Fleet Management, Diesel Fuel Prices Finish Week Higher

Fleet Management, Diesel Fuel Prices Finish Week Higher

Future Diesel Saving Might Be Bleak Without Fuel Management

Crude oil finished the week higher which means diesel prices will go up causing a continued strain on fleet management. Many believe the news for 2011 we be diesel fuel prices and gas prices and what there increasing fueling cost will do to the economy. This week strong factory data lead diesel prices higher, making some fleet companies question how their fuel management system will for controlling savings stand up with increasing fueling costs.

Several fleet companies expressed concerns to our staff on what fuel management strategies we will be using to control fleet fueling costs. We were able to talk to fleet manager that their fleet management solutions were in very good hands. The continued communications we have with diesel companies, fleet cards, fuel cards, mobile fueling companies and fleet credit card services helps us position our clients with diesel savings or diesel prices cost controls that might not otherwise be available to most fleet management programs.

Several new fleet companies have been calling inquiring about how they use their fleet card – fleet credit cards and is there potential to have more savings if they switch diesel cards, fleet cards or fleet credit cards. As our fuel consulting team will explain those fuel savings depend on what fuel card or fleet cards they are using today. We try to provide fleet managers a clearer understanding just what their fuel management system could be up against and fleet credit cards or fleet cards alone might not be the full answer. With their fleet management programs they might need to consider mobile fueling, truck stop, card lock fueling and frank conversation with their current fleet companies, fleet fueling, fleet card provider in efforts to reduce increasing fueling cost.

Until next time, think about your fuel management knowledge and ask yourself do you and your company has the right tools to be able to handle possible $4.00 diesel prices? Listen if you don’t it’s OK. If you’re a fleet manager you don’t have the time or fuel management system tools. If you’re a Vice President or Director you need to step in now before your fueling budget is lost for the year and it’s only January.