How Will Thermal Imaging Help Keep My Business Secure?

The applications of thermal imaging are numerous, from medical to military to maintenance. Many electrical services companies are investing more into the technology. The plethora of industries that utilise thermographic technology all share a common goal when it comes to the technology, and that is advancement. With so many industries pouring money into research of thermography (including the funding monster that is the military machine), it’s no wonder it could very well be the best security option your business has.
Why thermal imaging?
It’s a reasonable question to ask, and indeed why not just use a regular security camera and motion-sensitive lights? Here’s why: Thermal imaging was developed over sixty years ago by the military as a top secret spying device. The reason that it was developed was because it had the ability to find things that the naked eye (and indeed naked camera lens) could not pick up. Since those days the technology has steadily been developed to the point where no state-of-the-art security system can be complete without it. Thermal imaging can even pick up slight airgas bremerton variations in body temperature. For this reason it was used at airports during the outbreak of H1N1 (Swine Flu) to catch potential carriers of the virus. It can detect hidden objects that remain cold against the warmth of the carriers body. For example, because knives and guns are cold, a silhouette will show up, even if tucked under clothes, allowing security staff to take action before the person even arrives in the building. Thermal imaging will work through haze, dust, smoke and even fog. Cameras can be fooled, thermal imaging detectors cannot.
Installation and maintenance.
The first step is to consider your needs. Are you after indoor and outdoor detectors? What range do you need? Will you be recording or will there be security staff monitoring the live feed? Thermal imaging cameras are available in many different shapes and sizes. Small domes can be used for indoor security, and there are hidden and obvious options for outside. Talk to an electrician about thermal camera options for your security needs.
Using it in conjunction with other devices.
You may wish to use thermal cameras in conjunction with other security devices. If your system includes cameras already you may want to replace them with thermal imaging entirely as it can be used throughout the day. However it will not give you an accurate picture of an intruder’s facial features for future identification. industrial wastewater treatment technologies Thermal imaging reduces the need for security lights, yet often a light will deter a potential criminal. It is important to have a mix of the all-seeing eye and effective deterrents. Talk to an electrical services company or thermal camera installer for more details on how best to construct your security system.…

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When We Talk About an Unsafe Attitude What Do We Mean?

Correcting or improving performance requires precise targeting. The problem is caused when we use the wrong words. What do we mean when we use “attitude”? I would suggest that we use the words “attitude” and “behaviour” to mean the same thing. The problem arises when we use the word attitude to describe someone’s behavior. This creates deep resentment.
If you were to ask anyone, “Where do you keep your attitude?” They normally point to their heart or their head. This means that this is an internal condition. It is not tangible, it is not observable. When we need to change performance, as soon as we start talking about attitude there is the likelihood that people will switch off.
The scientific community has not decided that there is a clear link between behavior and attitude. Behavior is observable, however, attitudes we can only guess welding tools and equipment at. Personally, I’d prefer to stay in the tangible, observable behaviors rather than the beliefs, attitudes, internal feelings or abstract theories.
The words that you use can create prejudice and build obstacles to progress. Whilst terms such as motivation, personality, communication, and rapport are useful when we are communicating informally, but when we need to change performance these words can create resentment and block progress.
Labels such as “lazy,” “lacks drive,” and “bad safety attitude” imply that the problem, and therefore the solution to the problem, is within the person. Using labels to describe performance means manufacturing process specification can’ t help change the performance, it also produces blame. We blame the performer for being unmotivated, having a bad attitude, needing too much attention, not having enough drive and so on.
What do we mean when we say a person has a positive safety attitude? We could be referring to the fact that the individual is always wears safety equipment, or keeps his or her work area exceptionally clean and tidy, or volunteers to help others, or maintains high levels of personal safety.
In other words, we could characterize a person as having a positive attitude if he or she did any one of those things, or all of them.
The same is also true for performers with a “bad safety attitude.” They, too, demonstrate a pattern of behaviors that result in a negative label. Once you realize that a “bad attitude” is composed of many behaviors, it’s easy to understand why that “attitude” is so difficult to change or remedy. Flushing out and targeting the specific and individual behaviors that make up the “bad safety attitude” or cause you to label the person as negative or uncooperative is essential if you are to effectively change the performer’s “attitude.”
Using vague phrases or labels to describe problem performance does nothing to change or improve performance. Calling someone unsafe fails to provide the necessary information needed to change behavior. The productive question to ask is, “Which specific behaviors cause me to label this person unsafe?” Being untidy? Not wearing safety glasses? Failing to operate …

