Commercial and Industrial Equipment Leasing Solutions

Canadian business benefits from commercial leasing and industrial equipment leasing when it comes to asset acquisitions for growth and profits.
As a small or medium sized business owner in Canada you do not want to deplete your cash resources. We would point out that larger, even public corporations in Canada have that same pressure, because when they report to shareholders the focus of their investors and shareholders is often cash flow growth and preservation.
Business owners and financial managers in Canada look to lease financing as an alternative to taking on bank term debt. Canadian chartered banks do not provide lease financing; they structure your asset acquisitions as loans which supplement your existing borrowing arrangements with the bank.
Quite often, as with any asset acquisition, its all about the monthly payment and more often than not you will find that the lease financing solution provides you with the lowest monthly payment, and in many cases you can arrange that payment to reflect your actual working capital situation – i.e. seasonal payments, skip payments, quarterly payments (if desired) etc. That is true flexibility.
Most lease financing solutions in Canada are at a fixed rate, but in some cases variable rates are also offered.
When clients ask us what are some of the major challenges or pitfalls of equipment leasing and financing we advise them that questions can be answered in a very simple manner – business owners need effects of machine breakdown to focus on which benefits of lease equipment financing appeal to them and then work with a partner who can deliver optimal rates, terms and structures based on your firms overall credit quality.
The challenge for Canadian business is working through the plethora of hundreds of equipment finance firms, many of which may not be suited to your type of asset acquisition and your firms overall credit quality. In Canada rates on equipment leases depend on the size the of the asset, the financial strength of the leasing company (they borrow money too!) and the overall credit quality of your firm. Leasing when it comes to pure interest rate focuses on your ability to generate future cash flows to make the monthly payment.
Thousands of leases are written every year in Canada for commercial, industrial and construction equipment when the historical cash flow of a customer does not necessarily reflect the future ability to pay. In that case the lease becomes what is known as ‘structured ‘, which simply means safety gear pro that a down payment might be required, the term of the lease might be shortened, and in some cases some additional collateral might be required Lease firms are in business to write leases, so usually every effort is made to complete a transaction that makes sense for all parties.
We advise customers to work with a credible, experience and trusted advisor in this area who can help your firm navigate the occasionally complex world of equipment financing in Canada. When you are successful you will have …

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A Few Basic Essential Cleaning Supplies

Do you find that you have way too many cleaning supplies hanging around? And you don’t know what you need and what you don’t? And then you can’t machine tool supplies even decide what to use? Quite often we have way too many choices to choose from and find out that in the long run, they all have the same uses!

Onto the big question — what are essential cleaning supplies? Sometimes we just need an expert to tell us where to begin. The list is not long, and this will give you a place to start, and then you can add your favorite to the list.




Dusting Cloth

Feather Duster

Cleaning Solution (like 409 or Simple Green)

Window Cleaner

All of the above on the list are considered “essential” cleaning items to have. They are either necessary by themselves or have multiple jobs that they can do. For example, we all really really need a vacuum. It certainly makes life easier.

The vacuum can clean carpets and wood or tile floors. But it also cleans up high, such as window sills and cobwebs. So we definitely need that. The broom can clean the floor. But–it will also knock down cobwebs, too.

So often, instead of buying all sorts of unnecessary supplies that only tend to clutter up our house more. Keep it simple! Keep it basic, and you’ll be searching for your cleaning stuff less often because it will be much easier to keep it all in one place.

I’m all for keeping life simple. In fact, simple and speedy (when it comes to cleaning anyway) is best. I want to get my cleaning out of the way because there’s so much more to life than doing the house cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my clean house. But I don’t like to clean! So the object is to get it done fast, get it done well, and go play.

You might want to add a brush or two in different sizes to clean in those hard-to-reach places, and for doing a little scrubbing now and then. Also a sponge, it’s easy to grab, keep damp, and swab down those messes quickly.

These items are good for cleaning up drawers, closets, etc., and machine maintenance schedule other places where a broom or vacuum may be too large to fit in.

