Choosing an Auto Racing Helmet

Racing safety equipment has changed tremendously over the years. The auto racing helmets used have been transformed by technology. Years ago racing helmets were much like an old football helmet, simply lined with very thin pads. Neither of those helmets provided much protecting in the event of a serious accident. Since industrial machinery columbus ohio then safety has become a much bigger priority. Today’s helmets can provide incredible protection in a high speed and high impact crash all the while remaining comfortable to the driver. Not every driver will chose the same helmet. There are a few personal preferences to keep in mind when looking for a new helmet.
1. Helmet Safety list of lumber companies and Comfort
Read about the two racing helmet ratings and chose the one best for you. SA-rated can be used for any type of motosports, even auto racing. M-rated are only for motorcycle racing. SA-rated helmets have some extra safety measures they must past. There is flammability test and roll bar impact test. SA-rated helmets may not be legal for street racing, due to the narrow visual field on some of them.
2 Research full face helmets, not open face. Obviously these helmets provide more protection, including the entire face. Event though an open face is more comfortable, the amount of protection is significantly less and worth choosing a full face helmet for.
3. If you are using a head and neck restraint you will need a auto racing helmet prepared to use one. The helmet will need holes in it to attach the device too. Some helmets come with pre-drilled holes. However some racing safety equipment retailers will drill the holes and prepare your helmet to attach a head and neck restraint. If you are unsure, contact the company you are considering ordering from. Hans devices have been mandated by many organizations, so be sure of your rules before ordering.
4 Helmets are made of many different materials, each designed to reduce the amount of impact on the drivers head in an accident. Fiberglass usually the cheapest. Carbon fiber helmets are much stiffer and provide better protection. Carbon fiber helmets cost a bit more, but in the long run a carbon fiber helmet is usually the best choice in auto racing. Carbon fiber helmets are more durable and hold up to more impact.
5 Look for a removal lining in a helmet. Drivers will be hot and sweaty and the helmet will smell. Helmets may be hard to clean and a removable lining will make it much easier.
6 Look for a helmet with lots of vents. The more vents, the more air that is going to get to the drivers head and keep cooler during a long, hot race.
7 Want a custom look that stands out? Look for a company who can also offer custom painted helmets.