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Outdoor Camping Equipment

If you enjoy camping or want to go for the first time then you will want to ensure that you have the right outdoor camping equipment. You need it to be very durable as well as affordable as you want it to last several camping trips. Although it may seem daunting to find the right camping equipment there are many different suppliers and shops that you can use. If you are experienced then you may be able to find the right equipment on the internet.
You will need to consider where you want to go camping as this will determine what type of camping gear you will need. Outdoor camping equipment is designed for different uses and if you buy the wrong equipment then it will be pointless and end up costing types of maintenance slideshare you more money. Making a list of what camping equipment you need can be very useful as it will determine what is essential. You can then buy the items in order of importance. Some items will not be essential but you will want so these can be bought last.
There are some essential pieces of outdoor camping gear that you will need these include a tent, sleeping bag and backpack. You will need the correct size tent for how many people are going to be sleeping in the tent. There are many different styles of tents to choose from and often which one you decide to buy will be metal industry overview determined by your budget. Your sleeping bag is the next important piece of camping gear and you will want to not choose the cheapest one as they will be too thin. You need to ensure the sleeping bag is thick enough to keep you warm and dry. Choosing the material that your sleeping bag is made from is very important.
You will also need a backpack to carry all of your outdoor camping equipment in; this should be large enough to fit everything in comfortably. Although it needs to be a good size you have to be able to carry it with ease. If the bag is too heavy then you will struggle if you have to walk to your chosen campsite. Once you have the basic camping gear then you can add to it as there are many other things that you can buy. You will find that you keep adding to your outdoor camping equipment so that the whole experience is so much more pleasurable.
You can find your camping equipment in many different stores and if they are good then can advice on the best camping gear for you to buy. Once you have all of your camping equipment then you can go off and enjoy family trips in the outdoors. Camping is the ideal way to get away from everything and experience the peace and quiet; you can get back to nature and away from the day to day stresses. Camping is very good fun and whether it …

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UK HSE Reports 4312 Deaths Due To Asbestos Related Diseases

HSE Reports 4312 Deaths Due To Asbestos Related Diseases

That’s right, the HSE has reported that there were around 4312 deaths due to asbestos related diseases in 2007 (the latest year with published statistics).A� Do you work in the building trade?A� Do you wear the correct PPE when dealing with asbestos? or do you think that health and safety is not worth the time of day?A� If you don’t wear PPE and think that health and safety is not important, then it’s about time that you woke up and learnt about the risks involved when dealing with asbestos, and the affects that it can have on you later in life.A� It isA�no joke,A� asbestos really isA�a hidden killer, and it will get you when your not expecting it.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is commonly known as the hidden killer, due to the fact that you can’t see it, and because it does not usually cause any symptoms for many years after exposure.A� Asbestos almost always causes death.

Asbestos is a term used for a wide range of naturally occurring minerals that crystallise to form long thin fibres and fibre bundles.A� Asbestos fibres have high tensile strength, chemical, electrical and heat resistance.A� For this reason, asbestos was used in nearly all UK buildings built before the year 2000, and it was and still is used in many other countries around the globe.

Asbestos is a hazardous material, and can pose great risks to health if the fibres are disturbed, let looseA�in the air, andA�thenA�inhaled.


Asbestos became a popular product to builders and manufacturers in the early 1900’s.A� Builders and manufacturers used to love using asbestos because of its great durability.A� Asbestos is fire retardant, and it was commonly used for insulations.

It is estimated that 3,000 different types of products contain asbestos.A� The global first aid kit use of asbestos ranges from paper products, brake linnings and floor tiles.

Who is at risk of being exposed?

