Golden Retriever Supplies List

What all should a first-timer keep in mind before bringing their Golden home? Choosing a responsible breeder; selecting a healthy pup; visit to a vet before bringing the pup home; getting mentally prepared for a new family member. Well if you think that’s all, you perhaps forgot that a Golden is a living creature that would need its own space; would want its own possessions and playthings; would need a lot of grooming to look good and healthy along with a whole lot of other higher needs, besides the mundane food, love and care. Sounds too heavy? Don’t you worry! What I’m trying to say is that you will need to prepare yourself by stocking up on everything that you will need, for your new Golden pup.
The breeder will supply you with the pup. But for the pup you will have to be the supplier. So be ready preventive maintenance tools and equipment with the supplies. Here’s a beginners’ list of supplies with a brief explanation of why you need them:
Puppy food – Get enough stock of a recommended puppy food. Consult the breeder as well as the vet to decide upon a particular brand or the type of homemade food, should you choose to go that way.
Food and water bowls – It’s very important to have separate, specific utensils for your puppy. This will help the pup know what utensils popular furniture wood belong to him. It will mentally get ready to eat when it sees its bowl coming. Also, this will help in maintaining health and hygiene.
Crate/cage – It’s important that your pup has its own place in the house. Get a crate/cage ready to house a pup before you actually get the pup home. The pup will gradually learn that the crate is its safe haven and it’s a place where he is supposed to relax and rest. This will give the pup a place to be in, when there is no body to play with or attend to it. The crate also helps in potty training the pup. The pup realizes that it is not supposed to defecate ‘in’ there. The crate will have to be changed or enlarged with the growing size of the pup.
Collar and leash – You definitely don’t want your pup to be let loose and running ahead of you or going astray. So, it’s advisable to start habituating your pup to a collar and leash, right from the beginning. You will need to choose as per the pup/dog’s age and physique, and your requirement.
Chew toys – Goldens are highly active and inquisitive. In absence of activity they will turn destructive. It’s absolutely necessary to have some toys and chew toys ready for the pup as soon as it enters your family. This will help it know that it cannot hold its claim on everything. It can only play with ‘its own’ toys. These will change with the growing age of the pup.
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