Billiard Gloves 101

After a few hours of playing billiards, the hands can get sweaty and sticky. This leads to cue sticks snagging on the skin. A common remedy is that players put talc powder on their hands to ensure a smooth glide. But doing so can leave industrial equipments suppliers a lot mess. Talc powder sometimes end up in shirts and jeans. Moreover, some people are allergic to talc. It can irritate their skin and can result to rashes. So what do billiard players do? Simple. They wear billiard gloves.
A billiard glove is a close-fitting glove that covers the entire thumb, index finger and middle finger. Instead of fully covering the fore mentioned fingers, there are a few glove designs with open fingertips so fingers can have a solid grip on the pool table. All billiard gloves leave the ring and little fingers exposed.
Billiard gloves can be purchased in billiard supplies stores. The materials are usually made from high quality Spandex Lycra. They are elastic and are comfortable to wear. Billiard players sometimes forget they were using one. The silky fabric makes way for smooth strokes.
These gloves come in so many designs to choose from. Men usually prefer plain black gloves and other solid colors. Women prefer glove designs that have a burst of color in them or some fierce animal prints. Others can go as types of timber wood far as having matching gloves to all their personal billiard supplies and equipment. Talk about billiard fashion! What’s great about the billiard glove is that players can intimidate their opponents by simply wearing one.