and give the ability to produce heat and electricity when needed that is produced can by used to heat buildings from as small as houses to as large as skyscrapers.

They help in eliminating the cost of production and storage to provide decentralized hydrogen production for fueling hydrogen vehicles on demand for applications such as home refueling and backup power.…

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Fuel Efficient Tires For Your Truck – What is It and How to Buy It? Have You Got One Yet?

Fuel Efficient Tires For Your Truck – What is It and How to Buy It? Have You Got One Yet?

Have you purchased fuel efficient tires for your truck? Surprised? You might have heard about to fuel efficient engines and even fuel efficient vehicles. But how can you have fuel efficient tires? Well, basic physics tells us that energy is required to alter the motion of any object. The same applies to tires of trucks as well.

Hence, if you want to keep your tires rolling at a specific speed, you will have to burn a certain quantity of fuel towards this purpose alone. Does not the engine do that job? Is it not the engines function to keep the tires rolling? Well, the combustion of fuel inside the engine leads to generation of power.

However, all the power is not transferred to the tires. A certain amount is lost in overcoming the resistance that the tire shows towards the movement. This is also known as the drag force. If this drag force can be brought down, you would be improving the fuel efficiency of your tires.

The tires of your truck would be spinning faster and over long distances for the same amount of fuel burned. In such a scenario, you can easily make use of the improved savings to extract more profits. Hence, you should stick to options that will help you improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. What does this involved? How should you proceed?

Well, it is important to go in for branded tires because that serves the best possible option to extract maximum performance. Big tire manufacturers have a huge labs set up specifically for the purpose of improving the efficiency of the vehicle. On the other hand, you cannot confidently proceed if you go in for locally made tires.

Not only would you be taking a huge risk on the quality, you would also lose all the advantages of the advanced research and testing that would invariably accrues when makers manufacture branded tires.

The choice of material is very important if you want to enjoy the right performance. Branded tire manufacturer taking numerous steps to come up with better and better materials for tires. Rubber continues to remain the mainstay.

However, the various materials used for reinforcement of rubber are being improved upon. Metal used to be the preferred option. However, rust and weight were significant factors. With more and more options coming up, you only stand to improve the efficiency of the tires of your truck and enjoy fantastic savings.…

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IT for Etailing

IT for Etailing

It’s hardly surprising that in a sector already worth over A�50bn and rising at around 20% pa – including companies as diverse as Tesco and hundreds of niche market small businesses – that many are still developing their business model and still have big areas for improvement. Websites are being developed and refined to capture the buyer’s attention and to make the order placing process – indeed the whole purchasing experience – as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Search engine optimisation techniques are increasingly used to bring more traffic to the site and companies strive to offer the latest products at the most attractive prices.

Sadly there’s abundant evidence that many companies are still not investing and paying enough attention to what really matters to the buyer – is what I want in stock and will I get the right goods delivered on time? Recent surveys show that on-line retailers do not fully appreciate how important getting the right purchase delivered on time means to the shopper. So what’s the answer?

Established businesses who have moved into internet sales will already have an existing stock and IT based ordering procedure running their warehouse and dispatch function. However the typical Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed to distribute goods in bulk to stores may not be ideally suited to handling a high volume of small orders, usually between one and three items that may require different picking and stock management procedures.

Newer entrants to the market will have the advantage of only dealing with small order volumes, but may also have chosen simple software systems based on Microsoft Excel or standard accounting packages which in the long run will have limited capacity.

Any software stock management system selected should be designed to cope with high volume picking and collating of small orders, mainly single picks. It should also be able to efficiently handle returns, instantly update stock records and interface with the website’s software to provide timely and accurate stock information. Trying to order a product and finding it is not in stock will not enhance the company’s image in the market.

Suppliers of WMS to large warehouses and catalogue sales organisations will be familiar with the type of stock pick and management pattern that internet sales require, but many systems still focus on bulk orders and do not always lend themselves to a predominance of small volume dispatches.

The success of internet retailing will continue to attract new entrants, making the market more competitive than ever. Building customer loyalty has to be a vital strategy for success and getting deliveries right – in the eyes of the shopper – is the key to success. The key to delivery is having the right systems in place that help the supplier keep its promises.…

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How to Fill Up Your Car’s Tank

How to Fill Up Your Car’s Tank

In order to fill your car tank with petrol is simple and easy. No reason to pay for help to fill the car at a gas station with full service.

Here ‘s how:

1. Find out which side of the tank is the cap.

2. Pull near the right pomp and make sure that the cap is facing towards the pump.

3. Stop the engine. This step is vital for your safety and the people near you.

4. Open the hatch of the tank. At some newer cars this is done by pressing a button inside the car, but for older cars the hatch is opened manually with a key or by rotating the cap until it ‘s open.

