How to Respond to a Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is a fire safety device that is utilised to alert the public about a fire outbreak. Some fire alarms come with smoke detectors and sound off automatically while others require human operation. More often than not, a fire alarm is a part of a fire security system. In the UK, business owners have been required to employ extensive fire safety measures including installation of high quality fire alarms in their business premises. This is to ensure the protection not only of the property and the business but more importantly, the people inside the building including the employees and the customers.
The main purpose of the this fire safety equipment is to make the fire known so that people can immediately evacuate the location while those who are entrusted as fire wardens can carry out the necessary emergency procedures. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not know how to respond properly maintenance categories list to a fire alarm. Some panic easily, some mistake the fire alarm for a fire drill, and others just do not know what to do during a fire emergency. To avoid such scenarios, read on to the following information below which discusses the necessary steps to undertake when responding to a fire alarm.
When you hear a fire alarm bell, the first thing you need to do is to find the nearest exit. It is important to remain calm at this point. Some people panic right away after hearing the loud siren of a fire alarm but remember, this would do you no good. It will only make it difficult for you to think rationally. Also, never ever dismiss the alarm and think that it might just be a drill. Whether it is real or not, you must evacuate the premises as fast as you can. If it were a drill, then good. But if it were a real fire? Do you want to be trapped inside a burning building because you chose to ignore a fire warning?
Locate the fire exit by checking out signs along the way. If you find a fire escape route map, check it quickly and determine where the quickest way out is. Before entering or exiting a door, make sure you touch the doorknob first. If it is hot, then it means there is fire on the other side and you should look for another exit. If it gets foggy, crawl down on your knees to avoid inhaling poisonous gases. If possible, wet a handkerchief or towel and place it on top of your nose to protect yourself against toxic smoke.
Once you are able to get outside the burning building, call up the fire brigade immediately if they have not yet arrived. Whatever you do, never go back to the burning building even if it is to rescue someone or to go back for something valuable. Do not put supply chain management at ibm your life at risk. Instead, inform the fire brigade about it and …

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