All About the PRO 100 G3 EXP Dog Training Collar

You know the value of an expensive car. It’s not only great to pick-up girls (or guys if you’re a gal) but it’s got all the best gizmos money can buy. Things like 55 speakers located throughout the cab of the vehicle. An umbrella holder in the door. And a full gas kitchen with a modern Danish, hardwood cutting board island.
There’s also a dog training collar that’s the moral equivalent of a stretch Bentley.
PRO 100 G3 EXP Dog Training Collar
The big daddy of dog training collars has to be this one. The regular model let’s you stimulate your retriever in the one-mile range. Or if you get the Trashbreaker model, bump the distance up to two-miles.
With the insulated contact points you’ll get unmatched consistency when you stimulate your pup, no matter what the conditions. There are adjustable points that are great for hairy or short-haired dogs. You adjust these contacts with a plastic wrench.
On the collar sits the receiver. It has a trio of belt loops to ensure that the device doesn’t get lost in the woods.
Tick Tocks
Let’s review some of the super features for the PRO 100 G3 EXP Dog Training Collar:
• Attach the antenna before using. You don’t want to flick the thing on without first screwing the whip into place. And don’t put your hands on the antenna when you’re dealing with it. You’re a lousy conductor for transmitting signals.
• When you need to change the battery pack you simply turn that part slightly to unfasten it from the transmitter. You’ll know that you’ve replaced it correctly when the Tri-Tronics logo is looking forward, under the transmitter buttons.
• To charge it up, stick the battery pack in the cradle that’s been forklift advantages supplied. It takes just a couple of hours to bring them back to life.
• Press the power button to lively-up the collar. You’ll hear two tones and see the collar light blink every-so-often telling you that the device is running. Turn it off? Press the power button. This time a longer tone will sound-off and no more blinking lights.
• Put the collar on the dog. The charging baggage tractor contacts should be facing the animal’s chest.
• With the Pro 100 G3 EXP you’ll get either 18-levels of continuous stimulation or 6 levels of momentary stimulation.
• As the trainer you can switch between high, medium and low settings. Don’t forget, there’s also a sound-only feature.
• Got more than one mutt? No brainer this Pro 100 EXP. It will allow you to entertain up to 3 dogs. You’ll only need to purchase the other two collars separately, but they can all be activated through the one transmitter. There’s color coding, too. That way you know which dog you’re stimulating.…

Tips on Choosing a Good Dog Collar

The article below summarizes the key point to take note of when selecting a dog collar for your dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend and support us in time of need and love us dearly. In the same we way as pet owners we should ensure we chose the best we can for them and make them feel comfortable. The last things you would want is to make your Pets uncomfortable by putting a tight dog collar, dog coat or any dog accessory on them. So making sure we get a collar that makes them feel comfortable, keeps them safe and comes at a cost you can afford is important. We hope this article will make your choice simpler.
1. First and foremost before choosing a dog knows what kind of dog collar you need. Pets range from 100% leather to PVC leather, to pure nylon dog collars. Each collar does the job but each may look very different and feel different. So make that choice first. One thing that could influence how are factory machines made the type of collar you buy is the budget you have set aside. Pure leather collars are normally very expensive but in some cases longer lasting than your standard dog collars. But hey, even the basic dog collars do the job. It’s your personal preference that matters at the end of the day.
2. Secondly get a measuring tape to measure your dog’s neck size. Once you have this match the neck size to the size dimensions we have listed with each of our dog collar description.
3. Style, look and feel – I am sure most of us know about color combination but to be safe, make sure before you get a collar dogs, test out the color you want by holding a similar color against your dog’s fur and see how it matches. Color combination on a dog are no different to color combination on anything else. So don’t rush it, take your time and get the right collar.
4. Collar Thickness – some things people easily miss is the thickness of the dog collar. We highly recommend you take this into account. A big dog with a large neck needs a big thick collar as it just looks right and probably safer and for a really small equipment maintenance template pup a thinner collar would do fine. We hope you have enjoyed today’s article on dog collars. We strive to ensure we can serve you best at Cool Dogs, so feel free to respond with any queries you may have about this article. We are here to help.…