My big cleaning secret is those new microfiber cloths. They’re sold to clean up garages and stuff, but, all you need is one of those, and that’s all you need. Keep washing it when it gets dirty, and they last forever.

You can use it damp, you can use it dry. You can use a clean one to wash windows. Just get it damp and swab the window down. You don’t even really need window cleaner. Wash it out and go onto the next window.

They also work great to polish up the refrigerator, the stove, and other stuff that needs to shine in the …

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Hooded Hair Blow Dryers Review

Hooded blow dryers are an important part of your business and central cryogenics luckily, there are many models available for you to purchase.
It is important for salon owners and professionals to have the best tools, equipment, and appliances out there. In order for you to best serve your clients, you must have the most current, efficient tools. There are many good, quality hooded dryers in hair care stores and online that can be purchased at an affordable price. Doing research is probably a good idea to make sure you get the right hooded hair dryers for your business.
Here are some hooded dryers at different affordable price points:
Gold N Hot Gh513v1 Elite Full Hood Professional Hair Dryer: This tabletop dryer features two heat speeds and double vents under the hood. It is completely portable for convenience. It can be purchased for around $60.00.
Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Rollaround Dryer: This tourmaline and ionic dryer is a portable device that uses ionic and tourmaline industrial machinery columbus ohio properties to give clients a quick dry that leaves their hair silky smooth. It can be purchased for about $90.00.
Pro Tools Hair Dryer Ionic Stand Hood ED2500: This bonnet hair dryer packs 2500 watts of blow drying power. It uses ionic energy to dry your clients hair while giving it a smooth, shiny look. It has wheels so mobility will be no problem. It can be purchased for around $180.00.
BaByliss Pro Ionic Hard Hat Blow Dryer: This roll-about hair dryer holds 1600 watts of power to blow dry your clients hair. It uses ionic energy to produce shiny, healthy hair. It can be purchased for under $200 in most places.
Hot Tools 1200 Watt Hard Hat Salon Blow Dryer HT1061: This hooded hair dryer is a great affordable option for use at home or even is a salon. Featuring 1200 watts and a powerful ac motor the Hot Tools HT1061, has 154 air vents to evenly distribute this power to your hair. Two heat settings, two wig settings and best of all, it’s folding design, allows for compact storage and travel! It comes with a one year warranty and retails for around $80.00.
Hot Tools 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Blow Dryer HT1051: This hooded hair dryer has 800 watts and a soft bonnet. The bonnet adjusts to accommodate any sized rollers and features anti-static and ion technology to provide your style with radiant shine, softness, and prevent frizz and flyaways. A 12 month warranty is included in its price of around $75.00.
Updating your salon can be as easy as purchasing new hooded hair dryers for your salon. So treat your customers to quality hooded hair dryers today!…

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Three Outdoor Uses for Lamination

When most people think of laminating, they tend to think of applications around the office and in a classroom setting, but there are actually a number of great ways sewage treatment plant cost in india to use laminated documents outdoors. In this article, we take a look at three outdoor projects that take advantage of lamination’s element-resistant properties.
1. Garden Signs – Have you ever planted an elaborate garden, only to forget what seeds you planted in which sections? Or have you taken the time to create signs for each variety, then had an unexpected storm wash away your hard work? Next time, try list of heavy construction equipment making your own laminated garden signs! Whether you decide to get crafty by decorating the signs or stick with a more basic approach, a quick pass through your laminator will make your garden signs resistant to water, dirt, and even insects.
2. Labeling Outdoor Pipes, Valves & Circuits – Determining which pipe, valve, or circuit controls what can be somewhat difficult, especially in an emergency. A few minutes of work spent labeling important lines now can help you to avoid future headaches, and taking the time to laminate the cards that you use to label them will greatly extend the lifespan of your work. To make your project even easier, try using slotted laminating pouches in conjunction with plastic luggage loops to label your pipes and valves.
3. Gate Signs – Whether it reads “Beware of Dog,” “Keep Closed,” “No Entry,” or something entirely different, laminating your gate signs is an excellent way to make sure that your important notices stay intact. Make your own sign or purchase a pre-printed one, and insert it into an appropriately-sized thermal laminating pouch in your choice of thickness (for outdoor uses, thicker pouches generally perform better). Run it through your thermal laminator, and your sign is ready to post.…