5. Unlock the cap from tank.

6. Put the cap in a place where you will not forget.

7. Select the type of gasoline (unleaded, premium or super). Just make sure you don ‘t put diesel in a gasoline tank. If your car is diesel powered you should not put gasoline in the could cause a major malfunction for your motor. You should also be careful for the number of octanes in the is also vital for your motor.

8. Lift the handle support hose and insert the end into the tank. Make sure it is well inserted, pressing it well.

9. Press the lever or button on the pump to turn on the pump. This switch differs from pump to pump; follow the instructions at the pump or ask for guidance at the employers from the gas station.

10. Raise the button that ‘s located on the handle. It will enable the road to the gasoline tank.

11. Some buttons locks automatically, allowing you to wash the windows and check the oil. Check for this property or ask for assistance.

12. When the tank is full, the pump will not pump fuel. Now, you should remove the hose. Do not try to fill up the tank as possible because it will overflow.

13. Screw the lid back on and close the tank ‘s cap.


* Keep a pair of latex gloves in the glove compartment. Put your gloves to keep clean while filling or wash your hands after this process.


* Prior to pump gasoline be sure the car engine is stopped.

* Put off all cigarettes before entering a gas station. Do not smoke while pumping everybody knows, gasoline is very flammable.…

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Saving Money on Your Petrol Bill

Saving Money on Your Petrol Bill

When it comes to saving money on your fuel bill, I consider myself something of an expert. I have honed my skills over thousands and thousands of miles and would now like to give them away for free! It doesn’t matter if you travel 1 mile a week or 1 thousand, there are things you can do to help you save money.

1) Drive in the highest gear at the slowest speed. This basically means avoid revving the car too highly before changing gear, you will probably have already heard this one. It helps to have a car with 6 gears however most of us don’t have this luxury! Travelling on the motorway in your highest gear, you don’t have to go 90mph! (you also cant, because it’s illegal).

2) Remove all unnecessary baggage. This is another golden oldie, but anything adding weight to the car will increase fuel consumption. You might also want to consider getting a space saver spare wheel. They are temporary spare wheels which take up less room than your normal spare wheel. They are much lighter and so have a positive impact on your fuel bill.

3) Eliminate unnecessary journeys. Ride your bike to the shops and enquire about car sharing opportunities where possible. Make sure every car journey you make is unavoidable.

4) Keep your car well serviced. Looking after your wheels may seem costly and time consuming but it is well worth it as savings can be made not just in fuel but other expensive repair jobs.

5) Find the cheapest fuel. Various online tools allow you to pop in your post code and it will tell you where your cheapest station is. Obviously you’d have to decide whether or not travelling to the station would be worth your while, in my experience, it usually is.

A lot of saving fuel costs comes down to common sense. There are a lot of other techniques (such as not using air conditioning, driving with the windows up and keeping your tires well inflated) and they often simply come down to good car care and sensible driving practice.…

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Things to Consider Before Starting a Metal Work Business

Metalwork has been around since the dawn of human civilization. Metal has been used to make everything from decorations to the biggest structures we have today. Starting a metalwork business can be very lucrative because the use of metal for different purposes is not dying down anytime soon. So, we have put together a list of some of the things you should keep in mind when you want to start one.

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Type of Business

Before starting the business, you should have a plan on what you will focus on. If you do not have an idea, you can look around you for inspiration as well as assess the needs of the businesses and people around you.

Generally, you should consider independent contracting or mobile metal works services. Independent contracting involves offering services to the people and businesses around you. Since you are just starting, do consider discounting your service so people get to know you and you can increase your rates as you gain more customers. A mobile metal works business can be somewhat costly, but it is very easy to scale the business. For a mobile business, invest in a vehicle and the right equipment, and do not forget to get insurance.

Getting Proper Equipment

Regardless of the type of metalwork business you would like to start, the equipment you choose will determine the types of services you can offer. Safety equipment should always come first so consider having proper aprons, helmets, goggles, and boots. Your work equipment should be related to the type of jobs you would like to take. If you want to produce high-quality work, you must also think about wet vs. dry metal finishing equipment. Both have their pros and cons and having both might allow you to work on a variety of materials and different types of jobs.

How to Fund the Business

To start the business, you either need to have the money already or have a way of obtaining funding quickly and at reasonable terms. The amount you need will depend on the types of services you offer as these will determine the biggest cost, buying, or renting equipment.

Small business loans are a very good option because these offer favorable interest rates and payment plans for new small businesses. You can also look for interested third-party investors or consider other options such as peer to peer lending.

To Promote or Not?

You might also want to think about whether you will promote the business or not. You can put off promoting the business until you have some customers and some cash flow, but it is always a good idea to think about it beforehand.

If you decide you will promote the business, you will need to think about how you will do it. Door to door campaigns might work well if you do not have a huge advertising budget. Social media is a great, inexpensive option that is very easy to get started with too.…

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