Pool Supplies – A Few Items You May Have Forgotten to Add to Your List

If you are getting ready to have your swimming pool installed then now is the time to begin gathering together your pool supplies. The reason for this is simple and that is that there are inevitably more than you think you will need, and after the pool is done being installed you will definitely want to jump right in.
Extra Sand, Cartridges Or DE
Of course your entire swimming pool will also include a filter system. Do you have replacement filters, sand or diatomatious earth? Even if you do, you will need a safe secure and dry place to store them so everything will be fresh and dry.
A Plastic Container and a Handy Scooper
A nice medium sized plastic trash container with a handy scooper will do. Believe it! If you try keeping sand or diatomacious earth loose in just a bag, in no time at all you will have a mess on your hands. Also filter cartridges need to be kept clean and dry.
Put a First Aid Kit On Your Pool Supplies List
Get a first aid kit because you will be needing it at some point in time. Try as you may to keep the kids calm and safe, eventually one of them is going to come to you with a skinned knee or elbow.
A Nice Big Outdoor Clock
Do yourself a favor and purchase a nice big outdoor clock that you can hang under an eve somewhere in plain sight. The reason is simple and that is that time flies by twice as fast as it would under normal circumstances when the fun is on in the pool.
One Last Item For Your metal industry overview Pool Supplies List
A cheap manual or electric portable air pump will get plenty of use. You just won’t believe how much huffing and puffing it takes to inflate allis chalmers pump even a relatively small inflatable pool toy. On the same subject add pool toys to your pool supplies list while you are at it.…

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