Benefits of Buying Basic Hospital Supplies at a Wholesale Price

When you work in a hospital, cleanliness and sanitation are two extremely important aspects of your job. From drawing blood to cleaning up after accidents to transporting specimens to the supply chain management jobs near me lab, upholding regulations set forth by the FDA and other medical rules is of utmost importance. Using poly bags in hospital settings help you keep up with the various health codes.
When a patient checks in, many hospitals provide a sterile “patient’s belongings” bag to keep the contamination of germs in check. Bags are closed with either a drawstring or snap or a tamper evident seal for more valuable items. If you work in a city hospital, your check in and check out patient rate can be particularly high, making it possible to go through up to or exceeding one hundred bags a days. The bags are important to have in order to clearly identify and secure all patients’ personal belongings.
When drawing blood or plasma or when taking a stool sample for lab work, busy hospitals can go through hundreds of specimen transport bags in a day. When vials of blood are drawn from a patient and transported to at least two different labs, two bags are used for just one patient. Specimen transport bags are clearly labeled and usually consist of two or three mil thickness for secure and leak proof handling. You can also get bags with two or three wall thickness for transportation of paperwork along with the specimen in order to keep them separated yet assuring they are received by the lab at the same time. Bags are usually given either a reclosable top or a tamper-evident packaging for safe and easy handling.
Another hospital bag that is needed on a daily basis is a patient sickness bag. Due to the highly sensitive sanitation codes in a hospital, using a leak-proof polyethylene bag ensures that health codes are upheld even in a patient is not determinants of supply able to reach a restroom in time. These are used most often for outpatient surgeries, oncology treatments, and emergency room situations. Bags should be latex free to ensure patients with latex allergies do not have an allergic reaction.
“RED Bags” or bio-hazard bags are used by the health care industry on a daily basis and hospitals can switch these out every hour if needed. Bags are extra sturdy for handling infectious waste or other contaminant items. When working in a hospital setting, these bags ensure that waste is disposed of properly as RED Bags are not used for normal trash items.
When you have to use these poly bags on a daily basis, keeping up with your supply can become expensive unless you are purchasing them from a wholesale supplier. It’s important that your distributor ensures FDA regulations are followed on all products in order for your hospital to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the medical industry.
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