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Safety at Sea – Some Lessons Learned From Yacht Running Aground at Night

A well-prepared yacht with a prudent skipper would have avoided the accident at sea described below. Read the scenario, based on a true story, and think about what should have been done differently.
While traveling under motor at night, the yacht’s engine failed. Efforts to restart it failed. The skipper and crew of two were unable to raise a sail before the yacht struck rocks of an island. Fortunately, they were able to get ashore safely, apart from the skipper injuring his ankle.
What happened next? They were unable to make an emergency call until next morning, when one of the crew climbed up the industrial safety equipments list pdf island and found mobile phone coverage. After the call was made, a helicopter was dispatched to rescue the trio.
What can we learn from this?
When motoring at night the skipper should allow extra sea room around obstacles to avoid the risk of running aground.
As a matter of practice except in very heavy conditions, the main should be hoisted although not necessarily to its full height. Most experienced skippers would agree that this leads to a far more comfortable ride than motoring without a steadying sail.
Skippers delivering yachts usually underpower them by having a reef permanently in the main and by using a headsail smaller than the conditions normally would call for. That way the boat is ready for any sudden increase in wind or the failure of the engine.
In any case – if you don’t want to rig a headsail – one should be ready for use in an emergency. If not on a furler, it should be rigged with its sheets and halyard attached and tied down on the foredeck.
A VHF radio and EPIRB should have been part of the yacht’s basic communication and safety equipment. The skipper would then make a ‘Mayday’ call and set off the EPIRB. Rescuers would have been notified that evening, i.e. 13 hours earlier than was the case.
While they were fortunate to have a mobile phone to make contact, one wonders how long it would have been before they were found if there had been no mobile coverage on that island.
The most disturbing thing about the whole report is the apparent lack of any attempt other aspects of manufacturing to equip the yacht with even the most basic safety gear for going to sea.…

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Finding the Best Safety Gear for Construction Sites

There are a wide variety of hazardous situations that could arise within a construction site, which is a place where a lot of heavy equipment is being operated on a regular basis. If you really want to make sure that your employees are safe from harm, it will be very important to make sure that everyone has their safety gear. Taking the time to find a store where you can buy all of these gear from can be tiresome, so sometimes the best way to find this stuff is to take your search online.
If you run a quick search for safety gear online you will find that there are many stores from where it is possible to buy all kinds of safety equipment like hard hats and safety belts from. In some places this gear might be more expensive than in others, so it is probably a good forest based industries wikipedia idea for you to take as much time as you need to have a look around and see if you can find any discounts. One thing you should know in any case is that it is obligatory for construction workers to be using this safety gear, so you really have no other choice but to buy it.
When workers are wearing the right safety gear, they will be much better equipped to handle the possible dangers associated with construction work. One very real and present danger is the possibility of debris and construction materials falling from a higher platform onto the heads of workers who might be on a lower anatomy of a milling machine level. This is a kind of accident tat unfortunately happens quite frequently, so you will definitely want to develop methods to prevent such accidents from ever occurring. On site measures certainly matter, but when all else fails you will definitely want to make sure that everyone is wearing their hard hats.
A hard hat can weather a considerable impact which could be caused by a brick falling onto one’s head, for example, and this is the main reason why they are meant to be used. If you search online you will find all kinds of hard hats available for sale. While most of these are made with the same basic materials and designed for the same overarching purpose, some of them might have more advanced features than others, which will make them cost more as a result.
At the end of the day it is up to you to decide which ones you feel would be best for your business, but feel free to take all the time that you need. The idea is to ensure safety by making sure that employees follow safety procedures and also wear the appropriate safety gear. Sometimes these rules can be a bit difficult to enforce, but when they are followed, it is clear that safety in the overall area will be greatly increased. If you spend some time looking online it will be fairly easy …

