Fleet Cars – Should Companies Pick Or Let Employees Pick?

Fleet Cars – Should Companies Pick Or Let Employees Pick?

Choosing cars for your fleet is often a complicated decision. There are so many different elements to consider and so many different types of cars available. The main problem that people usually face is whether they should be purchasing their own fleet cars or if they should be letting the employees pick the cars that they want. This isn’t a fashion contest, though, and companies can often get better deals when they buy certain cars in large quantities. Therefore, it might be simpler and cheaper to pick the cars for yourself.

If you let employees pick their cars, you will have dozens of different people who want dozens of different cars. You might not be able to get as good of a discount when you do this, and you will have to keep track of all of the different makes and models that are available. Giving people the freedom to choose can make a significant difference, because it makes them feel like they are more a part of the decision. One way to meet in the middle with this issue is to choose two models of fleet cars and then let employees pick which they prefer.

For example, if you own a retail corporation, letting district managers choose between a minivan or a station wagon (because each has room for transporting products, displays, shelving, etc.) will give them the personalization that they deserve without completely compromising your purchase discounts. You can get two or three models that a fleet car dealer will give you a good rate on and then let people pick which model they prefer. Of course, this requires you to take the time to fill everyone in on the options and wait for them to decide, but it is a way to include employees in the selection.

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Choosing your own fleet cars is going to be much easier and involve less hassle. You can stick with one model or a couple of models and then issue them to whomever you like as you see fit. While your employees might not appreciate this method, they will be thankful that they at least have a company car to drive. Make sure that you check out things like fuel economy, maintenance and productivity, and other elements to choose the best cars available so that you can buy the best cars on the market. Letting employees pick is a nice idea, but won’t always produce the best results for your business.