Use the Innotek Smart Dog Basic Containment System to Keep Your Dog Safe

For many pet owners, keeping their dog contained in a particular area is a major concern. There are many costly and time consuming things you can do to contain your dog including fencing in your yard or buying a very large dog kennel. However some housing areas do not allow fences and the cost may not be in your budget. Large dog kennels can demand economics definition destroy your yard because they are always in one spot. The constant traffic can kill the grass and make it a mud pit when it rains or snows. Owners today are looking for an easier solution when it comes to containing their pets and want it to be effective while giving their friend the opportunity to run and get the exercise they need.
Fortunately, technology has advanced and made new containment options possible for you. One of the easiest ways to contain your pet outdoors is by using a wired system. An in-ground wire is used to set the perimeter. Then a collar with a tiny transmitter can be placed on your dog. This collar syncs with the in-ground wire and can detect when your dog is near or tries to go past your set perimeter. One of the best introductory systems available today is the Innotek smart dog basic containment system. It is water resistant and can have a perimeter of up to five acres. This is the perfect system for small to medium dogs and comes with a life time warranty.
How does this type of system deter your dog from going where they are not supposed to? As they approach the perimeter, a warning tone will go off letting your dog know they are getting too close. The collar emits a correction when your dog gets close to the wire. It is harmless to them and startles them enough that global industrial gloves they become discouraged and do not cross the boundary. The corrections will occur less often as your dog learns their boundary limits. Installation is easy and very cost effective. The Innotek smart dog basic containment system is one of the best ones available and will provide you with the results you desire.
This type of containment system has many benefits for you and your dog. You are the only person that knows the dangers your pet faces while outside and can customize the boundaries accordingly. Your dog will be protected from many dangers and will not be able to chase people, other animals, or cars. You will be able to relax because they will not be considered a threat to people walking by and are less likely to be seriously hurt or get lost.
Invest your time and money into a product that really works. This system is so effective that you will be able to leave your dog outside allowing your dog to get the exercise and outdoor time they need without much worry or supervision. Imagine letting them out the door and never having to worry about them being in the road or bothering your neighbors. Everyone can benefit from this system and it will give you the peace of mind you need.