5 Ways For Choosing the Best Lighting Options For Your Office

Lighting can make a big difference in an office environment. Poor lighting often means poor productivity and has been linked to unhappiness and even depression. Office lighting has come a long way since the days of dusty single light bulbs, dim rooms and crackling fluorescent tubes. Modern architecture puts a huge emphasis on lighting sources when designing for a work environment, and electricians are trained to installed a huge variety of lights. And while you may not have the money to redesign your office for better lighting, there are a few things you can think about:

Natural lighting. Work spaces that have access to natural light are generally more productive, although natural lighting alone is not the answer; it must be used in conjunction with another source of light. Natural light should be thought of as a complement to other sources of light. Natural lighting can be installed in your office. Taking into account building size, height, surrounding buildings and sun exposure, the options range from larger windows to the installation of sunroofs.

Overhead lighting. How many times have you been in an office, at a desk, and you notice the mosquito-buzz of a fluorescent light bulb crackling away above you. The sound doesn’t go away, and you then notice the cold, almost green light it produces and the ever-so-slight siemens industries strobing effect it has. Then your productivity has gone; you realise how tired you are… Fluorescent light bulbs are useful, but must be good quality and well-maintained. Using fluorescent light bulbs in combination with natural lighting is a good option.

Floor lamps. If you work in a creative environment, these lamps may assist in boosting productivity. Floor lamps are excellent where high visibility and concentration are needed. global deicer parts Furthermore, using a floor lamp will promote the feeling of a bubble in which you’re working. This “in the zone” sensation can be a huge boost to work ethic and productivity.

Track lighting. This term refers to any number of independently adjustable lamps all connected by the same circuit. Track lighting is customisable to the space of your office and its lighting needs. For instance, track lighting can focus light on the workstations or a piece of art and not focus on neutral areas. This produces an average light throughout the office, whilst still highlighting certain areas, similar to floor lamps. Track lighting works very well in combination with natural lighting.

Lighting controls. If your workplace is energy-conscious, you might be interested in investing in installing timers or sensors into your office. This means that lights are only on in areas where people are actively working, and area like conference rooms and lunch rooms will remain dark until somebody enters the rooms.

There are many lighting options for your office, and chances are you could improve your current setup. Talk to your electrical services company about what your options are. Lighting is tied in with the aesthetics of the office as a whole and has been successfully linked …

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5 Tips for Effective Outdoor Lighting

There’s definitely a trick to outdoor lighting. Done right it can light up your house and garden beautifully when the sun goes down. Done wrong it can be nothing but an unnecessary and expensive eyesore that keeps you or your neighbours awake. Knowing the right decisions to make with outdoor lighting will yield results you can be proud of. It takes a subtle mix of matching plants, lights and spaces. You might even enjoy your garden more at night time than during the day. Here are five tips to make sure you get the best out of outdoor lighting.

Transformers and outdoor circuits. Choosing a starting point for your circuit is an important consideration when creating your plan. The further away a light is from a transformer (and the more lights in between), the dimmer it will be. Don’t overload a circuit steel action plan european commission with lights, try to keep it to a maximum of 100 watts on each line. Your transformer should be more than adequate to match your needs. Talk to your electrician first, but it’s better to buy one with more output than you need so you can add more later.

Less is more. Outdoor lighting is subtle art, used to illuminate paths, highlight trees and plants and for letting you know where a building is. It’s no use lighting up your backyard like a sports game. Use the right lights for the right job; there’s a different outdoor light for almost any feature you care to light up. Use underwater lights for ponds and fountains, small path lights for paths and tree-mounted spotlights (not too bright) for that hint of moonlight.

Be safe and aesthetically pleasing. Don’t simply run a lead from your lounge outside to a 4-way adapter and plug in four lamps. Outdoor lighting is designed just for that – outdoors. Electricity does not do well outdoors unless properly channelled, so make sure you’re wiring up your outdoor lighting by the book. Call on an electrician to help you out if need be.

