A Starter’s Guide to Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing is an exciting, physically demanding hobby that can be extremely rewarding, as long as it’s practiced with safety in mind. The most important things to consider when you’re thinking about attending your first track meet or racing event is to be sure that you have taken the proper steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.
You should begin by collecting all necessary riding gear. This includes a protective jacket, riding pants, boots, gloves, and a DOT-approved helmet. When shopping for a jacket, find something that fits snugly, but is not restrictive of your movement. It’s important to be comfortable and have a full range of movement, especially with regards to turning your head. Many people opt for a summer style riding jacket, but be warned that many of the lighter, mesh style jackets currently on the market don’t offer the full protection that a full leather jacket provides.
The same holds true for riding pants. You’ll want something with protection on and around all your joints. Kevlar is a very popular material these days, as it provides a great deal of protection in the event of an accident, but is still very lightweight and doesn’t hinder mobility. A comfortable types of food production helmet is also of the utmost important. Try on several different brands and find one that fits your head well and offers you good visibility. The shape of helmet varies greatly from company to company, so you’ll want to visit a motorcycle shop where you can try on several.
In terms of protection, DOT-approved is a must. Look for the small decal on the back of the helmet. After obtaining all of your necessary safety equipment, you’ll want to make sure that your motorcycle is in perfect working order in all areas. Begin by inspecting the tires for any severe wear or abnormalities. Make sure that they don’t have any leaks or punctures, and test for proper inflation. A common mistake many riders make is to overfill their tires, thinking that it offers a more stable ride.
This is absolutely incorrect. Over-inflating a tire leads to a reduction in the available contact patch. This translates into less road-holding grip, which is extremely dangerous. You’ll need to inspect your braking systems as well. If you’re not comfortable doing this, forklift used in warehouse bring it to a licensed professional who can fully test your braking system to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Just because it feels fine on the road doesn’t mean it’s ready for the track. The best piece of advice for a beginning rider is to take it slow!
Don’t rush, and don’t feel pressured to try for impressive lap times on your first outing. Get a feel for cornering and braking techniques and gradually expand your skills as you learn. Following these basic rules will make sure that you have a rewarding and safe experience. Ride safely and enjoy yourself!