There’s More to Scrapbook Supplies Than Meets The Eye

Well, how hard can it be to scrapbook? You only need paper, scissors, pictures, glue, and pens, right? It depends on how you look at it. You want the right kind of paper, theA�right kind of caterpillar equipment list glue, and the right kind of pens in order for you projects to last a long time. Have I got your attention yet? Good. The following list will help you know what to use and what to avoid.
Ink:A� Avoid dye-based ink. Instead, use pigment-based ink. Most scrapbook markers and pens today are pigment-based. But it never hurts to look the package over to make sure they contain the right ink. Pigment inks last a very long time (up to 100+ years), are waterproof, are fade resistant, and won’t fade if exposed to light.
Paper:A� When you buy paper, look for terms such as acid-free, pH neutral, neutral, lignen-free which has no wood in it, or buffered which neutralizes acids it may come in contact with. The more of these terms you find on the packaging, the better the paper will be.
Glue:A� It’s all about knowing your adhesive. Is it removable or permanent? You don’t want it to be permanent, especially when you’re trying to position everything on your page just right. Also, avoid white craft glue, duct tape, masking tape, and rubber cement. It would really be an interesting day to find other aspects of manufacturing someone working on a scrapbook project with duct tape, wouldn’t it? Do look for terms such as photo safe, pH neutral, buffered, and non-hardening. Again, the more of these terms you find on the package, the better. Oh, and don’t ever glue important documents down. Use corners to hold them in place instead.
Page Protectors:A� Remember to always look for acid-free and archive safe. Stay away from vinyl page protectors. They may not even make them anymore, but make sure you don’t end up with some old ones that got stashed away years ago. The good page protectors on the market today are made from the “poly” family, such as mylar, polypropylene, or polyethylene.
Don’t let your scrapbook projects become faded over time or fall apart for one reason or another. Make sure you have the right paper, glue, page protectors, and ink to do the job right.…

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