If asbestos is left intact and undisturbed, it does not cause a health risk.A� Asbestos only causes health risk if it is tampered with, and if the person tampering with it is not wearing a face mask and protective clothing.

Many cases of these diseases occurring now are a result of exposure in industries that used asbestos in the past.A� A majority of these new casesA�have mainly affected people working in building and maintenance trades.A�

People mostly affected with asbestos related diseases include, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Labourers, Metal Plate Workers, Pipe Fitters, Construction Operatives, Construction Managers and Energy Plant Operatives.

What diseases are caused by asbestos?

Mesothelioma – Mesothelioma is a cancer exclusively related to asbestos.A� It is almost always fatal to those who are affected.A� People who are diagnosed with mesothelioma usually die within 1 or 2 years of diagnoses.A� It has a long tendency period, and it does not start to affect the body or cause symptoms for typically 30-40 years.

Lung Cancer – Asbestos related lung cancer typically takes at least …

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Flu Vaccine: 2 Types Of Vaccinations

According to the 2011 reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of 5,823 specimens examined by the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System and the US World Health Organization, 1,754 (30.1%) specimens were found positive for influenza. Nearly 36,000 people in the US die annually from the flu. One of the best ways to protect yourself against such infection is to get a flu vaccine.
Flu or Influenza is a highly contagious and serious respiratory illness caused by RNA viruses. The disease is transmitted through airborne aerosols, created by coughing or sneezing. Also, it can be transmitted by direct contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, such as bird droppings. Some common symptoms of flu are chills, fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body ache, headache, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea.
Flu Vaccine: Know the Different Types
According to the CDC, a recently discovered virus, the 2009 H1N1 virus, is expected to affect people during the 2010 and 2011 flu season. The only way to safeguard equipment maintenance checklist oneself against 2009 H1N1 as well as other influenza viruses is via the 2010-2011 flu vaccine. There are two types of flu vaccinations available in the market:
Flu Shot Vaccine
This type of vaccination is an inactivated vaccination that contains killed influenza virus. The killed virus is injected into the muscles with help of a needle. Once injected, the body’s immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies to fight off the virus. Therefore, when the active influenza virus enters the body, the antibodies already know to attack the major types of maintenance and kill it. The flu shot vaccination is administered as a single dosage of 0.5ml liquid. The vaccine is injected through the skin, usually into the deltoid muscle, on the side of the arm. The flu shot can be safely given to children aged 6 months and older, pregnant women, healthy individuals and people suffering from chronic medical conditions.
Nasal Spray Vaccine
The nasal spray vaccine is also known as the Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine or LAIV. Several studies have revealed that the attenuated flu vaccine can show better efficacy in preventing flu than the inactivated vaccine, especially in children. The spray is made from the same strains of the influenza virus used in the flu shot, but contains the living though weakened virus, instead of dead ones. The vaccine is given with the help of a nasal spray instead of a syringe. The FDA has approved the vaccine to be used in non-pregnant, healthy individuals aged between 2 and 49 years.
You too need to ensure that your family, colleagues and friends are protected with the flu vaccine. The best place to get the vaccines at affordable rates is .…

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Emergency Kits and Disaster Supplies For Every Situation

