Move That Piano Yourself With The Right Moving Supplies

Last winter, we decided to get a piano. None of us can really play, but we wanted our children to start playing around with it in hopes they would want to take lessons eventually (parents can dream, can’t they!). We were not interested in buying a brand new piano so we hit the classifieds and found a used one nearby for several hundred dollars. Then the reality came that we were going to have to figure out how to get it moved to our home.
First my wife called around and got prices from the professionals. They wanted as much to move this item as it had been to purchase it. That left us with one option: doing it ourselves. It turned out to be a learning experience which I’m happy to share with you.
Here are the moving supplies we used (and some we didn’t):
1. Vehicle – do you have a pickup or access to oak vs cherry cabinets one? If not, you will need to rent a truck.
2. Blankets – you will need heavy duty moving blankets to cover the item. Because of the importance of this furniture piece, we purchased food processing companies in india a higher quality blanket specifically designed for this type of transport. You can also rent these from a moving place.
3. Straps or bands – it is important to use moving bands or something like that to keep the blanket around the item and ratchet straps to keep it in place in your truck as you transport it.
4. Dolly – we rented a special piano dolly but never used it. We had four friends helping us and it turned out to be easier to use a regular dolly and some brute strength to maneuver the piece out of one house and into the other.
Don’t be hesitant to transport big items because with the right moving supplies (and a few friends), you can do anything.…

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