Controlling Your Trailer With a Wind Deflector

Controlling Your Trailer With a Wind Deflector

Towing a trailer can be quite an experience especially if you’ve never tried it before. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the vehicle you’re driving doesn’t handle so well. Second, is that your fuel consumption has jumped dramatically and thirdly the one I find scariest is how much even the slightest bit of wind will throw the trailer around.

For some people, it’s just a matter of getting used to it and it’s accepted as part of towing a trailer. For others it can be quite scary and they look for ways in which to avoid these things happening. The easiest way is to buy a wind deflector.

It’s got to make sense you must have noticed the big trucks on the highways they all have deflectors of some sort fitted to them diverting the wind over and around their trailers. So why should it be any different for you? What you are pulling may be smaller but the dynamics don’t change whether it’s a horse box or a utility trailer.

Wind deflectors can be purchased from a number of different companies. Just check out the Internet. They go by a few different names; air deflectors, wind ramps and so on. There are two different types of deflectors on the market today one called the roof mounted and the other known as a stake pocket mounted version.

Those that are attached to a headache rack which is then slid into place on the stake pockets on a pick up truck have some disadvantages that go with them. They can only be used with a truck which then excludes SUV, van and car owners. Also, the tubes can flex when there are variations in the wind directions. This can cause the paint on your truck to get that spider web effect. The next is a bit scary; some types of this deflector have been known to hit the trailers. Lastly, because of the headache rack, these tend to be quite large which will add to shipping costs and the original cost and because they are on the large side they are more difficult to take off and store.

Wind deflectors are fitted in two different ways: the bolt on type which means drilling holes in the roof of your vehicle in order to secure them, the second type are secured by suction cup feet which protect the roof, nylon straps and plastic coated hooks that are placed between the door and roof. These types are great because there is no damage to the vehicle and they are easy to take down when you want to store them.

Even the smallest of vehicles towing a trailer will benefit from this type of deflector with the trailer being taller than the vehicle you get wind drag which increases your fuel consumption.

This type of wind deflector comes ready assembled for quick and easy fitting to virtually any type of vehicle the installation pack comes with it. They can be adjusted to any angle to obtain the maximum in aerodynamics deflecting wind over and around the trailer. When not in use, they can be laid flat which is an advantage for pick-ups because they can deflect the wind over the truck box and reduce wind drag.

They can be painted to match your vehicle and are made from very strong lightweight polymer material and aircraft aluminum.