Craft Supplies That Will Keep the Kids Busy on Rainy Days

A house full of kids, a rainy day, nothing to watch on doesn’t have to mean headaches for you. Instead, look upon it as an opportunity to spend some quality creative time with your children. Drag out the craft supplies box and see what extraordinary decorations spring to life.
Craft foam is one of the newest and most fun types of craft supplies that you’ll find. Start with the 12 by 18 inch Assorted Craft Foam Sheets Value Pack. This package comes with 12 foam sheets in red, blue, black, white, green and yellow. These brilliant and soft sheets can form the basis for many works of art. They are easy to cut and glue, and glitter and other items adhere to them very well.
Use Super Hold Foamies Craft Foam Glue to affix various items to the foam sheets. It also bonds wood, paper, cardboard and plastic, so your kids will find their creativity free to try just about anything. The two ounce bottle will last a while, too, so your kids should be set for the afternoon. Use the glue to affix any of a number of cut-out shapes. The Foamie Craft Foam Basketball Cutout or the Football are great for sports-themed art. There are even Foamie Craft Foam Team Spirit Shapes that include various tiny T-shirts, numerals and letters.
Have your kids put together pictures of themselves or each other, using 10MM Paste On Neon Googly Eyes for fun. These can be affixed to foam, fabric or other materials. Keep a package of 7mm Googly Eyes on hand, too, for the larger works of art. You’ll be amazed at the silly – and creative – images your kids can design. Monsters are a natural for a rainy day, but your kids will undoubtedly make them funny monsters with these googly eyes.
Buttons are another fun craft item, so be sure to keep plenty of them in your craft supplies collection. There are small buttons like the Assorted Mini Natural Buttons. These come in assorted natural colors like cream, beige, brown and red clay. They can be used in all sorts of craft projects, from pictures to doll making. Holiday crafts can make use of the 1/2 Pound Buttons Galore Fire Engine Red buttons for St. Valentine’s Day or the “Halloween” Buttons or Spooky Stuff Buttons for that October holiday. Raking Leaves Buttons make wonderful Thanksgiving or Autumn-themed decorations. There are even Christmas Eve Buttons for use in Christmas crafting. Your kids can make all sorts of fun decorations for the tree with these Santa, sleigh or reindeer buttons.
Drag out your collection of pipe cleaners and see where their rainy day imagination takes your children. The Assorted Bright Neon Pipe Cleaners are perfect for making fairytale figures. Bring out the googly eyes for another touch of silly fun. The Assorted Giant Pipe Cleaners will come with seven project ideas that will keep your kids busy for hours. Even more classification of manufacturing processes entertaining is the Bright Multi Color Pom Pom and Chenille Stem Kit. This kit comes with 12 inch pipe cleaners in an assortment of bright colors, as well as wiggly eyes, pom poms and feathers. You’ll be delighted at the creations that spring from the minds of your children when you add a touch of glue and glitter and set them loose at the kitchen table.
And speaking of glitter, there aren’t many projects that wouldn’t benefit from a little added glitz. There are plenty of ways to purchase craft glitter, too. You might want a lot of it, so choose the Big Value Crystal Glitter Jar. This acetate crystal glitter comes in iridescent, red, silver and plenty of other colors. Or choose a smaller A� ounce Red Sparkle Craft Glitter, Crystal White Sparkle CraftA� Glitter, or Silver Sparkle Craft Glitter. Choose the size container you need based on the size of your kids’ hands or their ability to control how much they sprinkle. You’ll find almost every color in each type of glitter.
Your kids might like to use Sparkle Glitter Glue, too. This handy product will allow them to apply the glitter without adding extra glue. It’s great for embellishing any project and is not messy like other glues can be. There are also forklift toyota Deco Art Glitter Paint products in a variety of colors. Christmas Green and Twinkles Crystal are just a couple that you might like to keep on hand. Use these with paint brushes to add just the right amount of glitter to any project.
Styrofoam, sequins, pom poms…there are so many craft supplies available today that you might need more than one rainy day for your children to expend all the creativity building inside them. So order a wide variety – after all, no two kids are alike in their creative desires. Then when those rainy days rumble around, pull out your craft supplies and give them free rein to dream up whatever art they want.