Fire Safety Equipment You Will Learn About In Fire Safety Training

Fires are known to cause loss of not only property, but life also. They become uncontrollable easily and you need to be prepared to protect yourself if you are ever caught in a fire.
Fire safety training is available online and through various training institutes and it equips you will all the necessary knowledge regarding welder mig for sale fire safety and fire prevention. During your training you will learn about certain equipment or items that are necessary for fire safety.
Those equipment units and items are mentioned below.
• Fire doors: Many institutions and buildings have installed special fire doors. These fire doors are programmed to shut automatically when a fire breaks out. This is to contain the smoke and fire to a smaller area so it can be put off easily. Once the fire spreads over a larger area, it becomes very difficult to put it off. You must never block a fire door from closing properly.
• Fire Alarm System: Smoke alarms are installed in big buildings, offices, and homes as well. The alarm is activated as soon as it detects the presence of smoke or there is a flow of water in the irrigation pipe or if someone pulls the alarm manually. The alarms will keep ringing on the level where there is a fire and the levels above and below it until they are shut down by someone. The manual alarms are red in color and are usually installed all around the building. Special alarms flashing lights are also available for the visually impaired people.
• Sprinklers: Sprinkles are placed on ceilings. They are activated when they detect heat. The sprinklers do not get activated equipment maintenance log template all together but separately. When it is activated, water is released all around, and it is very effective in putting off a fire.
• Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers must also be located all across different floors of a building. You should not need to move more than 75 feet to be able to find one. They should be placed in accessible areas and access must not be restricted. During fire safety training you will be taught in detail, how to operate fire extinguishers, so that if you are stuck in a fire you know what to do.
In a fire, you must remember never to panic. You must attempt to restrict the fire to a smaller area and try to control it until the firefighters arrive. Fire safety training emphasizes on RACE when facing a fire emergency. ‘R’ stands for ‘Rescue’. First you must rescue those who are injured and those in the immediate path of the fire. ‘A’ stands for ‘Alarm’. Notify others by triggering the nearest alarm. ‘C’ denotes ‘Confine’ and ‘Call’. Confine the smoke and fire to a smaller area by shutting off the doors and call the emergency department. Lastly, ‘E’ stands for ‘Extinguish’ and ‘Evacuate’. If the fire is small and manageable, extinguish it, otherwise evacuate.
Thus you can see that fire safety training provides you with the knowledge and skill to protect yourself in emergencies. Fire a training program and enroll yourself soon.