Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Through Specialised Partnerships

Workplace fatalities by workers in the UK declined in 2009 to about .06 per 100,000 according to Health and Safety Executive statistics. This is just slightly below the rate of .08 reported in 2008. Part of the decline could be attributed to the increase in enforcement notices issued by both HSE and local authorities; however, this decline is still only modest at best indicating that additional safety measures need to be put into place by employers and more self regulation must take place.
Although fatalities are the most devastating of these safety statistics, worker injury and illness are also playing a major role in the statistics released by HSE who also reports that over 24 million work days were lost due to work-related ill health. This equates to millions in lost profits each year for many UK businesses and the reason why workplace safety and injury/illness prevention are becoming a growing concern amongst members of the business community.
The good news is that many of these illnesses and injuries can be prevented to ensure the impact on future activity is lessened. Through the creation and implementation of safety and awareness programmes, more and more employers are looking to create a better informed workforce in the hopes that future workplace injury and illness can be minimised.
One such way in which these businesses are implementing these programmes is through partnerships with safety equipment manufacturers and insurance companies. In creating these partnerships, businesses are able to better inform themselves of the common safety issues they may have overlooked in their supply chain management salary by consulting with those who are more in tune with these issues and deal with them on a daily basis.
Some of the partnerships include comprehensive training programmes created by the manufacturers and distributors of safety supplies specifically designed for a particular product management definition by authors. So for instance, a manufacturer of highway barriers and roadside safety equipment would partner with municipalities who are in charge of road repair. The manufacturer provides insight into the proper use and necessity of their safety equipment for the businesses which will in turn purchase their equipment.
Since these new partnerships provide value to both sides of the table, they are growing in popularity and are becoming more widespread. This is great news for the millions of workers who potentially face life threatening accidents or workplace related illnesses in the future. By becoming more proactive through these programmes, businesses are ensuring the safety of their workforce and ultimately their bottom lines.
To get onboard with these programmes you can start by contacting your in house equipment provider or insurance carrier and see if they offer such a service. If they do not, you may want to offer it as s suggestion and see if they would meet with you to discuss the possibilities of creating one specific to your business or industry. Since they will have the ability to bring your company closer to their products, they will almost always …

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