It is simply not fun when the lights go out or the car breaks down in the middle of the night. There’s no reason to laugh when you are lost on the trail or stuck in a room with coughing people. It’s no joke when you don’t have water or first aid supplies and you have no way to summon help.
Fortunately, you can prepare for emergencies and disasters. According to Homeland Security a basic emergency kit should include one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days and at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food. Include a can opener to open tinned food. You’ll need a flashlight and battery-powered radio and extra batteries for both. Include a first aid kit and a whistle to signal for help. A dust mask will help filter contaminated air and moist towelettes and garbage bags will help with sanitation. Bring your cell phone and charger. Throw in local maps and a wrench or pliers to turn off utilities.
Homeland Security suggests aiding a few more items to your kit. Include matches in a waterproof container, warm bedding for each person in your group, important family documents, a fire extinguisher, and money. If you include household chlorine bleach and a medicine dropper, you have both a disinfectant and a way to treat water.
Be sure to bring any prescription medications, glasses, and medical supplies. Of course you will need food future of manufacturing 2019 and water and a mess kit. Paper and pencil and books, games, and puzzles will help you pass the time.
You can pull all the essentials together or purchase an emergency kit and add your own personal extras. A pre-assembled road emergency kit has a high calorie food bar, a high intensity light stick, an auto spot light, jumper cables, a tow rope, first air supplies, flashlight with batteries, fire extinguisher, solar sleeping bag, waterproof poncho, pocket knife, flat tire fixer, drinking water, leather gloves, whistle, duct tape, wet naps, hand cleaner, help sign, and emergency instructions. If that sounds like an awful lot, just think about the travelers who slid off a main road and died within yards of the highway because they had no emergency supplies. And remember, these emergency supplies may not be just for you and your vehicle; you never know when you’ll be called upon to help someone else.
If you have a dog, you certainly want to keep you pet safe in all situations. It can be very hard to keep track of your animal at night or in dense fog or rain. The Coleman motion activated dog tag has a super bright LED light that lights up and flashes when your pet moves. The water resistant tag includes a pet ID tag. Another way to keep an eye on your dog is with a lighted collar. The collar has a yellow reflector and lights up red when it’s activated. The weather resistant collar is visible up to one …

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Bespoke Cases

There are so many different types of cases available worldwide, all very different in size, material and purpose. A case could be something as small as a memory card case to as big as a Cello Case. They can be made from metal to cloth, a materials used in machine design case does not necessarily have to be solid (hard) anything that encloses an item or object can be referred to as a case. A mobile phone case for example can be made of material, makes it less bulky to carry but still offers protection.
These are a lot of companies out there that offer Bespoke Cases, these are manufactured to your own design specifications, the customization could be something as little as the color to the whole design and shape of it.
These companies take note of everything you need the case to conform to, you can tell them the dimensions needed, the material required, the color desired, any locking systems you want in place, even the internals of the case can be customized. If it is a large one you require the insides can also be color coded and special material can be requested, special compartments can be manufactured to your specifications and so on.
This can also be used as a means of advertising by branding product management for dummies the outside with maybe your company logo and name.
If you have a product that simply wont fit into the regular ones available then a bespoke case is the way to go, you decide what you want and what you need and they will make it for you.…

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Personal Safety – First and Foremost

Personal safety ought to be one of the most important things for ourselves and our family. Whether it’s at work, at home, on the road or in the shop, safety should be first and foremost. Unlike a cat, you only have one life, and you should be focused on making it a long and healthy one. I also think getting through life with all your senses and extremities is important.

As a pianist and one who spends quite a bit of time on other keyboards, I think taking care of my hands and fingers is very important. With so many beautiful things to see and hear, I take special care with agile product management certification my eyes and ears too. When it comes to safety and all the things about us that deserve protection, I’m reminded of what Joni Mitchell told us so many times, ” don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone….”

Some of the basics that you should consider include:

dust masks

eye protection

hard hat


seat belt

hearing protection

gloves backhoe excavator

properly fitted work clothes

clear work area

clear field of vision

a helper or observer

Whether it’s cutting wood with a chain saw or buzz saw, climbing a ladder, handling firearms, long distance driving, operating heavy equipment, handling a large sheet of glass, or heating your home with a wood stove, it pays to examine opportunities for error, and guard against such errors.

Here is a good way to determine how much effort is reasonable to expend on making certain you’re safe; simply imagine you’ve been seriously injured because of carelessness, and then ask yourself what you would have given to have avoided the injury. I think you’ll find that giving proper attention to personal safety is a very small price to pay for staying safe and sound.