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The Importance of Wearing the Right Safety Gear at Work

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people get injured at work every year? In New Zealand, for instance, the number of officially made work injury claims was 224,900 in 2008. If the workers cyberweld financing were wearing the right safety gear, a large percentage of these injuries could have been prevented. The question is what you can do now to help yourself and the people who work with you.
Wearing safety gear at work is neither expensive nor inconvenient. Affordably priced high quality protective items are readily available in the stores. Furthermore, many companies will get considerable discounts, when buying in bulk. If you are a contractor and pay for everything yourself, you should definitely set aside a special portion of your budget for safety equipment and gear.
Wearing protective clothing, boots, helmets and glasses should not cause any inconvenience or discomfort. As highlighted earlier, the companies specializing in the production of such items use innovative designs, high quality materials and advanced technology to produce safety gear that is actually comfortable to wear. Of course, you should make sure that you purchase the items you need from a manufacturer that has excellent reputation and long term presence in the industry.
The safety gear effectiveness for protection is constantly increasing. While in the past many items were not properly tested, the control over the production process and the ready products is now stricter than ever. All manufacturers offering their products on the market must be licensed. The ready products undergo special tests for flaws. In general, the prototypes of the products undergo series of tests so that their high level of effectiveness is guaranteed.
Wearing the right safety gear at work can protect you from disabling injuries and save your life. These are the most important reasons why you should use safety equipment on the job every day. Even though the compensation system in many countries is not better and supply chain definition business more advanced, you just need to imagine what your life will be like having to sit at home and having to get constant treatment and/or therapy. Many workers are left with permanent disabilities that change their life and the life of their loved ones dramatically.
Things do not have to be so complex. You can readily guarantee your protection from injuries and death with the right safety gear. Choose the right items and make sure you put them on before you start work every day. Ensure your safety and the wellbeing of your loved ones.…

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Quality Industrial Equipment – Why Choose Quality Equipment for Industrial Projects

Quality industrial equipment is something every construction job should have. Considering how dangerous the work is in the first place, low quality products would only make it more risky for the people behind the scene.
Unfortunately, finding quality industrial equipment is no longer that easy. Considering how many companies are starting to cut costs, most projects need to settle for products that are small construction equipment below their actual requirements. Hence, not only do they increase risks on the site but this may also produce less than satisfactory outcomes which could have far bigger consequences.
However, those are not the only reason why quality equipment for industrial use is crucial for every project. Following are some of the additional perks of using top-notch items for any job.
When it comes to heavy equipment or those used over and over again, better usually means longer. This basically means that the equipment would have a longer lasting life compared to items that are bought cheaply or are not quality. This is especially true if the job is particularly difficult and requires high resistance from the equipment currently being used.
Cheaper in the Long Run
Like it or not, quality products are usually priced higher than those who are not. However, considering the amount of repairs one must subject low-quality products through, the repairs expense could be industrial materials list more than the original price needed for purchasing top quality products. Hence, the bottom-line is that workers would find themselves spending more for projects as they struggle with repair costs.
Ease of Use
Quality products are usually the ones that are designed for easy use. This is crucial since in a site, hard to operate items usually means that workers have a hard time getting used to them. Lack of control can be one of the major sources of injury in the workplace which is something avoided for every project. Additionally, quality products have less chances of malfunctioning and are often backed up by their manufacturers. Hence, most users can at least rest easy knowing that they have a safety net or warranty option should anything untoward happen.
Quality Results
Quality products mean quality results and therefore lesser chances of having to re-do projects that are already finished. The great thing about quality industrial equipment is that using them once is enough to get the exact results that are necessary in a project. With the right information back up and manpower, quality products could mean faster processing rate for workers, allowing them to meet deadlines or even wrap up a project way before the assigned date.
Of course, the fact that quality industrial equipment is expensive usually means that individuals are discouraged from buying it. However, the fact is that the right approach to purchase could effectively slash off some of the prices of industrial equipment. The important thing is to know exactly where to purchase and how to choose the best equipment possible. Keep in mind that the goal is not …

