4 Tips for Choosing High Performance Alternators

As vehicles are equipping more and more electronics, higher performance alternators are becoming more widely used, especially for heavy-duty vehicles such as:
• EMS vehicles
• Fire trucks
• Highway coaches
• School future of manufacturing 2019 buses
• Industrial equipment
• Trucks
• Marine
There are a number of factors you should take into consideration when you are choosing high performance alternators.
High Efficiency
Look for a high efficiency alternator. High efficiency alternators will use less engine horsepower, which means that more power is being used to run the vehicle and less for powering the alternator. As a result of this more efficient way of using power a high efficiency alternator can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on fuel costs.
Many performance alternators come with a number of options, including:
• Self-excite
• Ignition excite
• Remote sense
Depending on your vehicle and your specific uses, you may require an alternator with some or all of these options. For example, remote sense will prolong your battery life, which is ideal if your vehicle is frequently idling.
Remote sense will prolong the life of the battery by ensuring that the battery is kept fully charged at all times. It does this by using a second wire to read the actual voltage of the battery that comes from the alternator. Remote sense will then signal the alternator to increase output to compensate for the voltage to ensure that the battery always gets adequate voltage. Not only does remote sense prolong battery life, it also reduces battery charge time.
Another option that some vehicles may require is withstanding extreme temperatures. You can purchase performance alternators that are designed to excel under such extreme conditions.
Installation Kits
One benefit to high performance alternators is that they can be purchased as complete installation kits, which makes it easier for you to convert your current system to a higher output and more reliable unit.
Authorized Representatives
When you are purchasing a performance alternator you want to look for an authorized representative for a variety of brands. The more brands that you have access to, the more likely you are to find an alternator that is best suited to your unique needs and specifications. Various brands are designed to suit the needs of specific vehicles, so talk to a knowledgeable representative to help you choose the right brand for you. Some popular brands include:
• Delco Remy
• Prestolite Leece-Neville
• C.E. Niehoff
• Hehr manufacturing process specification Powerline
• Penntex
• Denso
• Mitsubishi
• Bosch
• Nikko
• Lucas
• Iskra
It is always a smart decision to go with a reputable brand name because these brands have built a reputation for providing reliable, quality parts that will not let you down when you need them. A local distributor is a great resource to find high quality, brand name performance alternators at affordable prices.