Avoid the Rising Cost of Fuel

Avoid the Rising Cost of Fuel

Buying a new hybrid would be great. Unfortunately new hybrids usually come with a premium price. That in my mind negates any cost savings you hope to gain. Most hybrids tend to cost $3-8k more than their non hybrid version, and don’t seem to get any more than maybe 10-15 miles more per gallon.

I do not need to do the math but it comes down to roughly a $500 per year savings. Now if you were lucky and you only pay $3k more than the non hybrid version you will be break even in 6 years. Thats an awfully long time and that is also a best case scenario.

You are probably asking yourself at this point what are my other options then. Well you could buy a new Prius, the payback is pretty good on these vehicles, but the styling is not for everyone. So now there are ways to increase your old car’s fuel efficiency and in some cases change the type of fuel it runs on.

One of the most intriguing products I have seen out there is a kit that allows you to turn your car from a gas guzzling vehicle to a car that sips water. You read that correctly, there is a way to make your car run on simple water. Any reviews that I have read have said even a kid could make the changes.

Now if turning a vehicle you already love but hate the gas mileage seems like something for you, take a look around the web and explore the various options. It would be great if we could use the most bountiful natural resource to fuel our vehicles and not only save money but reduce our effects on the environment.

The resource box at the bottom gives you some alternative energy ideas for your vehicle as well as simple do it yourself alternative energy products for your home.