Should You Invest in a Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL?

Should You Invest in a Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL?

If you are contemplating this decision, you probably do more riding than the average person. You probably already own a mountain bike and perhaps not your first. Now you’ve reached a point with your riding that it’s time to take the experience up a notch. Maybe you are looking for better handling, braking, shifting, suspension, geometrics or likely a combination of these. You’ve eyed the Trek 9.9 and wondering if this is the right bike for you.

The Trek 9.9 is a racing cross country bike. Or an XC for short, meaning cross country. One of it’s most outstanding features is the sheer amount of carbon making up the bike. From rims, to seatpost, frame, to handlebars, this bike is all about carbon. Trek has created their own blend of carbon known as OCLV Mountain. Trek’s carbon allows the frame to take hits from debris without cracking or denting, resulting in a longer lasting frame. Carbon is also much lighter compared to many alloy based frames.

A lighter frame means better acceleration. This is also true on uphills. Even from very little momentum, you are able to rocket uphill. This is mainly due to lightweight carbon components. It is also due to the bike’s high quality linkage (chainstay/seatstay attachment to frame), suspension and overall geometric design. These components provide an unparalleled level of handling in the bike. In addition to great acceleration, this also results in corners being taken very fast and with much control.

The Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL has 100mm of travel in its front suspension. This adds to the bike’s agility and ability to accelerate uphill from a low momentum position. The Bontrager XRO Team issued tires are also an important component of overall acceleration. Knobbies on these tires aren’t large allowing for fast rolling. Yet the tire is able to get enough bite for fast, controlled cornering and uphill climbing.

Some full suspension bikes come with locking suspension. This allows you to lock the suspension into its full travel position. Locking suspension is great for climbing, especially when having to stand up. Suspension engaged (not locked) while climbing can zap the power you’re applying to the pedals. However, having to stop and lock rear and front suspensions can be a drag. Then you must stop again at some point to unlock.

The Trek 9.9 has remote locking right on the handle bars. Right before you hit that uphill, flip the locking levers down with your thumbs. When you’re ready to unlock, just flick your wrist inward against the wide unlock lever.

If you simply need the best in cross country mountain biking and want to have no doubt about quality of components, the Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL may be the right bike for you.