Finding Medical Supplies

If you or a loved one is facing a disabling situation for which you will need medical supplies beyond what your doctor or pharmacy can provide, you should know your avenues for obtaining these products conveniently. You first need to know what supplies you currently need or will need, and then you can begin investigating your options for purchasing the products.
Your health insurance company is the absolute first place to begin. You will need to get a clear picture of what your insurance covers and at what price. Depending on your health care plan you may be required to purchase your medical equipment up front safety gear science lab while filing for medical expense reimbursement. You may have a co-pay similar to the system you use when paying for prescriptions or you may have no coverage at all. If you have anything less than full coverage, you have some research to do.
Once you have a clear picture of how involved your insurance company is going to be in the process, you need an idea of what kind of equipment that you need. Your doctor can often provide most of the information needed, but for a more comprehensive idea of your situation, consider consulting with a rehabilitation expert. This professional will visit your home, assess your situation, and provide information on what kind of adjustments your home will need and what equipment you may need or want to consider in addition to what your physician has prescribed.
Once you know what you are shopping for, there are several options. If you are relying mostly on insurance coverage then be sure that you shop at only places where your insurance will be accepted. It will behoove you; however, to compare milling machine labeled your co-pay or percentage to the entire price of a resale, auctioned, or wholesale piece of equipment. You may end up paying less money just purchasing something yourself than paying your percentage for brand new equipment.
Local classifieds are a good place to begin your search, as well as popular on-line garage sale sites like craigslist. With these options you can save shipping and processing costs as well as taxes. You may want to shop at a brick and mortar store or go to an expo where you can try out different products before you invest in them, sight unseen.
Your next best route is to shop local supply stores to get an idea of prices. Take your research and compare it to the deals you find on on-line auctions so that you know what a good bid is. Consider that you will be paying shipping as well so make sure to calculate it into your price comparison. If your disability is going to be temporary, renting may be your best option. You can find supply rental companies in your local yellow pages or by doctor referral.