How To Relocate Your Office

You probably have moved from one home to another in your life, whether it was as a child, a newly independent young adult, or as your own life took you different places, possibly for a career. Moving is tough work and requires a lot of planning in advance. The execution feels as though it never ends, because there are boxes that remain unopened in random corners for just about forever.
Moving is definitely no fun. Moving an office can almost be worse. The “heavy lifting” may be up to some commercial movers to tackle the copier, break room refrigerator, etc. But to save costs I’ll bet management decided every employee should take care of his or her own office.
Armed with the knowledge of the inevitable, it’s a good idea to get started as soon as you can. You’ll need a lot of moving supplies like moving boxes, top 10 best wood for furniture packing tape, bubble wrap, and permanent markers. On the actual day of the move, you’ll need to snag a hand truck before anyone else lays a claim.
Spend some time sorting through your files. You’ve likely kept a bunch of them “in the event” but seriously, when was the last time you referred to those in the back? Collect them in a moving supplies box and send them to the shredder. Once you’ve packed up those that how to find short run supply function you absolutely, positively have to keep, label the box carefully. Try to be as specific as possible describing the contents. You may not need to open soon (or can even send them to storage) if you discover you don’t really need to use them, just maintain them.
Moving straps and furniture dollies are also helpful moving supplies if you have a table and chairs, or even a filing cabinet to move from your office.…

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