Ingredients For True Green Cleaning

Did you know you can effectively clean your entire home with three simple and natural products? For many years homemakers made do with the products that had handy to clean messes and disinfect their homes and it was safer for them and the environment. There are three main ingredients that every home should have on hand if you want to truly use green cleaning supplies.
Lemon is good for more than tea and lemonade it is a very good natural ingredient for a number of green cleaning supplies. The acidic nature of lemon makes it a good choice for removing dirt, grime and especially oily residue from surfaces. Lemon juice concentrate can be used to:
* Clean guitar strings and frets
* Shine the silver
* Clean the china
* Natural insecticide
You can also use lemon with other natural ingredients such as vinegar to produce a nice clean scent. Lemon can work wonders for your diet as well by increasing your metabolism, just a little bonus you can get from this fantastic fruit!
Is there anything vinegar cannot do? Vinegar has been used for generations for everything from a natural body cleanser to window cleaner. Even major manufacturers could not deny how good this substance worked for a variety of cleaning situations, and began adding it to window cleaners and more. When you want the green cleaning substance that will replace all others, look no further than vinegar. Potential cleaning situations include:
* Windows
* Bathroom – Use undiluted industrial equipment used on the toilet bowl
* Mopping solution
* Natural fabric softener- even aids in machine failure the breakdown of laundry detergents
Baking Soda
For the times when you need a cleaner that will grind a bit, baking soda is the best option. Used as a replacement for commercial abrasive cleaner’s baking soda will remove stains and grime while at the same time absorbing odors. Place a box of baking soda anywhere you are having odor issues and watch them magically disappear. The refrigerator is a commonly seen location for a box of baking soda.
There are precious few times when need anything more than these three basic ingredients. For times when you need to kill mold or mildew vinegar works like a charm but if you want something just a touch stronger try some natural tea tree oil, diluted in water. This cleanser will work great to remove mold and mildew growth in your home. As you can see, a clean home does not require the use of harsh harmful chemicals. You can clean and disinfect simply with every day natural products you may already own. Of course, there are a number of new green cleaning supplies you can purchase over the counter if you prefer.…

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