Five Tips For Choosing Light Fittings

New light fittings can make a big difference to the look of a room, and choosing the right light fittings to suit your room takes careful consideration. It is important to have a qualified electrician to install them for you because you should never undertake any task that involves electricity, no matter how good a handyman you are.
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Your initial choice will be determined by what you like. There will be a certain style that you will be attracted to, for example you may like modern d?�cor or you could have a more old fashioned style of home. Choose something that will suit the style of your home and match the theme of each room. You do not need to have the same light fitting throughout your entire home. You might pick something more casual for the living area and kitchen and pick something a bit dressier or more romantic for your bedroom. Down lights are good for bathrooms and smaller areas. There are a huge range of styles available, with the price range being just as great. You can buy cheaper light fittings that still look great in furniture stores and specialist lighting stores.
The size of the light fittings should match the size of your room. In a large room you should choose larger fittings as anything too small will get lost in the space. In a small room, such as a bathroom or walk in wardrobe, or even a bedroom, will need a smaller more compact fitting. Down lights can be good, but these are better in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. You might want your light fitting to be a feature of the room, so go for something that stands out, like a chandelier.
While choosing the right light fitting is important you also might want to think about putting energy efficient light bulbs in them. These energy efficient bulbs last a lot longer and use less energy, making them both better for the environment and they also help you save electricity, therefore helping cut down your power bills.
Fluorescent lights
Fluorescent lighting is now a lot better than it used to be and is worth considering. These modern fluorescent lights are energy efficient and also create an excellent quality of light that is warm and can be used in all homes. As well as using a lot less energy they also last longer and require much less maintenance. Compact Fluorescent Lamps are a relatively new development, which fit into traditional light fittings. These lamps are up to eighty percent more efficient and can last up to fifteen times longer.
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No matter what light fitting you choose it is better to hire a fully qualified electrician to install it for you. When it comes to electricity it is better to have a professional handle the job, even if you are good at fixing things around the home. There is too much room for error …

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