At a very basic level, you’re counting on you, and so is your family, so staying safe ought to be a high priority every day of every year.…

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The Importance of Wearing the Correct Safety Equipment at Work

Most of us lead a hectic life and have a busy routine. This makes us forget about the most important thing in life which is staying safe in every environment. Safety equipment should always be used in each and every single case is needed. If you work in a hazardous environment, you should always wear the protection items that you have. Safety glasses and safety goggles provide protection from light, fire or small particles and should be worn by anyone that is close to a relevant environment. You should always keep in mind that anyone working close by can face the same danger and not only the user of the machine or the person doing the work.
Protection from noise is also essential. Ear muffs are the best protection you can have for yourself. Humans can hear noises up until a certain point. When the decibels exceed this point, the noise becomes unbearable. If you are obligated to stay in that environment for a long time, you will soon have troubles with your ears like hearing a constant noise, feeling dizzy and have trouble hearing things you heard before. Ear protection is many times underestimated and this is one of the biggest mistakes people make.
Hand protection includes disposable gloves, heat resistant gloves and other kind of protection. You need to protect your hands if you are using overheated items or simply fire. Fire, laser and other beams are used many times in industries to cut, stick product development cycle product manager or shape things. So you need to make sure that you are protected. Disposable gloves are also needed as protection from chemicals, dirt and infections. Remember that a simple cut in our hands can become the entrance for any kind of infection.
Fall protection equipment is essential at any kind of industry. Items like that are most of the times included in industrial safety products and are necessary for every worker as well as those supervising a work. Something very important that most of us forget are masks. Masks should always be used in these kind of jobs and they are even necessary inside the house when you are cleaning using chemicals or chlorine and when you are dusting to protect your respiratory system from dust and dirt.
Construction safety equipment should also include head protection like safety helmets and hats that are hard and protect the head from any hazard. Safety helmets are also worn to spot the workers as they are yellow or orange, colors that can be seen in the dark. They should fit well and be worn the whole time you are near a construction as they also offer protection from falling items.
You can find many different items that you can use according to your business. The one thing to remember food processing supplier sourcing guide is that they are essential protection and good health ensures better efficiency as well.…

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Reconditioned Electrical Equipment Can Be Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Just about every product in the world has two main markets: one for new product, and a second market for used sometimes referred to as surplus, reconditioned, rebuilt or remanufactured product.
Cars, computers, jewelry, and electronics are just a few examples of thriving industries that trade in used goods. The commercial and industrial electrical supply markets are no exception.
Electrical equipment, like automobiles and industrial machinery, are designed to last decades. However, like other durable goods, electrical equipment can be dangerous to the inexperienced whether it is new or used product. The confluence of these two facts means that product safety not just availability is critical to a healthy electrical marketplace.
In 1908, the National Association of Electrical Distributors was formed to “establish the electrical distributor as an essential force in the electrical industry and economy,” followed by the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) in 1926. These venerable associations eventually expanded to include educational programs and standards to help improve the operations and safety of the electrical supply chain with a focus on new product from electrical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). During the next 50 years, two other associations emerged to help service the used and installed base of electrical equipment. The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) focused on rewinding standards for electric motors, while the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) offered guidance, education, and certification for field-testing electrical equipment. But it wasn’t until 1996 that a group of independent electrical distributors joined forces to promote the reconditioning of industrial electrical product. The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) is the only trade association that offers technical reconditioning standards for industrial electrical product, a code of ethics, ongoing education, site and technician certification, and best practices. Today, PEARL’s corporate membership has grown to more than 70 independent electrical resellers with revenues in excess of $500 million each year.
Why Do We Need Used Electrical siemens heavy equipment Equipment?
Why does a secondary, or “out of channel” market for electrical equipment exist? It exists for the same reason that electrical OEMs and wholesale distributors exist – supply and demand.
Consider a manufacturing plant that has a failed component in a critical electrical service. A new replacement component is not available from the manufacturer and distributors for weeks, months, or worse, not at all. So what is the plant to do?
How about the power generating station that distributes electricity through a vintage – but perfectly serviceable – 15kv switchgear built in 1959. The station needs to upgrade their integral tie breaker from 2000A to 3000A to keep up with escalating demand.
The most cost effective (and practical) way to upgrade the service is to replace the tie breaker with one of similar vintage and design, but with the higher current rating. Unfortunately, primary supply channels stopped stocking this product 30 years ago.
What about the new office building that is falling further and further behind schedule waiting for a certain size and type of conduit or conduit fittings, only to discover …

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