Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphedema

Not many people understand what lymphedema is. It refers to the swelling caused as a result of lymphatic obstruction. The swelling leads to pain and restriction of movement, subsequently causing infection. In order to prevent the mild condition from becoming severe, early diagnosis and treatment should be the goal. Though lymphedema is not completely curable it can be treated effectively. The treatment depends upon the type of lymphedema – primary or secondary.
When you visit a medical practitioner, he or she will take a detailed history and do a thorough local examination. Usually, these two things should be sufficient to diagnose lymphedema. welding supply las cruces These days, we have advanced tests like Lymphoscintigraphy, which can highlight the blocked areas. Timely and accurate diagnosis is the first step towards treatment of lymphedema.
The role of drugs and surgery in the treatment of lymphedema is considerably less. But, it is advisable to remember that although there is no definite cure, it is possible to manage this medical condition effectively. Once the assessment and diagnosis is done with, the treatment phase should be proceeded with.
As the walls of the lymph vessels and the surrounding muscles lack the ability to provide adequate compression for drainage of fluids against gravity, most treatment methods aim at providing the much needed compression to the lymph vessels.
Complete Decongestant Therapy or CDT is the treatment preferred in most cases. It involves massaging the affected area to reduce swelling. After this has been achieved, compression largest producer of wood in the world bandages are used in conjunction with therapeutic exercises to maintain the attained status. Skin care is an integral component of CDT, so that you are ensured optimal safety.
Pneumatic compression or compression pump is another technique, which helps in reducing the swelling to a large extent. A pneumatic sleeve attached to a pump is worn over the affected part. This is then inflated which then aids in draining the fluid away from that body part.
It is recommended to take stock of what all is available in the market for a better management of lymphedema. There are pressure garments, also known as compression garments, which are in the form of long sleeves or stockings. They have to be worn throughout the day and should be removed at night.
Compression bandaging or wrapping is also applied by some practitioners to encourage lymphatic drainage. The affected part is wrapped up tightly in compression bandages, and these lymphedema aids can be worn while moving around, during exercising, or when performing other activities. They help in bringing down the swelling significantly.
Today, you can get compression specialized aids in the form of custom-fitted garments made of foam and fabric. Kinesio taping is the new entrant in the field and is used for providing compression in areas such as head and neck, where other methods of compression are not as effective.
An experienced medical practitioner will be the best person to decide what line of treatment is optimum for a …

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