Chimney Cleaning Supplies and More

Chimney cleaning and maintenance should be a priority for every homeowner who wants to keep his or her heating system running smoothly. Despite its simple appearance, the chimney is actually a very sensitive environment that chimney professionals similar to the inner workings of an automobile’s engine.
Why Clean and Maintain Your Chimney
Chimneys contain the byproducts that occur as the result of any kind of combustion. If you have ever burned a candle in close proximity to any type of surface, then you may have noticed that soot from even a simple flame can build up pretty quickly; now, just imagine what the inside of a chimney liner looks like after even a single heating episode. Byproducts from combustion include soot, creosote, acidic liquids, and even carbon monoxide, as well as other residue such as ashes and tar.
In addition to all the gunk that builds up inside a chimney, these structures are exposed to the same harsh elements that they protect you and your home’s interior from. Moisture can penetrate masonry and old seams, while high temperatures and freezing conditions types of manufacturing process cause expansion and contraction that can lead to cracking and other damage over time. In the event of a natural disaster, the chimney is very likely to be affected inside its structure, even if you cannot see any damage on the small portion that is exposed.
Chimney Cleaning Supplies
Most homeowners leave chimney cleaning to the professionals for a few good reasons. One is that special chimney cleaning supplies must be used properly in order for them to function as manufacturers intend. A variety of cleaners, waterproofing chemicals, special mortars and sealers, and tools designed to help chimney cleaning professionals do the job right are available within the industry, but are hard to find at DIY stores. Some products your professional might mention include:
Chimney Saver – This preventative maintenance product repels moisture and prevents damage while allowing brickwork types of wood used in mid century furniture to breathe. This product is backed by a ten-year warranty, and does not change the appearance of brick masonry.
Chamber Coat – Designed to repair smoke chambers, Chamber Coat is a repair product that smoothes the interior of the smoke chamber and fills in gaps within chamber walls. In addition, it improves fireplace efficiency.
Fire Starters – Chimney professionals often recommend clients use fire starters in lieu of old-fashioned fire starting methods like wadded paper and kindling from questionable sources. Fire starter blocks light easily and burn for up to 12 minutes, even if they become damp. Gelled fire starter can be added to wood or pellets in stoves without igniters, to provide the energy needed to start a fire.
About the Chimney Cleanout Door
Have you ever noticed the little door that leads into your chimney? If you don’t see one, or if yours is looking old or rusty, you can easily have it replaced. The chimney cleanout door is an important aspect of all masonry chimneys, and provides easy access for cleaning. You can choose from different models, ranging from galvanized chimney cleanout door models to a chimney cleanout door made from cast aluminum or stainless steel. These doors are available in a number of sizes and in various colors to match interior decor.