Food is Ready

I have been confronted many times with the negative answer while trying to eat food in a restaurant. “The food is not yet ready.” That is bad news. The worst news is that the restaurant is the only one around. Imagine yourself in my position, you were hungry and all you wanted was to settle down and fill your stomach with good food but the food was not just ready to be served! What would you do in that situation? Sit down and wait? Get the food and eat it raw? Walk away in frustration? The option seems large. But you will agree with me that people appreciate good, quality and delicious food. No one is interested in eating trash, and so, the hungry soul must learn to WAIT!

You may be wondering what my aim in this article is. Never mind, I am just creating an image to illustrate a point. I am concerned about that person who wants to be successful in life, but would not want to go through life’s cooking pot. He does not realize that even though people are hungry out there, yet, they know the taste of good food. A poor man may have to live on crumbs for some time, yet he knows good food is available somewhere, and yearns for it badly!

The cook by the way of this analogy represents the entrepreneur, who alone can satisfy the hunger of the dying, hungry world – who pester around him daily as customers or clients. His products are the food the world longs to eat! Of course it looks rather metaphorical to say that the products are the food. I am not trying to infer that every product is edible, but only using the product to represent food – the need of the hour. As I said before, the food in a truer dimension represents the product, which every manufacturer hurries to push into the market. Just as it is hard to separate a truly delicious food from the dish bearing it, an entrepreneur who wishes to satisfy the hunger of the market world, must not be himself a novice, but a man with a good knowledge of people’s desire and good marketing strategy. Already, many customers have been loaded with crumbs and so, could neither identify nor crave to partake of the delicious meal (good and wonderful products) you are offering, unless something serious is done to bring about a change from the usual way people understand.

Friend, every successful product you are pushing into the market must go through the public cooking pot in order to make it delicious before the hungry market world. As a result, every manufacturer must learn to maintain a pattern, toil and suffer to sustain the pattern, otherwise his product will be rejected. As you desire to be the best in your area of specialization, you desire a good thing, but should not join those who are starting their own businesses on porous grounds unless you are convinced to do so. If you are gifted in pioneering a business, you cannot escape it no matter how hard you try. There is a cooking pot for would-be-entrepreneurs. When you discover your area in life, you will have to pass through the cooking pot and sometimes, stay in the pot until the market world is convinced that you are well cooked and fit enough to bring in food, certified fit for human consumption.

No one makes it by jumping out of the cooking pot. Doing so justifies your impatience to saturate the market world with raw or improperly cooked food. Customers may be in need of products, that happens everyday, yet, we cannot satisfy all the needs of our customers. You may be the man that will save the market world, but who says you must serve the world with substandard products? People are hungry though, but they are not longing for raw or uncooked food.

As a wise entrepreneur, the very first thing that will occur to you when people are yearning for more products is that the product must be good and acceptable. If I am hungry and needed food badly, I would not eat trash, I would rather go for a delicious meal, but when that is not available, I wait. People who offer delicious food are themselves delicious. When you become delicious before your customers, you will hardly be found distasteful, even though everybody in the market will not receive or appreciate you. The import of the message here is that preparation comes before manifestation. It costs, but it is worth the price!Kuliner kota Malang