Energy saving. Outside lights may seem like an extra expense reserved for the luxurious among us, but the cost can be minimal. Investigate different types of lighting.Solar power is a great resource for outdoor lighting. There are many cheap outdoor lamps with their own solar panels that charge during the day. This will cost you nothing but the initial cost of purchase. Of course, they will need to be placed in a sunny place. LED outdoor lighting uses much less energy than traditional daily machine maintenance checklist excel light bulbs, plus they are more hardy, needing fewer replacements. Think about the layout of your garden and what areas require light and where shadows will fall. Making a plan of your garden will let you know exactly what’s needed to get the best out of your garden after-hours. Of course, the best way to save money is by not leaving your lights on all the time. You will only need …

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Does Your Office Comply With Emergency and Exit Lighting Law? – A Checklist

It can be a difficult task to implement safety requirements, but ultimately worthwhile if an evacuation were ever needed from your building. By law, your office or place of work must have clearly marked emergency exits and exit lighting to facilitate evacuation in emergency situations. Your exit signs should be fully operational at all times. The laws surrounding these important safety features are sometimes difficult to implement, especially if the building is old. Follow this emergency lighting checklist to keep your staff safe. Full details can be found in the Australian Standards document AS 2293.
Emergency lighting. Enclosed spaces must have emergency lighting that will operate should the normal electrical supply fail. This is especially true if your workplace is regularly top 10 timber producing states used by the general public. This is a very important requirement and if you are unsure about whether or not your workplace complies, ask an electrician for advice.
Safety lighting. If you work anywhere other than ground level and you experience an emergency in your building – cutting the power – you will have to evacuate down the stairs. Building stairwells are generally entirely devoid of natural lighting, gaining most of their illumination from buzzing fluorescent lights. These lights will be out in an emergency. Therefore, safety lighting will need to be installed. Once again this will have to be connected to a different power supply and will need to comply with AS 2293. Safety lighting applies to egress routes, which is to say they must clearly show the way from anywhere in the building, through emergency (or regular) exits and to safety, meaning outside the building.
Number of exits. As a flimsy rule of thumb there should be two on each floor. This, however, is extremely dependent on the size of your building, the size of your floors, how many employees you have and how far your exits are from the street. Each exit must be free from obstruction and a clear path must be able to be made to it at all times.
Exit signs. Illuminated at all times, glaringly obvious in the dimness of a movie theatre or fancy restaurant, these rectangular green signs are familiar to us all. Exit lighting must be installed above each emergency equipment maintenance log app exit without exception, even if you think the exit is blindingly obvious. Exit lighting must be installed in compliance with AS 2293. They should be visible at all times from anywhere (within reason) in the building.
Keeping your employees safe is part of being a good employer. If you feel that your workplace isn’t in compliance with the law, it’s best to rectify the situation as soon as possible, otherwise you may be in the hot-seat, literally. Check out Australian Standards AS 2293 for more details or ask an electrical services company to assess your building, it may save your life and those around you.…

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Electrical Products – Fire Rated Downlights & LED Lighting Kits

It is very important to have careful planning before installing any electrical component. It depends on the installation area and usage of the equipment. These energy efficient products help to save your monthly electricity bills. These products can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. The electrical components make your life comfortable and hassle-free.
To ensure safety, each electrical component has number of rules and regulations to follow. These electrical components are available in a variety of metal plate and plastic finishes. The selection of durable and energy saving products ensure to increase your home efficiency. You can also purchase various available attractive products to enhance the beauty of your home or office. These electrical products include:
Fire Rated Downlights
Fire rated downlights are essential in homes and stores for safety measures. Fire rated downlights are used to protect your home or office from the effects of both fire and noise pollution. They are required to prevent the spread of fire in other floors. The modern range machine elements ppt of straight fire rated downlights gives a great blend of fashion. Low voltage downlights are also available to cover every need. The different colors of downlights best suits your lighting requirements and can be installed to add modern touch to the home decor.
LED Lighting Kits
LED lighting kits are used to display energy efficient beam of light. LED lighting kits can bring a glow to your home and is easy to install. The low voltage LED lighting kits are used in home, vehicles etc. The number of indoor and outdoor lighting kits is available for various lighting applications. LED plinth lighting kits are offered with BS plug & transformer with cable wire for indoor use only. Besides being used for home purposes, LED is also used as deck lighting kits and ground lighting kits. These lights give extremely bright colors and can be used as per the application need.
Old Style Breakers
Breakers are used to regulate amount of electrical current which a wire can safely carry. The purpose of installation of old style breakers helps to control the power to any premises. One of the ranges of old style breakers, Wylex type-B old style breakers are widely used in domestic circuit protection applications. They are specifically designed to facilitate manual circuit breaker operation. They can easily be upgraded to current standards using MCBs plugs.
Plastic Switches and Sockets
You can purchase from a range of reliable and safe plastic switches and sockets for your home or office. Manufactured with superior grade plastic, these are designed for ease safety equipment list for construction of installation and are ideal for home decoration. The attractive white Starbreaker plastic range is durable and safe for both residential and commercial applications.
Sunny Electricals is one of the UK’s leading electrical components supplier. We provide comprehensive range of best quality electrical components at competitive prices. You can choose from our wide electrical supplies collection at and save a lot of money in the …

