Basic Construction Safety Equipment

Though every construction site is different in it’s nature and intention, there are basic items of safety equipment that should be present at any site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates what safety siemens plm industries equipment is required on specific types of construction sites. It is the job of an employer to be aware of what those regulations are and to ensure that proper steps are taken to protect all of their employees.
Personal safety equipment is an essential part of work place safety and should be accounted for at every construction site. It is impossible to prevent every potential accident, but this type of gear can often protect a worker from suffering a dangerous injury. Even simple objects like gloves, eye protection, and head protection can make a significant difference in a construction worker’s life and health.
Depending on the nature of the work being done, different levels of protection may be required. Head protection is crucial to many construction situations. If there is a risk of falling or flying objects, a hard hat can do a great deal to protect a worker’s head. If stationary objects may be difficult to see, head protection can help prevent traumatic head injuries.
Eyesight is crucial to much of the work that employees at construction sites must perform. To help ensure that a worker maintains his or her eyesight, eye protection may be required for many construction tasks. Even simple eye wear can make a huge difference in protecting a person’s precious sight.
Protecting an employee’s hands and feet are also crucial for them to be able to do their job. Proper attire can be an important way to protect these valuable body parts. No piece of safety equipment should be taken for granted.
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