Is Your Switchboard Outdated?

Traditional switchboards are still in use today and still effective. But it may be time to change. Has your home been industrial electrical near me renovated? Do you have too many appliances running off the same fuse? Finding out could save you a lot of hassle.
Fuses are designed as a safety feature, but faulty fuses (or just plain old one) can cause electrical problems, short circuits and even fires. When a fuse trips and you’re left in darkness it’s all very well replacing the fuse and plugging everything back in again, but have you really solved the problem? The most common cause of a blackout is an overload, simply meaning too many appliances are plugged in. The next most common is a short circuit. This is harder to fix and will be due to faulty wiring somewhere in the circuit, meaning an electrician will need to be called. You will need to find out which problem it is by turning off the power completely and testing any appliances you think may have cause the blackout.
You should regularly inspect your fuse box for problems, including potential dangers in its environment. If your switchboard has any documentation, follow this religiously.
Here’s a few things to look for:
Safe surroundings. Is your fuse box still safe from the elements? Things change, especially when a house has been freshly renovated. What was once a safe place for your fuse box may now put it in danger.
If your house is old then it’s probable that the original fuse box has been modified. As new electrical appliances are invented and become a modern necessity, so does the need for more fuses and more circuits. It’s crawler excavator possible that your fuses simply can’t handle the load that is on them now. For instance, if you’re boiling the jug and using the microwave at the same time and a fuse trips, it’s a sure sign of overloading.
Additions to your fuse box may have also been made. To cope with a small renovation or extra couple of appliances, it’s possible that a handyman or other non-qualified electrician simply added a makeshift box next to your fuse box to accommodate. If your fuse box looks like a game of Tetris then it’s time to replace it.
Look at your options when replacing your fuse box. Talk to an electrical services company about the right solution for your home. It may be best to replace the entire electricity system, but this will only really be necessary if someone’s done a terrible job in the past. It’s likely that your old wiring can be saved by adding a few more fuses to disperse the load more evenly. Don’t forget that the easiest (and cheapest) time to rewire is when your home is already being renovated.…

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