Extend Your Vinyl Liner’s Life With Simple Household and Swimming Pool Supplies

Above ground and inground pools usually make use of vinyl liners to hold the water in and keep the structure protected. They are preferable compared to other alternative swimming pool supplies – fiberglass, titles, pebbles, or paint – because of their affordability and low maintenance demands. It doesn’t take much to install, clean and repair a vinyl pool liner. And as an added advantage, they are also available in attractive pattern and treated to resist bacteria.
A vinyl liner’s life span is usually up to 10 years; lesser if the pool facility is used frequently. But it has been said that it can last for 30 years with proper maintenance. However, given that environmental and human factors can stand in the way of that achievement, you, as a pool owner, must be familiar with how to properly preserve equipment maintenance pdf the integrity of your swimming pools’ lining. Changes in temperature can stretch vinyl liners and make them sag or pop out. There are also times when direct sunlight thins out the material and makes it prone to tears. If this is the case, see to it that you implement timely intervention to prevent the problem from getting worse.
For pops, sagging or gaps, what you could do is boil kettles of water, and then pour it directly on the sagging area. Make sure to employ protection and exercise caution, so you don’t accidentally get burned. Do it slowly below the top edge, so you’d have something to hold on to. Go back and forth across the liner as you pull up the material. Adjust where you pour the water as is necessary. This may take time, since you have to do it repeatedly until the vinyl strengthens. But it is guaranteed to stretch back. After which, you must then push and twist the top edge of the vinyl so you can pin it against the metal track. Take note that the top underside has a V shaped groove which should slip perfectly. If you are having some difficulty with the adjustment, you could use a screwdriver’s head to push and hold the vinyl on the track. Be patient about the process to avoid tearing. Once completed, acquire jamming pieces (available in any swimming pool supplies store) and install them in between the top of the plastic and the metal pool rim, to guarantee that the vinyl liner will stay in place. It would be preferable if you have someone help you, so that you can work efficiently on the tasks involved.
As for tears, what you could do is apply patches. There are vinyl patch kits you can buy from swimming pool supplies stores, to avoid that costly $2000 to $3000 replacement fee. These are basically composed of water-resistant glue to help hold the patch in place and sometimes, clear patches. What you will have to do is cut the patch you have, so that it is about 4 inches longer and wider than the tear. Then cut the …

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