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Hear it on Time, All the Time

Reason Behind the Law
Essentially every country today has it’s own set of laws and codes to ensure fire safety. And while some see surprise drills as hassles or nothing more than an excuse to cut back from work or school, education and practice on what to do in case of these types of emergency is of utmost importance. At the core of these exercises is the protection not only of people’s properties, but also of people’s lives.
Unity in Diversity industrial machinery industry outlook
While cities, not to mention countries, have differences in their formulations of building codes and fire laws, some thing remain constant. In successfully reducing the harmful effects of fires, one must always begin with a plan. There are three types of fire protection schemes according to structure. The first is the passive protection new machinery technology 2019 structure, which makes use of fire-walls and other heat-proofed materials. The second is the active approach, where manual and automatic detection and suppression devices are used to quell any threats. Third and equally important is education, fro the building operators, construction officials, and everyone within the premise4.
Better Safe Than Sorry
One can never under-estimate the benefits of educating people on fire safety. When the actual emergencies arise (and these always come to surprise us), most people are thrown into panic and the ensuing pandemonium is sometimes just as life-threatening. With prior education, however, you learn not only how to save your skin, but many others as well.
Back to Basics
The basic course of action in the face of these emergencies is to objectively assess your situation. Remember that you are not under any circumstance compelled to put out the fire by yourself. Ask yourself: can you effectively put it out, or will it take professional fire fighters? Sometimes, the best course of action is simply to ring the alarm, alert the fire warden, and ensure that the building is evacuated.
If, on the other hand, you have the power to mitigate the emergency, remember: an extinguisher lasts for only around ten seconds, and must be used a few feet away from the actual flames. The nozzle must be aimed at the base from where the fuel is gathered, and even once extinguished, the site must not be crossed in case it re-ignites. Lastly, in certain types of extinguishers, the metal parts can get really cold, thus it is best to practice and acquaint yourself with the device beforehand and to real all the usage guides issued by the manufacturer on all fire-protection equipment.
Starting at the Beginning
For optimum protection, the best practice remains to be the use of comprehensive alarm systems. Today, you can choose between many types of schemes, depending on the number of storey, rooms, and the location of special areas such as kitchens, fireplaces, and heated bathrooms. You also have the option of choosing between optical type alarms, ion alarm, photoelectric types, or air-sampling ones. Most modern alarms also have radio-transmitters for …

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Three Pieces of Safety Equipment a Fool Never Has, Uses, or Tests on Board Their Vessel

Safety on board a boat is a big subject, and should be at the front of all skippers minds. There is a lot of discussion on the web and in the real world about what safety equipment should be carried and tested when on a boat. There are many pieces of safety equipment that should defiantly be carried when on board a recreational boat, and these pieces of equipment are exceptionally worth while paging for as they can extremely increase your chances of survival in a marine distress situation.
The following are the three pieces of equipment, that i think every non-commercial vessel should carry, use and test:
1. A Vhf radio – Every boat should have at least a handheld VHF radio on board (it amazes me still that so many vessels go out onto the water without a radio, these can be a big lifesaver if used properly). But it would be allot better to have a built in VHF radio connected up to a Navigation system (eg. Garmin) when done like this there is usually a distress button and if registered with the coastguard (they will take details like your mmsi number from your navigation system, description of vessel, vessel name, vessel owner etc) you only have to press this machine breakdown analysis button and the coastguard is immediately informed of your position, what boat and what other information they know about your vessel. But a this built in VHF radio can be used in the normal way, with mayday’s and others marine distress calls. A VHF radio is a really important piece of safety equipment, and should be checked at the start of every journey/cruise, this can easily be done bye contacting your closest coastguard via your radio and requesting a radio check if the receive the call and reply then your radio is all working and you are good to go.
2. A lifejacket – This is a vitally important piece of equipment, just as important if not more, as a VHF radio! This is such a big subject for safety at sea, there are so many different types, manual and automatic, with different pressure levels (measured in newtons, the higher the newton pressure the more buoyant the life jacket) if you are boater and frequently go out on a boat you should without a doubt have a life jacket that fits and has the right newton level for you! If you don’t have one and wear it you are a Fool! Lifejackets are usually sold with pressure levels of the following, supply chain management at ibm 150N, 190N and 275N. The 150N is for younger, smaller or lighter New 190N is the one i have, and is the perfect lifejacket for most, these are also very good if you have a drysuit as it is recommend to have a higher Newton jacket to give more buoyancy. The 250N is mainly for commercial vessels and is used mostly on oil rigs and their staff/workers, who …

