DIY Stonework for Your Yard

Landscaping isn’t just about pretty gardens and blooms. You can enhance your outdoor area with decorative stonework as well. From patios to fireplaces, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate stonework into the overall design of your backyard area, and you can do it at a fraction of the cost!
Walkways and Patios
Stonework can look great in a patio setting or in a walkway. With minimal effort, you can create a new look in your yard. You can incorporate patterns or patchwork of different types of stonework into your overall design, demand increases and supply increases or just use stonework from the same color palette. It’s completely up to you. With the amount of information available on the internet, you can learn how to properly manage this DIY project in no time flat.
Sitting areas
You can create unique sitting areas in your yard by using remnants of stone to build benches or seating. Pile flat stonework on top of each other with a bit of mortar in between to make unique benches. Add these to the patio you’ve already designed and you have a completely original sitting area in your yard.
Kitchen Ideas
Take your sitting area a bit further by adding a kitchen or grilling area with your stonework. With a little ingenuity, you can create an entire sitting and dining experience in your yard. Create a bar just off to the side of your patio, where your grill sits, and you have space for cooking and grilling. You can even use the stonework as a base for a dining table.
Accent Walls
You can also use stonework to create an accent wall on your home. Many home designs are utilizing this look, by making one smaller exterior wall pop off the rest of the house with stonework. You can make your front sitting area a stone accent wall be adding a bit of stonework to that area, while electrical prefab keeping the rest of the house in its original design. You can mimic the idea in the backyard as well, if you already have a sitting area in place. Accent walls give the space a focal point that draws the eye to a central area and also lends a bit of texture to the overall look of the house.
You can add a lot of drama to your yard with different areas of stonework. If you are a DIY warrior, be sure to check out your local bulk supplier of stone to find the best quality of stone available in large quantities. Bulk stone suppliers are great means of finding remnants in larger quantities so you don’t have to scour different shops to find the stone and colors you design. A bulk supplier can help you find the exact stone you want at a fraction of the cost. So get designing. Your backyard is waiting!…

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