How to Spot the Signs of Dog Arthritis

Have you noticed that the family dog just doesn’t seem to be acting the same? Have you seen him or her slow down and become more sedimentary than before? Since arthritis is one of the most common illnesses among aging dogs, being able to recognize the symptoms will help you to prevent extended illnesses and discomfort. Your dog’s health should be closely monitored so that if a problem arising, it can be treated early on.
Most dogs with arthritis will display a few of these problems even before they develop full-blown arthritis. Some of these include: difficulties moving, climbing stairs, increased or unusual irritability, trouble raising their leg to pee, or just a general lack of interest in playing. If your dog is over ten years old and exhibiting these symptoms daily, then it is recommended that you take the dog to the vet to help insure the dogs health is not compromised.
Two of the biggest factors affecting a dog’s health are the dog food that is provided and the dog exercise that they get. Feeding your dog wholesome foods that are high in protein and omega 3 fats is an important step in safe guarding your pet from developing painful arthritis. Be careful of the type of dog food that you select to give your pet as some dog food contains high contents of fat and sugars, essentially making them like junk food for the dog.
Providing your dog with dietary supplements such as bee products treatments, joint treatments and other herbal treatments can help their joints fight off the early onset of arthritis.
Also, related to the previous statement, it is difficult for your pet to stay in shape if they do not get enough quality exercise from a young age. Walking and playing with your dog are indispensable to their long term health and well being. By exercising their muscles and joints before there is a problem, it helps improve the dog’s health by fortifying their joints against cartilage damage.
If your adored pet has already developed arthritis then it is important to get the proper treatment for them. A visit to the vet may provide the best long term treatment for your dog’s condition; however there are many things that you can do individually as well.
Another option is to provide a dog bed for your dog. When you purchase a dog bed to help your animal be comfortable, they can range from being a very inexpensive to a very lavish treatment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to find one that provides adequate support, cushion and space for your dog.
Buying dog food that has better ingredients is also something that can be done. Additionally, function of bulldozer limiting the amount of food to keep your dog at a healthy weight is important.
Finally, getting your dog pain medications if needed from the vet can also go a long way in making your dog comfortable …

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