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Auction Industrial Equipment Events Help Dealers Too!

There is great interest in the global community about the worldwide reach of an auction. Bidding facilities are a strategic avenue to auction industrial wood for fine furniture equipment by being open to the public, allowing a large number of buyers to bid on vehicles with an equal chance of purchasing such equipment.

Additionally, auction houses can help dealers achieve a competitive advantage by reaching a wide market of potential buyers participating in local auctions as well as internet auctions; product management definition by authors such events reach buyers across the globe and provide a good outcome for all involved. These companies can handle every detail in order to sell equipment at a fair market value.

Following are some of the benefits auction companies can offer to dealers of industrial equipment:

Better Return – By offering items for sale through a bidding process, dealers do not have to solely rely only on the interest of local buyers, as the average bidding activity draws hundreds if not thousands of buyers from around the globe. The chance for the generation of better revenue on the day of the auction is certainly greater than otherwise. Almost 80 percent of all buyers are end-users looking for ready-to-use equipment for immediate use and are highly motivated to bid higher to obtain needed equipment.

Local Service – Many auction companies have branches all over the United States with local sales representatives who can meet with local dealers and discuss the selling and marketing of any product. These representatives are familiar and knowledgeable about most industrial equipment and are aware of the local market and most prospective bidders. These branches are vital components of an entire sales network and an essential part of the auction process that reaches buyers worldwide.

Fast and Convenient – As opposite to the conventional method of selling industrial products which can often take weeks or months, the selling process of an auction takes a much shorter period of time. This is possible due to the power of the internet as aggressive promotional ads are posted online and targeted buyers are informed well in advance of the actual sale. In addition, the bidding house that is chosen to sell a dealer’s industrial equipment can handle the entire transaction from the very beginning to the conclusion of the sale. The only job a dealer has is to wait for any revenue to be forwarded.

Widespread Market – Auction companies do not simply focus on local bidders; the complete effort is to capture all relevant buyers around the world. Industrial equipment is strategically marketed and advertised to the global arena where there is peak demand. Brochures and advertising material are sent to potential buyers via email and regular mail and is able to capture the widest scope of prospective bidders.

At one time, the effort to auction industrial equipment was perhaps a last recourse to sellers. It is exciting to note that this method of marketing is now usually a dealer’s first choice for selling …

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Party Supplies – Finding the Right Supplies For the Right Party Occasion

