Benefits of Using Infrared Thermography For Electrical Inspections

Infrared thermography is a common tool used to inspect and troubleshoot energy and safety issues in residential, commercial and industrial settings. welding supply sapulpa Insulation effectiveness, leaks of steam or water, and electrical problems can be detected and resolved through infrared themography.
While infrared light is invisible to the human eye, infrared cameras work to identify heat from an object’s surface and show the user information regarding temperatures through visible colors. This is especially helpful when inspecting electrical problems such as loose connections, overloaded circuits and other safety and energy issues. Below, learn a few of the benefits gained through using infrared thermography for electrical inspections.
Maintain Safety:
Electrical issues such as loose wires and grounding problems can be a serious threat to workplace safety, increasing the risk of fire and equipment failure. Using infrared technology to inspect electrical situations can help identify potential safety hazards before they become more threatening problems, helping you minimize risk. Understanding how and why such hazards occur also helps to prevent incidents from taking place in the future.
Cut Costs:
Infrared thermography can help you find even the smallest electrical problems, allowing electricians to detect potential issues before they become serious. Identifying problems early can help businesses save money, as they eliminate expensive emergency repairs or equipment replacements that are often needed once the problem gets out of hand. These types of emergencies often lincoln 300mp come at a great cost, with the need to shut down normal operations. Having to shut down operations decreases your company’s productivity and cash flow while the problem is resolved, and depending on the scale of the problem, your downtime could be a couple hours or even a couple of weeks. Get to the problem beforehand with the use of infrared thermography inspections.
Save Time:
Besides cutting costs, finding and fixing potential electrical problems early can help save valuable time. Electrical inspections should be performed regularly, and having potential hazards resolved during normal maintenance cycles can eliminate time wasted scheduling emergency appointments and shutting down production due to a serious electrical issue. Inspections that take place without disrupting normal work operations provide the ability to fix problems without the need to halt or slow the usual workflow.
When selecting electrical contractors for your electrical maintenance and installation needs, be sure they are experienced in performing infrared inspections for the accurate and effective results. Just as going to the doctor for checkups can help you identify potential problems before they become unmanageable, using infrared thermography can help you prevent small issues from becoming costly problems.…

Using Infrared Thermography Technology

Electrical maintenance presents challenges unique to the electrical contracting field. Previously, problems were mostly identified during or after an emergency, an inconvenience for the building owner that was forced to deal with an unscheduled outage.
While infrared technology is not new, its everyday applications are becoming more apparent. For electricians, it is becoming an industry staple. Construction crews or building owners would be wise to seek out electrical contractors with access to infrared technology.
What Is Infrared?:
Infrared refers to the range of radiation along the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by thermal imaging cameras. The specific radiation range is ideal for visualizing objects without using light, largely because levels maintenance of road construction equipment are detectable at room temperature ranges. According to the “black body radiation law,” temperatures exceeding regular room temperatures appear illuminated in various colors that are easily seen with a detection screen.
Because radiation emissions increase with temperatures, a specialist can make exact determinations from a safe distance.
Electricians and electrical contractors are just one group that regularly uses infrared technology for detection purposes. Infrared is used by government personnel for security reasons. Firefighters look through smoke with infrared, while building construction teams can use infrared cameras to spot air leaks and heating inefficiencies.
How Is Infrared Technology Used in Electrical Inspections?:
Electrical contractors must observe tiny spaces. Even major electrical problems start small. If an electrician hopes to prevent a serious issue, he or she must have the ability to trace an entire electrical network from end to end.
Trained professional can use infrared cameras to inspect circuit breaker panels, power transformers, motors, motor control centers, bus connections and controls for air compressors, boilers and cooling systems.
With infrared cameras, electricians are able to detect many otherwise unnoticeable warning signs. For example, loose or poor connections might not pose an immediate problem, but they will eventually. Cameras also can spot fuse stress and contact wear.
With infrared technology, electricians can identify circuit overloading and imbalances.
Why Is Infrared Technology Preferred in the Electrical Contracting Field?
Problem prevention is likely the most important use for infrared thermography for electrical contractors. The technology can allow a trained professional to identify issues months or years before they become serious problems. That advance notice allows customers to repair and replace faulty equipment without the serious interruptions associated with outages or other emergencies. In addition, infrared inspections can be done without disrupting normal operations.
By enlisting an electrical contractor with infrared equipment, a building owner can avoid a dangerous situation. A thorough types of maintenance ppt infrared inspection can put the occupants of a building at ease, knowing an unexpected outage is less likely.…