Health and Safety in Power Plants – How You Can Play Your Part As an Employer

Electricity and power generation is a large part of the UK’s economy and something that we are proud to be able to produce for ourselves and lowering our reliance on other countries for. In the UK there are a number of power stations up and down the country and many working with different fuel sources from fossil fuels such as oil and coal to modern equivalents including nuclear and greener energy sources such as wind farms and wave power.
When working with these materials there are many hazards that will present themselves in the course of working at a power station. As well as the dangers when working with combustible fuels and radioactive materials there is also the inherent risks involved with the product: Electricity.
As an employer you will need to conduct regular risk assessments of your business to prevent any accidents or fatalities. Not only are there workplace issues for your workers how are factory machines made but power stations also pose a significant risk to the nearby residents and greater population which puts even more prominence on the safe operation of your business.
Nuclear power plants are a common feature in the United Kingdom but there are many risks in the workplace that will require specialist safety equipment including protection from harmful radiation and special containers to ensure that the radioactive material is not exposed or likely to be thrown away in error.
Adequate work wear is vital in any power station and this is normally done with overalls and safety boots that have steel toe caps to prevent heavy objects from crushing toes or feet. With some fuel sources there can be hazardous gases and by-products such as dust that can endanger your workforce and in some industries is known to have caused long term illnesses later in life too. It is therefore important that workers and visitors that are exposed to these hazards wear safety goggles, breathing masks or respirators and in cases where there is loud machinery operating, ear protectors too.
With large sites and plenty of potential hazards it is also important that you clearly mark and warn passersby that there are hazards in the product management plan template area by marking them with safety signs, these signs can increase awareness and hopefully avert any potential accidents in your workplace.
So when running a power station or any other industrial workplace you should assess your workplace and try to prevent any accidents before they can occur and have measures in place that can handle these problems efficiently and safely.…

PPE Health and Safety Regulations

If you’re an employer and your staff are engaged in any work activities that may represent any level of danger to their health or safety, you’re required, under UK law, to provide adequate PPE. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is given to members of your workforce in order to protect them from potential harm where other measures are not able to negate these possible risks.
Any responsible business will want to limit any threat to their employees as a matter of course, but as a legal requirement, non-compliance can have quite serious consequences. You never want to think about a serious accident in your workplace, but a healthy touch of realism is vital, because if you don’t keep your staff safe, you could be to blame for someone’s injury, a hospital visit – or perhaps even worse.
What is personal protective equipment?
PPE can include a wide range of items, including high visibility clothing, tough workwear items such as steel toe capped boots, or accessories such as hard hats. In essence, it’s any item that will help to counteract any potentially harmful effect that equipment, material or processes can pose, where these things are integral to a job role and therefore cannot be avoided in entirety. Say for example that you’re a building company and you employ people to work on building sites and construction projects; types of excavator attachments this is a job full of hazards, from the possibility of large or weighty items falling from height, to busy site traffic and the operating of heavy machinery. After conducting a risk assessment, you would then need provide the necessary tough workwear and PPE items that have been identified as being required to protect your workers. In this example, you’d probably be looking at supplying high visibility jackets or vests, safety hats and footwear, gloves and perhaps even waterproof clothing.
Other requirements under airgas bremerton the regulations
The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations mean that not only do you have to supply thee items, but you are responsible for their suitability too. You should ensure that the products supplied are fit for purpose and are maintained and stored correctly; regular checks should be conducted to make sure that items are still offering the protection that they were bought to provide.
You also have a responsibility to make sure that your staff are given clear instructions on how to use their PPE properly and you should make sure that they’re using the equipment as required. It’s also worth noting that you’re not allowed to charge employees for personal protective equipment, as it’s a legal requirement for you to give them the correct items to keep them safe at work and not a privilege.
Every employer has to be up-to-date with the health and safety laws that affect their industry, so make sure that you’re supplying the right safety equipment for your workers to avoid any issues down the line.…