There are so many different reasons to have a party and with each occasion, it may require certain supplies that others may not. For the most part, some of the events that take place require remotely the same supplies, with extra supplies added. Each occasion needs specific things to accommodate the activities that take place. So, the question might come up of what kinds of supplies are needed for each type of party? Here is some information that might be of some help:
* Birthday Parties: At birthday parties, it is pretty simple. It pretty much requires the basic necessities that you will need at almost all of the other parties. The decorations include: streamers, balloons, tableware and some good creative games to play. Some of the things that might make a change to the birthday party would be if a theme was decided upon. Then there would be lots of different kinds of supplies that you would need to coordinate and bring everything together to the final finishing touches.
* Bridal and Baby Showers: Bridal and baby showers are meant to celebrate an event that is about to happen. In these cases, a marriage or a brand new baby, a giant life step in each case. So, not too much extra is needed supply-wise food production definition besides the basic decorations, the rest of it is to play some games and help the guest of honor prepare for her new step in her life. But you would probably want to have theme coordinate with the occasion that is being celebrated.
* Wedding Occasion: In a wedding celebration, you have your tableware and your decorations, but what else is needed to complete an event such as this? Maybe some party favors, which is a good idea for any party. There are decorations available just for weddings. Party favors are also found to coordinate with the event that is being celebrated.
* Holiday Parties: At any holiday party, you need specific items to present the holiday as it is. But, some of the decorations and supplies are the same. The supplies that are the same need to correspond with the holiday. For example, if you happen to want to throw a party for St. Patrick’s Day, then you will need green decorations such as green streamers, balloons, silly string etc. Also, if you happen to want to get other centerpieces or have a paper mache clover, then you will need to have a clover rather than a Christmas tree.
With all of the holidays, in short, you have everything you need to find at a party industrial electrical training store. Any supply that you can’t find or need, you can find at your party store.…

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Craft Supplies That Will Keep the Kids Busy on Rainy Days

A house full of kids, a rainy day, nothing to watch on doesn’t have to mean headaches for you. Instead, look upon it as an opportunity to spend some quality creative time with your children. Drag out the craft supplies box and see what extraordinary decorations spring to life.
Craft foam is one of the newest and most fun types of craft supplies that you’ll find. Start with the 12 by 18 inch Assorted Craft Foam Sheets Value Pack. This package comes with 12 foam sheets in red, blue, black, white, green and yellow. These brilliant and soft sheets can form the basis for many works of art. They are easy to cut and glue, and glitter and other items adhere to them very well.
Use Super Hold Foamies Craft Foam Glue to affix various items to the foam sheets. It also bonds wood, paper, cardboard and plastic, so your kids will find their creativity free to try just about anything. The two ounce bottle will last a while, too, so your kids should be set for the afternoon. Use the glue to affix any of a number of cut-out shapes. The Foamie Craft Foam Basketball Cutout or the Football are great for sports-themed art. There are even Foamie Craft Foam Team Spirit Shapes that include various tiny T-shirts, numerals and letters.
Have your kids put together pictures of themselves or each other, using 10MM Paste On Neon Googly Eyes for fun. These can be affixed to foam, fabric or other materials. Keep a package of 7mm Googly Eyes on hand, too, for the larger works of art. You’ll be amazed at the silly – and creative – images your kids can design. Monsters are a natural for a rainy day, but your kids will undoubtedly make them funny monsters with these googly eyes.
Buttons are another fun craft item, so be sure to keep plenty of them in your craft supplies collection. There are small buttons like the Assorted Mini Natural Buttons. These come in assorted natural colors like cream, beige, brown and red clay. They can be used in all sorts of craft projects, from pictures to doll making. Holiday crafts can make use of the 1/2 Pound Buttons Galore Fire Engine Red buttons for St. Valentine’s Day or the “Halloween” Buttons or Spooky Stuff Buttons for that October holiday. Raking Leaves Buttons make wonderful Thanksgiving or Autumn-themed decorations. There are even Christmas Eve Buttons for use in Christmas crafting. Your kids can make all sorts of fun decorations for the tree with these Santa, sleigh or reindeer buttons.
Drag out your collection of pipe cleaners and see where their rainy day imagination takes your children. The Assorted Bright Neon Pipe Cleaners are perfect for making fairytale figures. Bring out the googly eyes for another touch of silly fun. The Assorted Giant Pipe Cleaners will come with seven project ideas that will keep your kids busy for hours. Even more classification of manufacturing processes entertaining is the Bright …

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