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Lighting Up Your Life With Trade Electric Lighting

If you are interested in bedroom, kitchen or bathroom lighting, there are many options available in the market. No matter the particular needs of your own room, there is verity of lighting that will make your room attractive. Lighting is more important part of your interior decoration; it can help paper industry you to make your dream house, Lighting arrangements in a home needs carefully planning. Lighting should not be too bright or too dim. If there is improper lighting, you will feel uncomfortable while working. So opt for safe and pleasant Lighting to enhance beauty of the room and your home as well.
Keeping your house or office well lit is important. An office that is lit too dimly or too brightly becomes a dramatically more uncomfortable place work. However, a well lit place is simply much nicer looking. There is a functional aspect to lighting your house as well. As you can see, there are many types of lighting that you might be interested in. Wall sconces, for example, are a popular option that can illuminate crawler excavators a bathroom easily and efficiently. However, if they do not do their job, there are many other types of lighting that can help them out, leaving the end result in your house excellent and well lit. Taking the time to choose the right light for your house is much quicker and easier than you might think. Despite the many choices available, you will be on the road to a better lit place in no time at all.…

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A Room-By-Room Guide to Lighting

There is no cure-all when it comes to lighting solutions for your house. Each room is used for a different purpose, each room has its own array of complementary (or not) furniture, and each room has a mood. Walking through a house can be like walking through different moods, and nothing accentuates that better than using the right lighting. If a good electrician wired the lighting, then your home may be perfectly moody. Of course, there can be no hard-and-fast rules with lighting, especially when the lighting from one room spills over to the next, but here is a guide, room-by-room, to lighting up your house’s moods.
Lounge. The lounge is your family’s hub, the place where you all gather to watch movies or spend the evening together. It can be used for other things too: drawing or writing; homework, reading or simply just chatting with friends. Hopefully you’ll have some natural light in your lounge. This neutral lighting is the best for daytime hours. During the night it’s best to have a few different options. You may want a dim light for movie-watching and a bright light for reading or other activities. A dimmer is a good idea for your lounge. Another option is lamps; using diffuse lighting to create a soft glow.
Kitchen. The kitchen is a place where focus is needed. Having a bright light on your kitchen bench is a must, even if the rest of the kitchen is at a mid-range brightness. Overhead lighting is the best for this.
Bedroom. Finding the right lighting for your bedroom is very much a personal choice. It depends on what you use your bedroom for, whether you share it with anyone else and how product management atlassian large it is. Lamps are a big consideration, it may be that you use lamps exclusively in your bedroom, illuminating only your bed, a desk and the rest for diffuse lighting.
Bathroom. The lighting in your bathroom is functional in purpose. You need to be able to see what you’re doing but as for comfort – light doesn’t really come in to it. However, illuminating the mirror, for instance, will help you see yourself better.
Children’s room. The lighting in your child’s room will be a reflection of what they use their room for. Playing requires light, so be sure to have a good mix of natural light and overhead lights. Your child may forklift fork width wish for a nightlight if they’re younger, or a dimmer may be an option. If they’re a bit older they will need a lamp for their bedside table and possibly also a lamp on their desk for use whilst doing homework.
Whether you want to create a mood or match an existing mood, there is a lighting option for you. Ask an electrical services company for advice, or shop around online. Most importantly, you need to be happy with your choices.…

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