Asthma Friendly Classrooms – Non-Toxic Products Protect Health

Asthma has reached epidemic proportions in the United States affecting a reported 1 in 13 school-aged children. These children lead the way in school absenteeism due to a chronic illness, with over 14 million missed school days per year in the US. The near future does not look more promising, with the percentage of children with asthma rising more rapidly in preschool-aged children than in any other age group.
While many factors are to blame for poor indoor air quality and airborne toxins in the classroom, a few simple changes can make a huge difference to the health of a our children. A recent study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the U.S. has revealed that cleaning supplies used in schools could be polluting classroom air with more than 450 distinct toxic contaminants, including chemical agents sewer equipment linkedin linked to asthma and cancer. The good news is that Green Seal and EcoLogo have certified green cleaning products, which can emit 80 percent fewer contaminants into the air compared to non-certified cleaning products. Certified green cleaning supplies like Marauder, Glance NA, and Alpha HP resulted in cumulative emissions that were only one-sixth of the total emissions from conventional cleaning products.
Another source of toxicity in the classrooms is the use of traditional whiteboard markers, many of which contain xylene, a chemical that occurs naturally in petroleum and tar. Xylene is classified as a neurotoxin and can be responsible for some neurological effects such as headaches, fatigue, memory loss and lightheadedness. It can also result in laboured breathing, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Even markers designated ‘non-toxic’ are triggering symptoms in people with chemical sensitivities.
There are several xylene-free choices on the market, but AusPen eco-friendly dry-erase markers stand out for their non-toxic properties and for their low environmental impact. The pens are victor welding supply refillable, using ink made of vegetable dyes, and they are recyclable, cutting down on the approximate 500 million non-biodegradable markers thrown out annually by North America teachers.
The long-term low-level exposure to the cocktail of chemicals found in our classrooms is troubling, to say the least, especially since there are so many unknowns about its effect on children with asthma. Testing for human health effects is normally done on single chemicals, leaving us simply to speculate about their combined impact. Armed with certified green cleaning products and non-toxic classroom supplies is one way, happily, to help everyone breathe a little easier.…

Office Health and Safety

Every business within England must ensure the safety and well being of their employees and customers. If any harm is caused to employees or customers, due to poor health and safety (H and S), you could find yourself in big trouble. It is therefore vital that you have procedures importance of food processing in place, to ensure the environment is safe. This is usually completed through risk assessments within the workplace. Employers have a responsibility to abide by the health and safety at work act, which is in place to protect employers, employees and the general public.
One solution for all of your H and S solutions, is to ensure you have a H and S representative within your business. It may be worth going on a health and safety course, or asking one of your employees to go, this way you ensure one of you are qualified, to deal with the H and S within your business. This ensuring everyone who enters your business environment is protected. A positive approach industrial machinery manufacturing companies to your health and safety, is to make sure you have set out procedures for everything you do within your business, then monitor these on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Yo can determine who takes control of the H and S within your business, even if you do it yourself. You should analyze who would best suit the job, you might be to busy and therefore require the help of another employee.
You should have procedures in place for every task you carry out. It is essential that you are always monitoring these procedures. If the procedure has changed, you should ensure you alter the procedure. Whenever anything is modified for example, new equipment has been brought into the business, you should carry out a risk assessment, to highlight any health and safety issues. If you need any equipment to help you with the H and S, it can be hired or purchased depending on your budget.
H and S can affect your reputation. Your H and S approach, plays a big role in building up a reputation for your business. Companies providing good health and safety practice, have become very successful from this. Playing a role and putting procedures in place to ensure a safe working environment, show to both customers and employees that you care.
It is important you keep up to date with health and safety equipment, procedures and new regulations that are put into place. Health and safety courses help to highlight the new regulations being brought into place. These courses will identify the effects of these new regulations on the workplace and will highlight the key issues, facing millions of businesses within England.
H and S is there for a reason. Serious injury’s can occur, when health and safety is ignored. Some can also gain problems later on in life due to poor working conditions, such as low lighting levels. Remember a good reputation can be gained from good …