A Few Basic Essential Cleaning Supplies

Do you find that you have way too many cleaning supplies hanging around? And you don’t know what you need and what you don’t? And then you can’t machine tool supplies even decide what to use? Quite often we have way too many choices to choose from and find out that in the long run, they all have the same uses!

Onto the big question — what are essential cleaning supplies? Sometimes we just need an expert to tell us where to begin. The list is not long, and this will give you a place to start, and then you can add your favorite to the list.




Dusting Cloth

Feather Duster

Cleaning Solution (like 409 or Simple Green)

Window Cleaner

All of the above on the list are considered “essential” cleaning items to have. They are either necessary by themselves or have multiple jobs that they can do. For example, we all really really need a vacuum. It certainly makes life easier.

The vacuum can clean carpets and wood or tile floors. But it also cleans up high, such as window sills and cobwebs. So we definitely need that. The broom can clean the floor. But–it will also knock down cobwebs, too.

So often, instead of buying all sorts of unnecessary supplies that only tend to clutter up our house more. Keep it simple! Keep it basic, and you’ll be searching for your cleaning stuff less often because it will be much easier to keep it all in one place.

I’m all for keeping life simple. In fact, simple and speedy (when it comes to cleaning anyway) is best. I want to get my cleaning out of the way because there’s so much more to life than doing the house cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my clean house. But I don’t like to clean! So the object is to get it done fast, get it done well, and go play.

You might want to add a brush or two in different sizes to clean in those hard-to-reach places, and for doing a little scrubbing now and then. Also a sponge, it’s easy to grab, keep damp, and swab down those messes quickly.

These items are good for cleaning up drawers, closets, etc., and machine maintenance schedule other places where a broom or vacuum may be too large to fit in.

My big cleaning secret is those new microfiber cloths. They’re sold to clean up garages and stuff, but, all you need is one of those, and that’s all you need. Keep washing it when it gets dirty, and they last forever.

You can use it damp, you can use it dry. You can use a clean one to wash windows. Just get it damp and swab the window down. You don’t even really need window cleaner. Wash it out and go onto the next window.

They also work great to polish up the refrigerator, the stove, and other stuff that needs to shine in the house. I just carry one around and wipe down anything that needs a quick shine.

You might want to add a bucket filled with dishwashing soap, too. It’s easy to carry that around with the microfiber rag and wipe down all the surfaces that need to be cleaned. I’ll throw in a few drops of lavender essential oil to really add a wonderful clean smell to the air when I’m done. The whole family will love it!