Frame That Salad – Bringing Creativity Into Life – It is a Biological Imperative

Since the first caveman etched a mammoth on the wall of his cave, humans have been finding ways to express the experience of living. Every culture in the world tells stories, makes up plays, sings songs and creates dance. Art in all of its forms is as part of the human genetic code. It is deep within us, a creative impulse that yearns to be expressed. Some believe the creative urge is biologically linked to our need to reproduce, that our survival depends on having creative impulses. It is in the creative impulse that we want to shape and nurture our young, and bring something beautiful into the world. Deeply tied into our biological drives, the need to create is as real as the need to eat, breath, sleep and dream. Everyone on the planet has the urge to create, in one form or another. For some, the darkest challenges life has turned this need into the urge to create chaos or harm to others. Still it is a creative urge that demands the world notice they exist. It is a powerful force and should be honored as such. Art belongs to everyone. Art supplies, like paints, colored pencils, clay, foam board, and crayons, are often a big part of a child’s life. It is easy to see the artist in a child. They may like building things, drawing, singing, or telling and listening to stories. Why to we treat our artistic impulses like clothes that we grow beyond?
Most adults treat art as a spectator sport, or a hidden hobby. After a long day at work, fixing dinner and getting the kids to bed there isn’t time to indulge in any creative impulse. Instead, most people think they experience art and creativity only as consumers. So how is it possible to honor the artist in a world with out time or compensation for the artistic endeavor?
A satisfying creative experience requires several things; involvement of the senses in the process, a vision of the thing to be created and focused attention. Anyone who has experienced the process of creative immersion can easily talk about the benefits and the joy that product management principles comes from the event. A painter lost in the colors and the subject, seeing intensely, a singer taken to a different place by the song she sings, the dancer feeling an enlightened grace descend around him, all experiences that come from surrender to the creative instinct.
If someone has a creative desire they should pursue, be it writing, singing, painting or dance. The benefits are immense. For those that are not sure of their passion, it is important to find all the opportunities for exploration in everyday life. For example, if a meal needs to be created, what happens when the chef puts all of their attention into the process? Bring the senses alive, taste, smell, touch the food. Cut the carrot with perfect focus. Arrange the salad with attention to the texture and color of …

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