Electrical Products – Fire Rated Downlights & LED Lighting Kits

It is very important to have careful planning before installing any electrical component. It depends on the installation area and usage of the equipment. These energy efficient products help to save your monthly electricity bills. These products can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. The electrical components make your life comfortable and hassle-free.
To ensure safety, each electrical component has number of rules and regulations to follow. These electrical components are available in a variety of metal plate and plastic finishes. The selection of durable and energy saving products ensure to increase your home efficiency. You can also purchase various available attractive products to enhance the beauty of your home or office. These electrical products include:
Fire Rated Downlights
Fire rated downlights are essential in homes and stores for safety measures. Fire rated downlights are used to protect your home or office from the effects of both fire and noise pollution. They are required to prevent the spread of fire in other floors. The modern range machine elements ppt of straight fire rated downlights gives a great blend of fashion. Low voltage downlights are also available to cover every need. The different colors of downlights best suits your lighting requirements and can be installed to add modern touch to the home decor.
LED Lighting Kits
LED lighting kits are used to display energy efficient beam of light. LED lighting kits can bring a glow to your home and is easy to install. The low voltage LED lighting kits are used in home, vehicles etc. The number of indoor and outdoor lighting kits is available for various lighting applications. LED plinth lighting kits are offered with BS plug & transformer with cable wire for indoor use only. Besides being used for home purposes, LED is also used as deck lighting kits and ground lighting kits. These lights give extremely bright colors and can be used as per the application need.
Old Style Breakers
Breakers are used to regulate amount of electrical current which a wire can safely carry. The purpose of installation of old style breakers helps to control the power to any premises. One of the ranges of old style breakers, Wylex type-B old style breakers are widely used in domestic circuit protection applications. They are specifically designed to facilitate manual circuit breaker operation. They can easily be upgraded to current standards using MCBs plugs.
Plastic Switches and Sockets
You can purchase from a range of reliable and safe plastic switches and sockets for your home or office. Manufactured with superior grade plastic, these are designed for ease safety equipment list for construction of installation and are ideal for home decoration. The attractive white Starbreaker plastic range is durable and safe for both residential and commercial applications.
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