A Wedding Candy Bar Is an Inexpensive Way to Sweeten Your Special Day

Providing a wedding candy bar at your wedding reception is an excellent and surprisingly inexpensive way to cater to guests and add another topic of conversation to the day. Typically offered as pretty table spreads or buffet-style set-ups, wedding candy displays industrial electric bakersfield ca encourage guests to snack throughout the night and to help themselves to souvenirs of sweets on the way out. Either way, these colorful displays of carefully selected treats will delight guests and give the appearance of being a luxurious wedding treat.
A great way to determine the types of sweets to include in your candy buffet is to match the colors of the candies to the theme colors of your wedding or reception decorations. At a beach themed wedding, for example, you might consider clear glass or crystal bowls filled with white chocolate pieces in the shape of dolphins or beach umbrellas. Chocolate shaped footballs and coconut rounds decorated like pom-poms would be perfect for a sports themed wedding.
Providing an amazing wedding candy bar at the reception is always a topic of conversation because the display itself looks far more costly than it actually is and many guests will be seeing such a display for the first time. As part of your wedding planning, assign someone the industrial electrical pdf job of filling colorful little bags with the bar’s leftovers right before the evening ends. Then, assign a child in attendance to offer a bag to each guest as they leave. Special order the little bags so that each bears the name of both bride and groom and wedding date.
Online candy-store websites as well as local candy shops often run amazing wedding candy bar packages that are highly affordable. These types of stores and websites will be more than happy to make custom candies to match your wedding theme so don’t be afraid to ask. You might even consider having miniature versions of wedding candy centerpieces on each reception table in lieu of the standard floral centerpiece. If you’re feeling creative, buy candies at your local store and create your own wedding buffet of sweets for a fraction of the cost. Fill glass bowls and antique-looking jars from the local thrift store and create funny labels describing each different candy.
Choosing to display sweets at your wedding reception in the form of a wedding candy bar is an inexpensive, colorful way to make your guest smile and add some extra fun to the day.…

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