What Do You Need To Take When Going On A River Trip?

Below, we take a look at the essentials that you really must take with you when heading off on a trip down the river in your canoe.
Mobile Phone – Even though you may want to get away from all the mod cons in life, you really should take at least one mobile phone with you, even if you keep it turned off for most of the time. A commercial welding supplies mobile phone could save your life if you get into difficulties and the newer smart phones can also be used as guidance in terms of route mapping should you become lost or troubled on your journey.
Food / Drink – Make sure that you pack enough food and drink to last you for the duration of your journey, because you will often be a long way from any shops or towns if you take to some of the more remote stretches of water. It is vital to keep hydrated when taking part in any activity, especially if the weather is quite warm, so try to take as much as is possible so that you do not go hungry or thirsty.
Tent – If you are planning to stay out overnight, then you really do need to think about taking some kind of tent with you. Thanks to the advances in design and technology, tents when folded up are becoming smaller and smaller, which means that you can easily take a decent sized tent with you when you are going on a trip in a canoe.
Dry Clothes – Whether your trip is for a day or three days, make sure you have some form of dry clothes with you, just in case you get wet from a dip in the river or the heavens open up and it rains for a few hours. plc electrical contractors There is nothing worse than sitting in wet, damp and clingy clothes when you are trying to enjoy yourself, so make sure you pack a couple of spare jumpers, socks and trousers to keep your trip comfortable.
Safety Equipment – The most important thing that you need to take with you for any trip on the river, be it a few hours or a few days is your safety equipment. This will include your life jacket and safety clothing, because if you do not wear these then you are not only putting your life at risk but also the lives of the people who would try to save you should fall into the water and get into trouble.
And, above all, don’t forget your canoe!…

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