Facts On Motorcycle Helmet Use

Common sense would suggest that a person wearing a motorcycle helmet is more safe than person who is not wearing a helmet. But this statement is not just common sense, it is backed up by years of research and investigation. A lot of money has been spent to measure how clearance welder safe motorcycle helmets are and how much safer riders are wearing helmets rather than not wearing a helmet. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recorded that riders who wear a helmet have a 37% better chance of surviving what would be a fatal accident.
Certain states feels so strongly about the necessity of wearing a helmet that it is mandatory by law. But not every state has the same regulations. Though fatal accidents can occur even when riders have a helmet on, the number of fatal accidents is significantly reduced by the use of helmets. In states that have mandatory heavy machinery companies helmet laws for every rider, 86% of riders involved in fatal accidents were wearing helmets. But in states that have limited requirements of helmet use only 37% of fatally injured riders were wearing helmets. In states with no helmet regulations, only 24% of fatally injured motorcyclists were wearing helmets.
These statistics indicate the importance of regulations for motorcyclists regarding helmet use. Helmets can save lives and minimize the damage of any accident. Motorcyclist are vulnerable to serious injury in the case of an unavoidable accident, and it is important that every rider is as protected as they can be.
If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered serious injury, it is important that you explore your legal options to determine who may be at fault for your injury.