Toy Story 3 – Pool Party

It’s summer time and pool parties are the perfect solution for a summer birthday. Whether you entertain pool side in your backyard or at the city pool your guests will have a blast. If you are like me your thinking about all the preparation and work that has to go into the party. When my son wanted a Toy Story pool party I felt a little panicked. Below are some tips and ideas that I found helpful while planning my son’s party hopefully you’ll find useful as well.
You need to find an area to host the gifts and the food at the party. Just designate a place that is less likely to get wet. The best way to incorporate this theme into a pool atmosphere is through the table ware you choose. You can find lots of tableware patterns with the characters work equipment maintenance records template from the movie. Toy Story 3 has all our favorite characters including the aliens. They make for a perfect party favor item. Anything plastic is a must at a pool party. A pinata is also a fun activity for the kids. You can fill it with pool items like goggles or squirt guns.
Another important aspect is the food portion. I made a Woody cake because that is my son’s favorite character. The cake is pretty flexible you can do just about any character you want. I also had cupcakes that had Alien toppers on them. I found cute little cookies that were shaped like the Toy Story 3 characters. Decorating can be just as important as anything else and the kids really will notice your efforts. Hanging cutouts of the characters or putting up streamers is all a great way to transform a space.
Party favors are so appreciated by children. You can stuff them with a hat, blowouts, small toys and candy. They love bringing things home especially when they are associated what is the best size mini excavator with the fun time they had at your party. No matter what you decorate with or eat make sure the kids have a blast. Toy Story 3 is a great theme for any birthday anywhere.…

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