Three Outdoor Uses for Lamination

When most people think of laminating, they tend to think of applications around the office and in a classroom setting, but there are actually a number of great ways sewage treatment plant cost in india to use laminated documents outdoors. In this article, we take a look at three outdoor projects that take advantage of lamination’s element-resistant properties.
1. Garden Signs – Have you ever planted an elaborate garden, only to forget what seeds you planted in which sections? Or have you taken the time to create signs for each variety, then had an unexpected storm wash away your hard work? Next time, try list of heavy construction equipment making your own laminated garden signs! Whether you decide to get crafty by decorating the signs or stick with a more basic approach, a quick pass through your laminator will make your garden signs resistant to water, dirt, and even insects.
2. Labeling Outdoor Pipes, Valves & Circuits – Determining which pipe, valve, or circuit controls what can be somewhat difficult, especially in an emergency. A few minutes of work spent labeling important lines now can help you to avoid future headaches, and taking the time to laminate the cards that you use to label them will greatly extend the lifespan of your work. To make your project even easier, try using slotted laminating pouches in conjunction with plastic luggage loops to label your pipes and valves.
3. Gate Signs – Whether it reads “Beware of Dog,” “Keep Closed,” “No Entry,” or something entirely different, laminating your gate signs is an excellent way to make sure that your important notices stay intact. Make your own sign or purchase a pre-printed one, and insert it into an appropriately-sized thermal laminating pouch in your choice of thickness (for outdoor uses, thicker pouches generally perform better). Run it through your thermal laminator, and your sign is ready to post.…

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